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  1. CHERRY RF7-II's

    Probably not unless I'm getting some cash for driving. I could meet in Joplin, MO. That's not a terrible drive from Dallas. (about 5 1/2 hours)
  2. Jamo C-109's in piano black

    PM replied. Yes, I'm in Lebanon MO. I would ship them, but realize these are about 90 pounds each. They are small enough to go UPS ground though.
  3. CHERRY RF7-II's

    Thanks, I'd feel absolutely sick about selling these if I didn't have a nice pair of LaScala's.
  4. Listening on 1080p setting through a restored Pioneer SX-1980, and KEF LS50 monitors the differences were apparent from what I heard. The RF7-i sounded noticeably bright. The bass sounded really punchy although not as tight as the others. The 7-ii sounded laid-back on the top end. The DeanG crossovers really mellow the high frequencies apparently. I've had 7-ii's in my living room for over a year, so I'm fairly aware of the way those sound. The 7-iii's sound noticeably better at everything. More detailed, tighter bass, although both the iii and the ii are significantly better than the original.
  5. Audio Technica AT-120-USB up for sale. This is in Mint or Near Mint condition and has an Ortofon 2M-Blue cartridge with very low hours. (The cart is ~$230 on amazon or ebay) I'd prefer a local sale on this, but I'd consider shipping or driving within a reasonable distance to meet from the Lake of the Ozarks, MO, area. $350 obo.
  6. Pro-Ject Tube Box-DS, tube phono preamp. This can be used with MC/MM cartridges and has adjustable cartridge loading. This comes with the original packaging and power supply. $300 shipped. (I'll eat this paypal fee for Klipsch board members)
  7. Jamo C-109's in piano black

    Jamo C-109's (Jamo is a Klipsch owned company) These, after a break-in period, were actually better in some aspects than RF7-ii's. These are in mint condition and come with their packaging and grills. Only selling due to moving homes and need a little spare cash. I've also got a Jamo J-112 Subwoofer that I'd sell with these if interested. $700 ***SALE PENDING****
  8. CHERRY RF7-II's

    I've got a pair of RF7-ii's in Cherry finish. These are A-stock I ordered from the Klipsch website in late 2016, and they are in flawless condition. The grills are included and are in their original boxes. I'm only selling to try and scrape together a little cash for a move, and I may buy RF7-iii's later on. I'm located near the Lake of the Ozarks, and would be willing to drive within a reasonable distance to meet if you're OK without doing a demo on them first. FWIW these are completely stock and are perfect in every way. I'm also putting a pair of Jamo C-109's up for sale. $1,300
  9. Jamo C109

    I thought I'd add a little to this thread. I found a deal I couldn't pass up on a pair of Jamo C109's, so I bought the pair to try them. I'd looked at these a few times before, so it wasn't a completely impulsive decision. I compared these to a pair of RF7-ii's. On the C109 the mid range and higher frequencies are a little more relaxed (as I expected), and I don't think they were significantly more or less detailed. The soundstage is good, especially for the price, but it's not quite there with an RF7. Imaging was good on the Jamo's, I'd say it's on-par with RF7-ii's. The Jamo's don't put out sound effortlessly like an RF7 though. I expected the reduced efficiency to be noticable, but they sound sedated in comparison. To some listeners that may be a good thing though. The RF7-ii is a little too forward to some. The bass output on the Jamo was where I really noticed a deficiency in comparison. The RF7-ii can legitimately stand on its own without a subwoofer, the C109 with its pair of 7" bass drivers aren't quite there. You really need a subwoofer with them. Overall, the C109 is really good. I'd have no qualms about recommending them. I don't know if the typical Klipsch listener would find them to be a suitable alternative to an RF7 or RP-280 though. edit: The C109's where in the same location as the RF7's for listening. The photo is to show a size comparison.
  10. La Scalas finally in new system

    That's awesome. It seems like you don't see that many people with La Scala ii's
  11. What is the Least Expensive Amplifier?

    Onkyo A-9010 gets my vote on a dirt cheap amp with a good DAC and stereo preamp outputs for the sub. These amps sound better with klipsch than the Yamaha amps in my opinion. I like the Yamaha looks better though.
  12. r15 or better rp-150m?

    The RP series is better at everything.
  13. RSW-15 Parts

    Yeah, and finding a decent repair tech isn't easy.
  14. RSW-15 Parts

    They may be worth more as a local sale as passive subs. I'd try that before parting them out anyway. (You might even try finding someone locally that could fix the amplifier)
  15. Jamo C109

    The recent reviews of Jamo I've heard are that they are excellent. The availability isn't always good in the United States though. I believe Klipsch bought them out about 10 years ago. Klipsch was displaying the Jamo Studio 8 line at CES this year, so it appears they are promoting the brand more than they had been.