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  1. .... o O (I look forward to a successful conclusion) however, it seems like we need to have a picture of "that splitter"... thus a successful track saw cut on the rear side panel's is inevitable...
  2. No to elm for flooring - use it for fence pickets, No to maple for flooring - too nice, use it for guitars or furniture... Yes to Hickory for Flooring, rough with knot's all the better to blend in with traffic....
  3. Just do it .... maybe add wheels...
  4. number 9 number 9 number 9 lol - requesting an update as you recall, we're all indebted to rust eradication once seen... a couple picture's can identify the location and removal & exploration within... and a trip to a recycling yard for a new original fender bracket mount, with an added & modified bracket with about 8 new vibration eliminators...
  5. Good to see the old speakers again !
  6. ... o O ( Eric ! - Just incorporate, and start fixing everybody's A/C)
  7. 8.) considering that International Harvester was bought out by Case, and the classic concept that old tractor's never die... explore a retrofit kit for the operator.
  8. ... o O (picture for the wonderer's?) lol... I mean, can you post a picture of that... I was thinking about doing the same, but if it sticks out 2 feet or whether it's pointing down... seems like it'd make all the difference...
  9. ... o O ( I need a 10 foot tree shaved branch handrail up my staircase) oh yeah... I also need another chainsaw carved 3 foot diameter tree for another project I've been unable to flush from my inquisitive nature lol... since you're probably not doing anything extra tonight.... o O (what'd ya say)
  10. windashine

    What I Got Today!

    .... (what I got today) ... my first klipsch Coffee mug
  11. ... o O (is the "lake house" - Rodney's place?) I ponder the thought about underwater chainsaw's... everytime I see a submerged tree...
  12. ... o O (hmmm... tractor vibrations) well, tractors are tough, they're made to work hard and well... so, drive the tractor into your barn, position it with clearance on both side's for an overhead hoist, and begin... (it's Sunday, we have all day) 1. remove the hood 2. remove the cylinder head and drop the oil pan. 3. take loose the connecting rod's on the crankshaft (note - use a piece of mdf plywood to keep the pieces in order after removed) 4. clean everything and weigh the individual parts on a gram scale making notes for later filing and shaving 5. with the crankshaft fully exposed - rotate and wiggle - and observe a moment as (that portion of time, in your mind, as you remember how the vibration interacted) 6. since it's about the middle of the day - eat lunch and think about all the help you can receive on your favorite speaker site ! 7. (to be continued)
  13. question - how old are the rear tractor tire's and how much air pressure is inside... I'm refusing to believe 5 huge bolts on each side of the canopy adapter connector thing can be further fixed as is... short of taking it off, and just wear a hat.
  14. ... o O (put weights on the front axle) thinking this will alter the weight distribution. The rubber idea seems good, but if there's that much vibration, the rubber will shred.
  15. my '54 blue LX2 103.... still amazing
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