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  1. ... o O ( all 2-way now ? ) Not even a stray tweeter singing a quadraphonic effect ?
  2. I'm of the opinion, that a slight edit of the title .... would work for an interested audio surfing eBay buyer... . o O ( ie.... ) Paducah Home Theater should remove the phrase "Discontinued" from the ad, and substitute "Rare"... but I'm about $4000 short of an argument... therefore, a vintage aspect is introduced.... and again, as an observation... nevertheless, these speakers would stand out quite a bit more!
  3. This alert portion of the Klipsch Forum is an interesting alignment with sounds from our eye's, moreover to one of my first albums, King Crimson, nevertheless... (comma lol) Said the straight man to the late man Where have you been I've been here and I've been there And I've been in between I talk to the wind My words are all carried away I talk to the wind The wind does not hear The wind cannot hear,,, My wallet wants to click the Buy it now Button, I think this is a great deal, a really nice pair of Jubilee's, I've heard them, They "sound OK lol" That's {click} opp's, go to eBay...
  4. Listed July 9th ... o O (Sweet Jesus !) The underground era...
  5. I've looked at this "tweeter" picture about 5 times... but in the end, I'm glad you took another picture, which reasoned with the shadows' end result lol.... ... o O (like) - 1st observation - Mr Knornukopia fixed that problem shelf... ... o O (2nd observation) - Did he really make that nice chiseled relief for that dad-gummed shelf ???? .... o O ( 3rd look ) I believe he really cut that 402, but why ..... ...... o O ( 4th ) oh... here comes 2 or 3 pages about gluing abs stuff lol ..... o O ( 5 ) phew, I'm glad the 2nd picture restored my belief in the lesser of two materials receiving the teeth of that reciprocating saw !!!
  6. Mine arrived today also ! Number 22 It's a keeper.... I went through it, a page at a time .... o O (thought to myself.... like man are these pages thick) and I keep checking the page numbers to make sure I wasn't missing anything lol... I'm glad the credits were in the back too... I wondered a couple of times, if my '54 Klipschorn was in there, it had the Prima Vera Finish, and the top hat grill cover matched, but I'm not sure what you call that fabric, it's like a large beige diamond pattern with silver sparkles lol
  7. Congrat's Dtel ! ... o O (bout' time for an Atlantic Cruise... again 🙂
  8. ... o O (some nights are rougher than a hurricane)
  9. .. o O ( how much did the plywood core weigh, before cutting into it ? ) also, it'd be cool to see a picture from the inside looking out, into a large 5 acre field....
  10. .... o O (re-think the stair idea... ie... the whole 2nd floor thing) the design presented above does not go well with the concept of "growing old" and "knee's" nevertheless...LaScalas with ESS tophats and submerged spuds will difinitely improve the weather forecast show's....
  11. The best I can describe, is - Very Solid, Extremely Nice, Thoroughly Wonderful. 5 & 3/16" thick - 35 & 1/4" wing length - 41 & 1/2" tall - Note - they cover the back of the lower woofer enclosure, not the top hat area, and they extend about as far out on the sides, as a Jubilee I picked them up a couple of year's ago from a forum member here... They look to be built on the Principle of PWK's design given Dope from Hope - Vol 15 No 5 I'd estimate a build date from around 10 to 15 year's ago, nevertheless, a very fine carpenter with excellent woodworking skills, with an attention to perfect measurements. I have added felt sliders underneath, whereas I used them over the wood floor in my Den. Feel Free to ask any questions
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