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  1. If you're using HDMI-ARC it's possible the issue is with you TV. Certainly the soundbar isn't going to pick up a signal that isn't being sent from the source, so I wouldn't be so sure it's an issue with the soundbar. I'd probably test it with another source and see if you have the same issue. Also, if you look on the Klipsch website, you can often download firmware updates to a thumb drive and then load it into the soundbar. You didn't mention a model number, but I'd start there.
  2. I wouldn't hold my breath for it. In the past, special versions have usually been cosmetic upgrades only. I really doubt it would be profitable to bring that niche product to market. They've addressed the "elephant in the room" with the H-III, which was that it only went to 58hz. Now the H-IV goes to 48hz along with some other refinements, and I think it's going to be a big success.
  3. I've got a pair of Crites CT-125 tweeters for sale. This is for the driver and horn and was a direct swap in my 1990 LaScala's. $95 shipped.
  4. @Dave A I'm assuming based on your avatar that you make the aluminum horns too? How does the aluminum sound compare to wood on the tweet? I'm guessing the wood has a more relaxed sound? (Think woodwinds vs. brass?)
  5. These are 1990 models. When I got them they were all stock and sounded incredibly bright with some 70's era "silver face" pioneer receivers I had. To be fair I think La Scala's benefit from a subwoofer, although in some rooms they seem fine without a sub. I've used these in different locations at times, they've been in two different homes and an office before. Marvel, do you know if you can still get the wooden tweeter horn for the 120 driver? I think maybe ALK engineering used to sell them, but I'm not sure of that.
  6. Yeah, the CT-125 seems a little more mellow than the stock tweeter, but it's been a long time since I swapped them out. When using a Marantz PM-5004 the tweeter was almost too relaxed. I recently switched amps to the IOTAvx SA3/PA3 stack. It's a flatter sounding amp and the high frequencies are more resolved, forward, and holographic than the Marantz. Most people using the CT-125 are using it because it can handle operating down to 4500hz, but what I don't know is whether it's "good enough" or if the CT-120 is a clear improvement.
  7. I've got a pair of ct-125 tweeters with Crites 4500 crossovers I installed around 6-7 years ago. Is the B&C 120 driver going to be an improvement? I like the ct-125, but as others have mentioned it's a little mellow compared to the stock HF driver/ horn although it's been a long time since I swapped the parts, so that comparison is based on memory. FWIW the midrange has A55G drivers. Is the HF driver swap going to be a watershed improvement, a sideways move, or a matter of taste only?
  8. Is there a noticeable change in the tone of the amp when it switches to AB wattage? I think the class A operation at lower volumes sounds like a cool idea, but is it noticeably "better" sounding at lower volumes? (4-5 watts is still fairly loud on a Khorn admittedly)
  9. I wonder if the P6/A23+ combo is a better sounding setup than simply buying the Halo Hint 6 integrated amp? I think the A23+ is rated at 160 watts vs 180 watts on the Hint 6. Personally, I'd guess that the separates would sound better and the slightly lower wattage might work better with a high sensitivity speaker. This is pure speculation though. Id love to hear anyone's opinion that's listened to both.
  10. They are really good speakers, but I just don't have a room where they make sense to use right now. I wouldn't be selling them if I didn't buy the Cornwall's. I think the MSRP is around $3000.
  11. The picture with the RF7-ii is to show scale and it's an actual picture of the speakers for sale. The other picture I pulled off google because it shows what the finish looks like and I'm at work right now. These are absolutely flawless. FWIW open-box pairs are selling for 1500-1600 on ebay, but that's also shipped, and these are big speakers.
  12. I've got a MINT pair of JAMO C-103 speakers in their original boxes. They are piano black. Asking $1000 for the pair to a Klipsch board member. I'm in Southern Missouri. These can be demoed, or I could drive within a reasonable distance to meet. I'm motivated to sell because, after looking around forever on the used market, I just ordered a new pair of Cornwall III's.
  13. I had one of these and it was a good phono stage. This is a fantastic choice if you've got an amp without a phono input like a lot of integrated tube amps.
  14. I posted a similar topic last year and thought I'd do it again. What do you hope or expect Klipsch to unveil at CES next week?
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