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  1. Chrous III's....ANY chance at happening?

    I wouldn't rule it out, but I think a Cornwall iv with a larger mid-horn would be even better. Klipsch needs a really big floorstander with a bass reflex woofer and modern mid horn regardless.
  2. La Scalla speakers

    Yeah, they only go down to 51hz, that may be fine for some situations, but that's also why I said if you're listening to rap/pop/electronic, or home theater, you'll need a sub.
  3. La Scalla speakers

    I ran Klipsch THX-Ultra2 subs and amp with great success. They are powerful and musical, but they are expensive. As always, you can find them used for less. I'd think if you were buying a NEW set of LaScala's you could get somebody to deal on the complete package. That would be a big-money order for sure. I've never heard LaScala-ii, but with the modern titanium drivers and heavier cabinets I'd assume they are amazing.
  4. I'm not certainly looking for "expensive or forget it" The main reason I'm thinking solid-state is that I'd like to get an amp that is going to be maintenance-free for a few years, has excellent sound, and has good reliability. I've got a few decent amps and receivers, but a lot of it's older stuff that has quirks or needs repair work occassionally, or it's newer stuff that's lower-budget (~$500 stuff). I've got no pretense about trying to be a snob, I just think it would be nice to have something that's really good that I can rely on. (I feel like this every time I have an amp that's down lol)
  5. La Scalla speakers

    This depends heavily on how you are using them. If you're using them for music exclusively I think you can get away without a sub. If you're using them for rap/pop/electronic music you'll need a sub. If you're using them for home theater, you'll need a sub. If you're using them in an office or den, you probably don't need a sub. I always ran subwoofers with mine, but recently I put them in my office with a Marantz PM 5005 and a Chromecast audio. It is a FANTASTIC setup and its perfectly fine in this setting without a sub, and it's not a powerful amp. I EQ the bass up a little, but that's it.
  6. Those both sound like compelling options for sure.
  7. I decided to look around on Youtube and somebody has posted a video of the Forte-iii with a new Accuphase integrated (E-370 or E-470 I think, but I'm not sure). It seems like a good pairing from what I can gather from a Youtube demo.
  8. Klipsch RF7II Speaker Pairing

    When I had the Yamaha I thought the amp had fantastic but accentuated mid range. I felt the amp would be much better suited to a cone speaker. Klipsch has a big sounding mid-range, and stacking the Yamaha on top of that made the mid range ridiculously overpowering without radical adjustments to the tone controls.
  9. Klipsch RF7II Speaker Pairing

    If it's any consolation, I had an AS-1000 and felt the same issue existed. The bass is rolled off on those amps. I used mine for a few weeks, but decided to return it. I was using LaScala's and THX Ultra 2 subs, and I had to turn the Bass and gain on the subwoofer amp ALL the way up to make it sound flat. The amp sounded good, but, to my ear, the amp didn't have any "punch" at all.
  10. I'm assuming that the Powergate Max will see a public release since its miniature doppelganger has already been issued as the Klipsch headphone amp. I'd love to hear if anybody knows anything further about the Powergate Max though. I've been mulling over the purchase of a new amp, and the features of that amp compare favorably to most in the price range. (I'm looking at this thinking it's a viable alternative to a Peachtree Nova 150, but more affordable at $999 vs. $1499)
  11. I've got a pioneer SX-1980 that I had recapped about 4-5 years ago, put a TxTurbo power supply board in a year ago, and now I'm fixing a volume pot issue. I can do some work on electronics, but I simply don't have tons of time, expertise, or desire to fix vintage stuff. A 1980 is worth enough to pay for a sizable chunk of a "high-end" integrated amp. I've looked at some Accuphase integrated amps (E-270 specifically), but I was wondering if anybody has any experience running Accuphase with Klipsch. I'm not dead-set on an Accuphase, but at this juncture I'd like to weigh some options on a "high-end" amp like Mcintosh, Accuphase, Luxman, etc. instead of using vintage and sub-$1k amps.
  12. Cornwall 3's vs RF 7iii

    I'm with moray on that assesment. I'd venture to say that if you're using these for a music I'd go with Cornwalls, I'd do RF7's for home theater, or if you're using a 100+ watt SS amp. Go with the RF7-iii though, somebody needs to be let us all know how they sound
  13. Cornwall 3's vs RF 7iii

    I've heard owners that had both CW-iii and RF7-ii, and most of them feel the CW was just slightly "better". It looks to me like the new RF7 will be notably improved. The horn looks larger and similar to the RP-series which has been applauded, and it has two tractrix ports, one for each woofer. I think it's possible that the consensus will be that the RF7-iii is equal or better than the CW-iii, but they are very different speakers, and the better choice may depend on the layout of the room. I'm excited to hear impressions on the RF7-iii.
  14. On the surface it appears that the RF7-iii is going to be a noticeable improvement. The horn looks similar the the RP-series which has been almost universally praised. The woofers are isolated from each other and have tractrix ports for each woofer. Improvements in the drivers may be less noticeable, but still likely add to the experience. I'm interested to hear some people's listening impressions on these.
  15. The Fifteens

    I didn't specifically mean I thought a revised cornwall should be a 2-way. I'd like to see a modern mid-horn in the cornwall though. It's hard to imagine a cornwall IV with a mid horn similar to the Forte III wouldn't be an improvement.