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  1. windashine

    What I Got Today!

    what'd I get today.... there's a newbie mod, listed in the staff header above, and he/she spammed me with a snake oil link, I didn't go, it just seemed strange... that's about it
  2. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Roger That, Free Coffee, Check Sept 29, Saturday
  3. Are you planning to put the audio and video wires within the stud's, before they sheetrock ??? (edit) - if not - try to get some 1" conduit to some double gang boxes in there, in case you decide to pull some wires later.... just a thought
  4. windashine

    Cool Klipsch brochure

    I've got another 80's Klipsch brochure from my parents, but that's a keeper lol I ventured off on a vintage search to see what's coming, and look for older articles, but I have enough to read for several years, bookmarked. Here's a couple of picture's of todays' discovery, an older brochure offered back in 2012
  5. windashine

    Cool Klipsch brochure

    I want to say Thank you too, I can always scan it, and pass this original on to the museum, which is what crossed my mind...
  6. windashine

    Cool Klipsch brochure

    . o O (my scanner eats 1mb per page)
  7. windashine

    Cool Klipsch brochure

    Ahhh… I'm hoverin' over the BIN button, I like stuff like this
  8. windashine

    Awesome unreal guitar

    H173 Classical here - looked just like Willie Nelsons 1st Baldwin 801- so I bought it, sans the prismatone pickup, which will be a forthcoming project...
  9. windashine

    Step in here smart guys

    Incredible & genius - I've watched my garage door open and close each day for about 15 year's since my daughter closed it on her car and crinkled the door and bent the tracks... I would still watch that ball and string lol
  10. windashine

    Step in here smart guys

    In lieu of having to one day fix or adjust a 67% operating device, whether it's a gear drive or chain opener - dropping down and surprising the behooves out of you when the car isn't in the garage - how about a ripple plate glued to the floor, so the front tire will just Nussle into home plate, like a repair garage uses.... or just use a stapler and hang the ball there, with a string, to touch the windshield - this prevents actually walking through drop's of oil where the engine and transmission reside...
  11. windashine

    Sit on it! (need office chair advice)

    Good Morning, I haven't tried a search for a 6 wheeler chair, having flipped myself out of 4 & 5 wheeler model's at the most inopportune times in the past, BUT, I am going to offer this idea, because vehicle seat's are pretty comfortable, and everyone has their favorite.... I picked this 2 seater idea for stability, and the width employs endless options, for instance, say, ahhh… maybe your cat (if you have one) picks your spot, then just, without waking up, gently slide it over and go to work !!!
  12. windashine

    Sit on it! (need office chair advice)

    LOL, OK, the SUV was stretching it a hair …. as I type this with my feet on the desk, but I get those kind of idea's whenever I see a New Car Ad, and actually think about one in my Den, with the power control's.... ok, I'll stop.
  13. windashine

    Sit on it! (need office chair advice)

    I have to relay what may be a $200 solution to the chair of this topic, for a man that constructs a lot of amplifiers and other electronics'. --> How about a "used" leather SUV seat, with one arm rest - naturally, whatever the market has to offer.... then, since the seating issue is solved, begin a six caster board mounted optimum roller device which would hold a few tools and soldering irons underneath the seat, on the open side without the armrest, and several 4x4 solid oak platform risers to bring you up to the measured monitor viewing angle !
  14. windashine

    Sit on it! (need office chair advice)

    Con't - Office Chair recommendation - Office Depot - Serta's Verona - SKU 304576 - nevertheless, it has a mid back... but there are more to choose from, Serta's Hensley Big & Tall SKU 304574 has a 10 yr warranty, 400 lb weight limit, high back, etc etc and is about 300 $$ The Mesh style chair's were too "NASA Looking" as in - that's a new description I just invented, with a reference towards the Jetson's tv show in the '60's, I had one for about 4 months before I got the Serta, and was able to Craigslist it out the door in a day, in Dallas
  15. windashine

    Sit on it! (need office chair advice)

    Bonded imitation leather will eventually crumble, fabric won't be very fitting for the Executive style, which leaves wood or leather... Another point - eventually it'll squeak, and the pad will loose it's comfort, which leave's me will one financially viable option to suggest. Try a Serta Office Chair - the same company known for their line of bed's. Extremely durable and comfortable, It's the last chair I obtained a couple of year's ago and some day, it's going out in the alley for trash pickup, and I am sure I'll go fetch another without blinking an eye or talking out a loan....