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  1. Silver face pioneers are nice receivers for sure. GLWTS
  2. That's awesome. There can't be many sets of those out there.
  3. Hasty

    Cornwall III distressed oak

    I believe the Klipsch website says you can do special order veneers on heritage models.
  4. Do you have the stock parts out of them? Some may want the original stuff on a LS-II.
  5. I've listened to the R15pm and RP160m. The R15pm is a good sounding speaker with the amp built in and almost any type of digital input, and rca style analog inputs. You really need a sub with these in my opinion. You can control the subwoofer output with the remote, so that's really convenient. The RP160M is a significantly better speaker in every way, but they are passive. Also, the RP160m is a much larger speaker. It's almost too big to fit into what most people call a "bookshelf". They are about the same size as a computer tower. Both are excellent speakers for their intended purpose. If you have a decent amp already I'd get RP160m, but if you don't have an amp and want something simple and more affordable the R15pm works good too.
  6. Hasty

    Property Boundry?

    You probably need to take photos of the line stakes showing the timber that has been cut on your side of the line. Then, if you're nice, have an Attorney send a cease and desist letter, and call the Sheriff if he continues to trespass. If you're not feeling so nice, have a timber appraiser take a stump-count and estimate the value, then sue him for damages and for the cost of the survey. Many states award damages in triplicate on timber. This is not a title issue unless he asserts that the occupation has been open and notorious for the statutory period to make an adverse possession claim against you. It's trespassing and property damage.
  7. Hasty

    The Fifteen

  8. Hasty

    Cheap tube amp with Bluetooth...

    I'd assume you could really increase your options if you consider using a Chromecast audio or an external bluetooth receiver like a Logitech etc. Both of those are less than $30.
  9. As others stated, check fuses and try to get a hold of a service manual. Even if you don't know a lot about electronics you should be able to check voltages at the power supply board based on the service manual and draw some conclusions. Even If you've got a bad power supply board etc. you'll usually still have general illumination lights, so I'm guessing it's the power switch or a fuse.
  10. In all honesty, it would probably be easy to make a jig to ensure perfect alignment on those screws on the back. I just doubt anyone ever cared.
  11. While I agree that fit and finish is important, I don't really feel asymmetrical screws on the back of a Khorn rises to the level of shoddy build quality. You're NEVER going to see those once they're put in place, and the veneers and finish on the visible surfaces are nice. While there are levels of subjectivity, I personally don't think you're going to find a better deal in a USA made loudspeaker than Klipsch Heritage.
  12. I think most of those comps are rare/expensive enough that few people will have had those and Klipschorns to compare. FWIW, you can still buy new Khorns, but you cant buy any of those new.
  13. Hasty

    Good Price for Set of Used RF-7 II?

    If you're not getting bass out of RF7-ii's I'm guessing it's an amplifier issue. RF7's will put out a LOT of bass if you put the power to them.
  14. Hasty

    Turntable Recommendations

    People may look down their nose about this recommendation, but an Audio Technica AT-120-USB is a really solid budget turntable and you can easily mod it to remove the analog to digital converter. (anyone could do it in 10-15 minutes and there's instructions on youtube) It's essentially a knockoff SL-1200mk2, but it's built really well and the quartz-lock keeps perfect pitch. You can get a new one for under $300 and the cart is easy to upgrade from the stock AT95e.
  15. Hasty

    Good Price for Set of Used RF-7 II?

    FWIW, I recently sold a pair of RF7-ii and had no trouble moving them at $1350. They were Cherry, MINT, and consecutive serial numbers. Anything under a grand is stealing them unless are beat up.