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  1. I think I just found a use for some chair's I got 20 years ago from Monterrey, that is, above and beyond the use as the cat's napping spot... … o O ( arm level ice chest positioning device)
  2. windashine

    What I Got Today!

    … a little project I have on my workbench this winter.... a $50 speaker cabinet which I'm going to put a new motorboard into, with ports and a new plywood backdoor, not to mention the side's and top & bottom and a new grillcloth lol, probably going to even toss the screws - which will hold one cast 15" with my new ESS AMT-1 for the top...
  3. windashine

    Moody Blues Days of Future Passed.....Live

    I went to the concert in Dallas with Stevie Ray Vaughn opening for the Moody Blue's... o O (maybe early 80's) and Moody Blue's has been in my CD top rotation ever since.... one of the most fantastic guitar show's I've ever seen and heard.... previously had a thought provoking mindset (to the song's) which thereafter turned into an appreciation of 6 string orchestras... one which was ignited by Jimi in '68... and has continued to this day...
  4. windashine

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    … o O (..roasted Hickory... or birds eye maple ) like diamonds in the rough smoothed with that spar satin.... and routered carbon fiber aliment nut inserts... should approach the ballpark of a $3000 tweeter lens, similar to a custom shop Fender guitar neck.... or kreg wood screws and titebond wood glue... omg, don't paint your tweets blue...
  5. windashine

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    ,,, o O (Happy Hour kick's back in at 9pm) so I want to convey a thought that transpired earlier today, being the subject of a "Cornwall".... I was planning on building a cabinet... then I was planning on getting a used Cornwall... then I figured I could not "mess" with $1500 of a fine cabinet with Historical detail's.... and I found an old empty Stephens Speaker Cabinet on CL (maybe 1958 - san's all the components) so I actually made burn-off mark's in my old truck, on the street, getting to an atm and to an old storage building within 30 minute's of this revelation... $50 exchanged hands... but Khornukopia is still going to beat me getting his AMT wired up first lol cause I have to go back to work tomorrow....
  6. windashine

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    … my 1526C came yesterday... it's huge...
  7. windashine

    They Are Coming!

    Thank You Travis for the update
  8. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Coffee - nope... can never go away..... oh wait... Cables are first...… well, pretty much here to stay.... Cocktail's…. Undoubtedly a staple for life with little debate.... other than hot & raw or ice cold slushies... Construction.... a seldom deliberated debate over form and function.... ie…. garage door cable's and speakers on raw concrete... Conundrum… I've never used this word lol and as is such with the original origin is unknown.... Contaminating…. Filling your house up with too many speakers... not really a problem.. o O (we always need a perspective) Could vs confusing..., and as an alternative to can suggesting less force or certainty or as a polite form in the present. Cantue… this word isn't in the dictionary and any suggestions that come to mind, please note your cable gauge before or after coffee, then again, once the cocktails settle.....
  9. . o O (Babel is like leather in the gate)
  10. windashine

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    lol, I opened my email when I got home from work tonight, and ESS says they shipped today via UPS, but the 32 lb notation makes me wonder... I just ordered one AMT... nevertheless, it's not a race for me... more like a work of art... also have a 1526C inbound also... picking up some 1/2" Birch sheets of plywood (24" x 30") at Rockler for 50% off, on Thursday and plan to glue-clamp together and trim up by Sunday... surfing for an xlica 2040 and an icePower amp for "research"... and now, a 58 something uf capacitor..... my calendar is looking like sometime in February A couple of article's I'm missing to comprehend are: why does ESS call this speaker a transformer ? what kind of screw's hold the AMT to it's platform base... all the picture's I see, show two hole's through the top, but is this for a nylon tie, and something that wouldn't conflict with the thin diaphragms... regarding torque pressure or magnetics...
  11. … o O (just interested in any insulated isolation principle measurements, since it's not advised to stack coil's) nevertheless, it would be backwards to ask outright lol
  12. … o O (interesting air core layout !!!)
  13. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    … approaching the edge of experimentation here this morning... I figured the bag of coffee from my local ice cream store had two scoop's in the bottom.... but I only got one out of there… so I opted to use my refrigerated folgers to complete the formula in the mr coffee plastic distillery contraption... mixing the two... then walking around the townhouse to turn out the lights that bring morning to life before the sun comes up... and then... I thought about a maid, and somehow that thought turned to speakers... and I wondered if the 20 yr warranty of Spaital M3's would cover the damage from DIY dust remover remedies on the back of the woofers... being that I've never purchased patio covers for my lawn chair's.... coffee is good...
  14. windashine

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    figuring a modified Type B, with just a 2.5 mH Air Core to a single 1526C... san's the roadmap to the tweet for a 2 way project, then a ( ? uf) have a 6.8 on hand, capacitor and another air core inductor (?) to the AMT... but semi-interested in a La Scale type cabinet with one inch wall's, stretched to place a cast frame inside, that's another story... nevertheless... the cornscala type of cabinet with cornwall sound cutout's on the bottom (the 3 rectangles) further reduced in height, to eliminate the horn and hf tweet cutout's is also making it's presence under my palm leaf hat... to get the AMT closer to the woofer... Thank you for the reply... I also enjoy Marshalls version of his $200 cornwall saga from 2009.