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  1. … o O (the golf ball's did it for me lol)
  2. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    … o O (19.1875 x 5 = 95.9375" lol)
  3. windashine

    khorn woofer help please

    Silicone will seal forever if you sand the old crunchy off... but this one sided self adhesive tape is more user friendly....
  4. windashine

    khorn woofer help please

    The dual connectors resemble an Eminense K33E Klipsch replacement speaker... connect your multimeter to the speaker, disconnected from the crossover, for a reading...
  5. windashine

    khorn woofer help please

    ,,, o O (Bob has some excellent Type A Crossovers for your Listening Experience with the new Cast Frame 15" Woofers)
  6. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    …. o O (Cool Project Continuation on a relatively mild weathered day off with OSB)
  7. windashine

    Gun safe failure - need help (resolved)

    Same thing I was thinking... there are better safe's to be had.. although I don't know which one... but we have a piece of scrap metal to . ahhhh… to.. gather some cutting efficiencies ie…. and garner thought's about a tumbler next time "around"...
  8. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I'd wager... he mean's "a cat" - which can be remedied by becoming a monster yourself, and scaring the cat away lol, thus, no more counter guest's
  9. windashine

    Gun safe failure - need help (resolved)

    I was sitting at a bar last week, and a dude was talking about his gun safe... He claimed it was the biggest safe with 9 or something bolt locks around the door, but he still bolted it to the ground... and I listened a little more without mentioning any of the remedies I've heard here... LIKE, hey, do you have a cannon... but he added that he knew thieves knock them over and cut out the bottom first... so it would seem that we should have a video forth-coming of a trashed and unusable safe with a reciprocating saw blade test, compliments of your son's trials and tribulations....
  10. windashine

    PPSL build?

    … o O (PPSL = Push Pull Slot Loading ?) … I had to finally look up what this mean's
  11. windashine

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    update on chasing the AMT sound by a diy approach... I modified a plunge router circle cutting jig to hold an older craftsman... drilled a hole on the inside edge of my pencil mark on the motorboard, to start the router, and made about 5 cut's,,, going about an 1/8" deep each revolution... I made the final cut using a 6 5/8" radius at full depth, for a 13 1/4" cut-out, going into the foam board underneath. One thing I did was screw down the cut out piece to my table to hold the pivot point stationary, and clamp the outer edges of the motorboard, to hold the board from moving. This coming Friday, I'm going for the port's on the other end of the motorboard.... thinking about leaving the center cut out of the project, due to the philosophy of the Roger Floth article (where he blocks the middle) and just installing the port shelf with the other three blocks attached with screws. Have to make a decent jig again to control the router path lol..... cheer's
  12. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    … definitely too many brands out there... I'll buy a weird beer every once in a while.... ahhh like this, just to see the packaging technique lol
  13. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    The guy I call for sheetrock & texture repair is named Juan too lol ….
  14. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    … o O (133 year old beer technology) … it's strange to think that when I had my first beer 50 yr's ago, free from my friends parents garage refrigerator, somehow I wished that Schlitz would figure out how to step up their game... but I'm pleased with Dos Equis these day's, however they do it....