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  1. RSW-15 Parts

    Yeah, and finding a decent repair tech isn't easy.
  2. RSW-15 Parts

    They may be worth more as a local sale as passive subs. I'd try that before parting them out anyway. (You might even try finding someone locally that could fix the amplifier)
  3. Jamo C109

    The recent reviews of Jamo I've heard are that they are excellent. The availability isn't always good in the United States though. I believe Klipsch bought them out about 10 years ago. Klipsch was displaying the Jamo Studio 8 line at CES this year, so it appears they are promoting the brand more than they had been.
  4. CES 2018: Klipsch Blog

    I think those are exclusive to Mastercraft.
  5. CES 2018

    I like the copper inlay in the horn on the new RP series. If the new line improves on the sound at all they'll be a success for sure.
  6. CES 2018

    I think any improvement to the current RP series is welcome. I like the looks of the upcoming RP lineup for sure. I wouldn't expect the new 280 to be on-par with an RF7-iii though.
  7. Old English is good stuff and you can buy it at WalMart etc. It is easy to find locally.
  8. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone mention Cornwall's. In my view it's the largest Klipsch speaker that you could reasonably use in almost any sized room or situation. I've never owned a pair of Cornwalls, but if I were forced to pick one and live with it forever that's probably what I'd get.
  9. Speaking of stocks, Klipsch's parent company reports on Tuesday. I think their founder, John Shalam, was at the pilgrimage in Hope last year.
  10. Give it a whirl. The affordability is there, and they make good equipment.
  11. CES 2018

    Yeah, it sounded as if there would be a heritage inspired subwoofer during 2017. There seems to be a lot of backlash on using the Heritage moniker on non-PWK designs though, so they may have decided against it.
  12. CES 2018

    Any guesses about what Klipsch in going to bring to the table to CES 2018 next week? I know a lot of people were asking for a Chorus-iii when the Forte-iii was unveiled last year. There are still a few people that wanted the "heritage inspired" integrated amp.
  13. I've listened to LS50's extensively and my dad has RP-160's in his den. The LS50 is already a modern-classic. RP-160's sound fantastic and can play at almost concert level volumes with an affordable amp like an Onkyo A-9010 though. They aren't a great pair of speakers to compare in my opinion though. Nobody is going to be cross shopping these. Ever.
  14. lascalas very little bass

    This is anecdotal, but when I had my LaScala's in my living room they seemed to have really weak bass output. Later on, I put them in my office using the exact same amplifier, similar size room, and the bass in the office sounds pretty strong. I can only assume that other's commentary is correct and that placement makes a big difference on the bass output for LaScala's.
  15. I own a pair of KEF LS50's, and while the RP-160m is fantastic, it's not at the level as the KEF LS50 in terms of imaging, soundstage, or accuracy. This comes with some real caveats though. The RP-160m is 1/3 of the cost, and isn't power-hungry like the LS50 (I think they are only 83db efficient). The LS50 is ridiculously good as a near-field speaker, better than anything else I've heard for that use by far, but if I had to pick between those and RP-160's in a living room the Klipsch's efficiency advantages become much more apparent, and the advantages of the KEF coaxial driver diminish in a larger room. I can certainly see the RP-160 being the better choice in some situations, and it's by far the easier choice for your wallet. Both are incredibly capable speakers.