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  1. Hasty

    Parasound Halo Integrated Amplifier Black MINT SOLD

    Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but what did you like and dislike about this amp, and what did you replace it with?
  2. Hasty

    Klipsch to update La Scala

    It's been my experience, for whatever reason, that subwoofer's blend more seamlessly with LaScala's than any other speaker I've used. I'm using the THX Ultra 2 subs and amp with mine, and I have a friend with lots of experience with PA systems and he didn't know I had subwoofers until I told him, and that was after listening to music of different types and volumes for 2-3 hours at a party. I've had a couple of different setups over the last two years in the living room (RF7-ii's and Jamo C109's) and recently went back to my old setup LaScala's/TXH Ultra 2/Marantz PM-5004, and that setup is awesome.
  3. Hasty

    A-55G drivers... just installed

    Initial impressions.. The mids are more detailed and natural sounding. Imaging is better. The mid range is also not quite as forward sounding which seems to make the speaker more balanced in a LaScala. I've had these speakers for several years and listen to music through them ~3 hours on average every day, so I'm intimately aware of how they sounded prior to the change. In short, is it better? Yes.
  4. I just installed A55g midrange drivers into my 1990 LaScalas. These have the Crites 4500 crossovers and CT-125 tweeters I put in 3-4 years ago. I was going to test them out, but my playstation started a system update when I turned it on. The suspense is killing me. Haha I'll offer my opinions after listening for some time.
  5. Hasty

    Klipsch new 620’s

    The 620 is 2db more efficient, handles a little more power, and it's 3" taller, so the speaker gets up closer to ear level. If you're used to using B&W speakers in one of your setups I think you might appreciate and notice the improvements stepping up to the Reference Premiere line.
  6. Hasty

    Forte III or RF-7 II/III

    FWIW, my LaScalas with crites tweeters and x-overs are better than the 7ii's I had. RF7's are really good though. If I couldn't have subs, RF7iii would be on a short list of choices. With 200wpc or more you probably wouldn't miss a sub with RF7's. For whatever reason the RF7iii doesn't seem to have gotten the attention it deserves. The comparison Youthman posted made me want a set, and I was listening to the comparison through a nice pair of monitors.
  7. Hasty

    Klipsch R450

    There's a few UK dealers you can find on Google. Henley audio was one of the first results.
  8. Hasty

    La Scala value?

    I put a few speakers up for sale about a year ago, and FWIW my near-mint Birch 1990 LaScalas with B&K crossovers/tweeters had more than one interested buyer at $1,600. I ended up keeping them though. (Sold some HPM-100's, RF7-ii's, etc.) I think it would be relatively easy to sell a clean pair of '97 LaScala's for $1,500.
  9. Hasty

    Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    You've got a nice set of HPM-100's there too. Was it difficult to get the Forte's? Is there a dealer there, or did you have to have them shipped from a United States dealer?
  10. Hasty

    Heritage headphones in Denver area

    FWIW the HP-3 was rated as one best headphones of 2017 by CNET and has a 5/5 star rating from owners on Crutchfield. I wouldn't patently dismiss this as a bad deal considering they're $400 under new price and still in the box.
  11. Hasty

    R 112SW sub setup with Klipsch The Sixes

    Personally, I'd start with gain on the sub at 50% and use the remote for the sixes to raise or lower the sub volume. That's probably going to allow you to use the sub volume to set the appropriate levels for what you're listening to.
  12. Hasty

    "NEW" C-Series Subs coming soon

    To play devils advocate, the C-series sub looks like it's bringing top-notch features and aesthetics to the table, and at 400 watts RMS, I don't think it will leave most listeners without enough power. $1,600 is a lot of coin for a subwoofer though...
  13. Hasty

    Klipschorn AK6 Rollout?

    It looks like the cabinetry on the new Khorn has excellent fit and finish even on the back. There was a post a few months ago where someone was harping about the screws being asymmetrical on the back of the old model. Most thought it was a non-issue, but it's nice to see Klipsch has stepped up their game. If I had an appropriate room for Khorns I'd own a set.
  14. Hasty

    Value of Lascalas / Belles?

    I didn't think the Belle had the same mid-horn as a LaScala.
  15. I'd agree with that. You constantly hear people wondering what a Cornwall III, Forte III, LaScala ii, etc. sound like, but there's nowhere to listen to them. A lot of people aren't going to fork out thousands on something they can't demo in person.