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  1. Antenna choice - I'd have to watch the 10 Commandments, don't subscribe to cable for the Godfather, nevertheless, the 10 C's don't work up a Saturday Night Thirst, so neither this year... but if Joe Dirt was on lol...
  2. lol... just typing another method here... being the one that enable's the essence of a reply to a reply utilizing the mouse and a highlighted click... although, using the backspace key for the editing function afterwards in a post is worthy, a pic at a time carefully removed for easy reading thereafter ie… technique's evolve....
  3. I enjoyed the KHMA newsletter yesterday, Dope from Hope for 190415 😀 - totally cool, so I'm bringing my "good boots" too
  4. … o O (so "Riders on the Storm will be played in lieu of "Hotel California" lol) I'll be the one carrying a yellow raincoat and a Dos Equis…. I enjoy free air conditioning...
  5. . o O (ten more day's) one week to go.....
  6. … o O (someone's been watching Star Trek) lol... but anyway.... I submit the finish of a Metaflake Bass Boat... They just look nice, and would be like having a bass boat in the house for the time's you can't be out on the lake...
  7. … o O (coffee and 4 day's of the Klipsch pilgrimage has crossed my mind) …. I was just going to bring my $15 Mr Coffee maker thing... kinda as an upgrade from the motel thing sittin' on the counter in the room... I couldn't fathom driving around Hope Arkansas huntin' down the aroma of hot donuts and bacon. for 4 day's in a row lol....
  8. … o O (what if there's a Clarity 6.8 in the mid & a Jupiter 2uf for the HF...) so, shouldn't there be mention of what kind of speaker cabinet everyone is talking about ?
  9. … o O (ur coffee should kick in any minute, and everything will be alright again lol..)
  10. Thanks, I only went back as far as page 2 this evening... I soldered some RCA's this afternoon, and had to go buy 2 new one's after it got messy with just 22 gauge wire's and a lug, as small as pencil lead....
  11. … o O (another two page afternoon... ) seems like there was a video about the absence of coffee on an airplane... the weedwhackers came around the bend followed by Dirtmudds matches, with last place hobblin' along with Lord of the ring's and a Home Depot whip sickle, not to mention this is Tuesday... but how did a sarong get honorable mention lol...
  12. … o O (how do the output jack's fit into the design ?) ie… are they intended to be regular RCA or 8 gauge lug's ?
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