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  1. George441

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas 🎄
  2. Happy birthday to you 🎉 Happy birthday to you 🎉 Happy birthday to dear Amy 🎂 Happy birthday to you 🎆
  3. Masnavi by jalal al-din muhammad rumi.
  4. Ha ha 😄 I think people are no longer afraid of the corona, but the corona is afraid of us😉
  5. This is not the right place to ask this kind of suggestion. Anyway, hope this might help you. https://vacuumsadvisor.com/miele-c1-vs-c2-vs-c3/ Or you may find vacuum related forum online.
  6. George441


    Fine and how about you?
  7. George441


    How can a woman make you a millionaire? First you have to be a billionaire 😏
  8. Currently i am reading Black Leopard, Red Wolf...
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