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  1. windashine

    Klipsch K-402

    nope... nada,
  2. windashine

    Brother, can you spare a Billion? (Mega Millions talk)

    8 minutes till cut-off lol edit lol - I pick my numbers from buying 20 tickets, then seeing what didn't pop up... and going for it again... watch 1,2,3, 8, 39 (4) lol,
  3. windashine

    Brother, can you spare a Billion? (Mega Millions talk)

    I'll BRB... gonna run up to a squiggly hole in the wall, well maybe 5 lotto stores lol... hope I find a pretty girl because I plan on asking her to rub the side of the machine and then smile and press the quick pic button...
  4. windashine

    Strong Rhetoric on China

    and... the professional fitness of profit relative to an area of the world should (could) roll some of "that" back into the foundation (… ie, the population) … as in a "see-saw" …. but in the scope of perception, it seems to appear that one player wants a rather large pile in this game... the game's could be different... agreed to be equal, fair, and enjoyable... but the wave of difference looks like an unrational poker hand, not irrational.... no simple number's.... unknown cause or effect, reliance on the past when wishing for a solution... but is the solution inevitable in a positive way?.... yes, because we all know the world is round, but only a few can deal with the calculus...
  5. windashine

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

  6. windashine

    Repair beat up LSI cabinets

    … just looking here and noticed your system profile (Double Stack Three Way MCM 1900) and I'll swear, I don't know where I get these idea's, but would like to offer one that popped up under my hat... I don't have a name for it, but just the thought of the La Scala fronts' is cool enough, so picture two of them, cut the right side off of one, the left side off the other, then cut the back off a third one, for the middle and clamp them all together, turn the horn around in the middle one.... there's a few tweaks involved lol, but nothing that couldn't be contained in an aluminum angle iron frame with wheels.... the fourth one... could be the one left over for your initial repair fix 'em up deal, then when fixed up, it'd cover the cost spent on all 4 to begin with.... so the other three are project material (on wheels)… just a thought Edit add-on --> Yes, cut the back off the middle one, so the K33 is to the front, when mounted in reverse between the left and right (put a black grill cloth over it) and your 3 LS-BR will slightly resemble an extreme modified MCM 3x3
  7. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    what ever happened to your tractor with the bad tie rod ….
  8. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    ... in honor of screwdrivers, for which more and less are equal, undivided only by comma's, doing best, unbeknownst, cheer's...
  9. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    so far this Monday morning, since it's been raining all day... I've found a nice screwdriver, and spent about 30 minutes slowing turning it with two hands, one on the handle, the other around the screw-head for protection, and slip prevention... listening to the squeaking and creaking while slowing loosing and removing, noting the polarity of the unmarked 64 year old white speaker cable's... then placing it on the top of the Primavera finish over bubble wrap, which was preceded first by the well thought out plan to move the bottle of Woody Creek closer to the cabinet containing glassware... on which stage two is about to entail a tasting trial, because it's 5:00 somewhere…. I don't know how to explain this any further, I'm getting thirsty just trying lol..
  10. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    not me lol... it's too early to drink... workin' on my day off, thinkin'
  11. windashine

    Look at this

    I envisioned.. but just pondered...
  12. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    . o O (morning thoughts) … I still wonder, from 50 year's ago... if my dad ever thought about what's wrong with that large bottle of Bourbon in his liquor cabinet behind the bar.... I mean, when we were 15 once, was our wisdom about concentration ratio's up to par with todays dilution experts....
  13. windashine

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Jimi Hendrix, are you experienced...
  14. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I haven't even opened the Woody Creek yet... never even bought a bottle of vodka that I can remember... I was reading about it, and it sounded good, and I thought at $32, being twice as expensive as everything else, it can't be that bad, then I read tonight, that the reserve edition is $90... what you're reading is from a guy that drink's canned beer lol, and I had to look up, wtf is Tarkus… so I'd figure that cap's gonna come off when I don't have to fix anything, soon...
  15. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    @JohnJ - That's my 1954 Klipschorn with it's wooden K-5-J squawker... I have the cover off, just because I like looking at it, and I'm fixin' on thinking about something like diffusion panels and capacitors and angle's and tweeters and dust and cast woofers and screws that shine and potato vodka and not disturbing anything, but the neighbor's...