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  1. .... o O (Coffee good) but getting there (this morning) caught me off-guard.... I mean, the weather is perfect... somehow I overslept, had 30 minutes to get to work, made a modified 1 1/2 instead of 2 cup's... then the cat kept messin' with me, doing that thing like - where's mine... so I grabbed his bowl off the counter, (boom) it stuck me, cat's don't drink coffee... and luckily I returned the coffee pot to the maker, got the cat food for the cat... then got me a good full cup of coffee... and the rest is History !
  2. windashine

    Moai Finished

    ... o O (but everyone know's) .... that you want your yard art to last for million's of year's and change the course of hurricane's blowing around the world, which would involve burying the lower portion at least 200 feet underground !
  3. ... o O (the suspense build's... time wait's like a Rolling Stone Record... )
  4. Question, in regards to building a rectangular speaker cabinet ... o O (technically, does an 1/8" over 34" length = "out of parallel" from top to bottom, in relation to the front and back, and side to side for standing wave breakup, even if it looks square ???)
  5. I'm bringing a free 2inch live edge slab of curly maple .... o O (preliminary packing list lol)
  6. ... o O (MWTL - Machined Wood Tweeter Lens) or (WGMTS - Wiggle Grinder Maple Tweeter Stand)
  7. Cool for @Dave A , I had wondered about the extra ear tip's available - R6 II spec This should be a wonderful experience !
  8. There's a lot of stuff that needs changing, besides speakers, although, that would thin down the moving expenses... Plug voltage by country
  9. ... o O (real Heavy Metal)
  10. ... o O (well, Happy National Coffee Day - Oct 1 2019)
  11. ... o O (i downloaded the screw shot, for experimental purposes, and it was 68.6 KB... ur a long way from 2 Mb ???)
  12. ... o O (I think "somebody" is well enough to go back to work tomorrow) ... furthermore, to explain, would be able to explain, but alas, withhold the inevitable double upward pointer's.... without explaining lol
  13. Cables, Coffee and Cocktails Breaking News Just Released. WillyBob bought 2 Tomatoes
  14. ... o O (excuse me, I need to go pour my first cup of coffee) but it's good to hear from you this friday morning !
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