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  1. New Powered Speakers From Klipsch?

    Update: Klipsch has listed the new powered speakers on their website with specs and prices: R-14PM - $399 R-26PF - $999 R-28PF - $1199
  2. Klipsch posted a photo on Facebook today of what appears to be the R-26F but in the description it says no receiver required. I figured this must mean it's a new powered speaker based on the R-26F and started doing some digging. Sure enough, I found the R-26PF on Crutchfield available for pre-order priced at $999.99. But wait there's more! I did some more digging and found a brochure with that also mentions a R-28PF and a R-14PM (see attached). With the R-15PM and The Sixes already on the market and The Fifteens coming down the pipe Klipsch really seems to be diving deep into the powered speaker niche.
  3. *cough* CES 2017 *cough*

    Thanks for getting the update! Now I'm wondering what this surprise might be . . . either way it sound like the Fifteens are probably won't be out until early to mid 2018 at this point. Right in time for the pilgrimage maybe even!
  4. *cough* CES 2017 *cough*

    I was googling for news on the Fifteens and stumbled on to this old thread. I love all the insight you gave into their development. I'm curious though if a decision was ever made on where they would be built? Also, any updates on the expected release date? I seem to recall fourth quarter being mentioned at CES, but know those things have a way of changing. I've just been kind of torn between getting the Sixes now or waiting on the Fifteens to be released.
  5. R-12SW + R-15PM

    The R-15PM go down to around 65 Hz so you should set the the low pass dial around the 9-10 o'clock position so that the sub handles everything under 65 Hz. You could set the dial a little higher than that if you wanted--it's often recommended you that you set it around 90 Hz for bookshelf speakers which would be around the 11-12 position--but since the R-15PM don't offer any crossover controls you'll be overlapping the frequencies a bit.
  6. Newbie needs help with R-15PM speakers

    I see you've got the switch on the back of the R-15PM set to phono. Have you tried switching it to line and turning on the preamp on the LP-120 instead (setting the switch on it to line)?
  7. R-15PM USB & high definition files

    I see what you are asking now. I connected my Windows 10 PC to my R-15PM changing the settings to 24 bit, 96 hKz and it will play the test tone with those settings. I don't have any HD audio to play over it to confirm beyond that. Despite being connected over USB it listed is as being a SPDIF device in the settings. I'm assuming that is how it gets around the native 16-bit audio limit in Windows 10. I don't see DSD audio listed though. That could just because I've not installed the correct codecs though.
  8. R-15PM USB & high definition files

    I'm a little confused by your question, but I'll take my best shot at answering it anyway. First, the R-15PM is not a media player. You cannot just plug a flash drive into the USB port and play MP3s. The USB is for connecting a device to. So the supported audio formats will be determined by the device the device you connect to it, not the speakers themselves. So if your PC supports playing FLAC then so will the R-15PM. Second, you are correct about Klipsch being a little vague in the specs on the R-15PM. Best I can tell the DAC in the R-15PM supports 24-bit, 96 kHz audio. Which is better than CD quality, but not as high definition as the 192 kHz DAC in The Sixes. And lastly, the R-15PM should work with any device with support for USB audio. Windows PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks should work out the box. iOS devices should work with the correct adapters. Android devices are a toss up, but most device running Android 6 or later should work. Hopefully one of those answers was the one you were looking for.