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  1. I ordered the Emotiva this morning. I will post back when I get it and set it up. Thanks for the advice all!
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys! My home theater architect talked to his Klipsch rep who recommended the Parasound 2250 which I can pick up for $900. However, it sounds like you all are bigger fans of the Emotiva which would also be a 5 channel amp instead of a 2 channel amp. That would be better for watching movies and tv in surround sound, yes? Thanks again!
  3. Large room. Mainly use my HT for TV/Movies but want a great music setup too. Using a Denon 3808 but need advice on two things: 1) Adding an amplifier for less than $1000 and 2) Updating my AV Receiver. I am happy with the Denon and am leaning toward the new 3812. I know nothing about amps. Please help a sister out! Thanks!
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