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  1. Thanks for the pic! Will experiment some more on my days off this week...
  2. FYI, my Lord of The Rings is a Blu Ray...do Blu Rays have EX tags? I thought DTS EX was a DVD only format?
  3. So using Dolby Pro-Logic IIx: Movie will matrix the rears but not alter the quality of the other 5 channels in any way? If so, sounds like what I need.
  4. My receiver, Onkyo HT RC180, seems to matrix DTS HD 5.1 content into 7.1 almost at random. If I play some 5.1 Blu Rays and want to matrix side surround info into the rears, what do I select on the receiver? I want to keep the DTS HD or TrueHD audio quality, but make use of my 2 rear surrounds. When I stick in Lord of The Rings, for example, it shows DTS HD on the receiver, but a little "matrix EX" is automatically lit up and the rear surrounds are also lit up on the little diagram of my setup to the left of the main info on the receiver. When I watched Sucker Punch last night (also DTS HD), the only way I could find to make use of rears was to select THX Cinema on receiver which changed the overall quality of the audio instead of just matrixing the surrounds and keeping the other channels the same DTS HD quality. Any thoughts? I'm researching what i can but it's hard to find a simple, direct answer on Onkyo forums. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!
  5. One word on the sound. AMAZING! Slightly disagree. I have the original trilogy, not the entire Saga. One thing that was obvious to me is that people need to pump the breaks on audio expectations. These films were still made 30 years ago and the sound effects reminds you of that. I have NEVER found my Klipsch gear fatigueing in any way, but after watching the first two films I had a headache. The music, which sounds good, is so brassy that coupled with the very brassy/shrill blaster sound effects it really does a number on your ears. Make no mistake, IMO these films do NOT sound like any of the newer audio showcase blu rays out there. They may blow away the Star Wars DVD's, they may make your favorite movies of all time sound great because you want them too, but I honestly was let down a little bit by the sound. I know it's all because of the source material, but just keep that in mind when purchasing...IMO they don't sound fantastic, they sound fantastic for their age!
  6. Guys, I did everything, including sub crawl that didn't use measuring tools. Sub crawl worked when I had 1 sub but didn't when I needed to place a second. Disregard this thread.
  7. I call this the "Happy Meal Syndrome". Quantity over quality.So you are saying NOT to have any headroom??? You say quanity over quality?? That is plain silly because I see a LOT of quality in his set-up! So I guess my set-up is the same...well I dont like Mcdonalds. Another point is this.... it is HIS system and he is very proud of what he has and he should be, is there a real reason to knock his system? Dude, given any thought to a projector? You've got thousands tied up in a dedicated room and that display looks small-ish. I'm not trying to be a dick or comment on people's personal finances, but you've proved by posting this pic that you clearly can afford a projector. It looks like you've got the wall space for one too! Maybe the perspective of the pic is throwing me off.
  8. No just replacing the subs with different ones. I'll update when the new subs cone in. The subs upfront now are only 10 inch subs. I specifically wanted smaller subs for the front stage. BTW brunt has my old a5's and he did try stacking them. We also tried both upfront and behind also 1 in front and 1 behind the listening position. In his room we found both behind the seating position to be the best. I posted in Powered Subwoofer section sharing our findings...don't know why, no one ever posts there! lol
  9. Hey guys, just thought I would share with you my sub setup. Keep in mind, I have no measurement tools. Anyway, based on my ears and playing specific movie passages countless times, moving around my room, moving subs, etc....here are my thoughts in my space. I have a dedicated room that is 21x12x8. My screen is painted on one of the 12 walls making my theater room a rectangle. My couch is more or less at the halfway point of the room lengthwise. Originally I put the subs (dual eD A5-350's) in front of me, one on either side of the center channel between the mains. I thought the output was okay-pretty good. I played with Audyssey, but quickly came to the conclusion that Audyssey boosted certain frequencies too much, giving me an artificial sound. I left it off after this point. So, I got the longer cables ready and started to try different sub placements. These exact subs were in jasonjcarney's HT and it's a little smaller, but in his room they pound so I knew I wasn't getting everything out of them. First, I tried them on opposing walls, firing at each other. They were on the midpoint of each wall and I left the phase at zero on both. The results were okay, but not really "better" than both subs up front. I also changed the phase of the rear sub to 180, and that did nothing. At this point I was a bit confused because it started to fly in the face of what some guidelines are. Sound was not more "balanced". Next, I tried them stacked, in the front left corner of my room. The output was greater, setting phase back to zero for both and leaving sub gain knob at 12:00 like it was for all of these tests. One problem with this setup...weather an illusion or not, but I felt the base was too locatable for my taste. At this point, jasonjcarney and I threw up are arms and figured, maybe it's my room size? Finally, I tried one more configuration. I put both subs behind the listening position, at the halfway point of the rear wall and up against it, firing at the listener. I set the phase to 180 on both and the output was laughable. Then we set the phase to zero on both and I noticed a huge improvement in sound. It's strange to me because I thought the phase shouldn't have been zero, but it worked. Bass wasn't locatable and output was where I think it should be. Loud, be mindful of your hearing loud. I can only say in my words, that this setup gave me what I feel was the benefits of dual subs should have. More output, but oddly enough, also seemed like good balance too. My point for the long winded message is this. Read everything you can if your just starting out, but listen to the guys who tell you to try everything in your space. Buy extra long cables if you have to. I never would have thought these 2 subs would sound best in my space in their present configuration, but they do to my ears. Try everything instead of just being underwhelmed because you put your sub(s) where guidelines say you should and don't like the output. Most people here know that, but figured I would share my experience with trial and error.
  10. I would just pop one or two RB's behind you. You can avoid the in-wall speaker AND still have that flush mount look/sound. I'm surprised people still recommend RS's in that space. I've heard his setup as presently constituted and I don't believe for a second that RS's would sound better in there compared to comparably sized RB's.
  11. mostly reliability issues? Not exactly, at least in my experience. It seems to me to be a quality control issue. If you get a sub from them that works perfectly, and most probably do, it will be great. But, if you don't you may have to deal with their customer service which can be great, but it also can be inconsistent. I had a custom sub designed by them that was junk from the start (it worked, but it's poor design led to extremely low output for a sealed 15") and I got most of my money back with a promise of all of it IF they found an issue once I shipped it back. Long story short, they found the sub to be working great. They designed a poor sub and probably didn't test it before it went out and when they got it back from me and chose to pretend the issue didn't exist. Left a sour taste in my mouth. I do have 2 A5-350's from them now, but only because I could get them from a forum member here who lets me audition gear in my theater room to see how it plays with my stuff.
  12. Thought... Tron has cool music, especially in the surrounds, which I feel is overlooked due to it's LFE content. Recently checked out Lord of the Rings on Bluray...specifically Two Towers which has some great LFE during final battle at Helm's Deep...the explosion the destroys the wall is famtastic. Also recently check out The Island...great sound during second half of movie. Star Trek reboot has some tough LFE for some subs.
  13. Just to go against the grain, but I use dual ED subs at the moment and I would not recommend going with them! Lol...I'm not kidding.
  14. Someone buy my rf62ii's and Rc3 so I can buy these dented *******!
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