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  1. This is overwhelming news... How did you bury it ?
  2. Yeah... but what's a....
  3. Klipsch has a great dock... squeeze = no elbows
  4. … o O (Rodney may have a bridge next year, without a weight limit sign)
  5. It was definitely a monument for live photography, all the attendee's expressing genuine appreciation for all the Klipsch employee's fine work and impromptu questions throughout the day.... I mean, like just a shutter click, and indeed... that was the day, wrapped up in a click (or two thousand)… but as a commentator waiting for the right time... which is over a month since back then, in time.... but frozen, ala slushie waiting… I, not just the 9th letter of the alphabet, but the imaginary quantity equal to the square root of minus one ---> Compare with j... was standing next to dtel and CECAA850, in a photograph... I hope to be back again for every year x 30 to go... to squeeze into the middle 😁
  6. …. o O (recommended bedtime reading) … How to keep snakes away
  7. … o O ( is that what a hundred dollar's of coffee looks like ? )
  8. … o O (alllww right @Coytee ) All we're lookin' for now is a wiring diagram.... please don't tell us u used that copper water line for a ground, on the side of the house, that had one deceased resident smiling for a photograph one afternoon....
  9. … o O (adventures in CCC land.. ) speakin' bout "I's" My 2004 Silverado was stolen 2 weeks ago, from work... instead of posting, I find myself looking at want ad's, making offer's... searching the history of truck problem's.... even searching building one from the ground up, from a roller sans the engine and trans... (have a 65 to go see Friday). I'm pretty well dead set on not getting another 2004 Silverado... cheer's !
  10. … o O ( I think we've found the next upgrade for Rodney's.... next year)
  11. …. o O (the inerds tell the story)
  12. windashine


    … o O (wise choice number 1) = do not attempt to pronounce the word horology emphasizing the first 3 letters together to a woman, thinking someone has a W to make things easier... ho·rol·o·gy (hô-rŏl′ə-jē) The science of measuring time.
  13. … o O (wait a minute) , We have a garage project in motion at Tarheel's… and no picture's yet.... gotta' have a cable fix goin on somewhere
  14. windashine


    I frequently search for something to tell me what day it is... that is, like Monday or Tuesday, or W T F.... I'm to the point of taking detailed time into two spheres... day and night.... (to be continued) , someday, somewhere ….
  15. … o O (how can you change the cost of a component, if you already bought it ???)
  16. … o O (15 minute's have rolled by... and I'm going for the second one after I hit - [Submit] ,,, lol) It's good, but I only bought a six pack... the Chilis by my house, got a keg of Fat Tire, so I've been trying to empty that (in the evenings after work).... like the bartenders said "I'm the only one asking for it" which prompted me to get 2 six packs of the Fat Tire, so I tried the Voodoo Ranger, just sittin' there on the shelf … o O (from the Grocery Store) … walking around with a shopping cart in the Beer/Wine section lol
  17. Dang, it's 3 minutes, not 3PM, oh well... Popped a top on New Belgium's Voodoo Ranger, 9% ABV IPA... cheer's !
  18. Oh ! That's a good one.... you think it'd be like a wire nut, which follow's the theory of the standard thread principle's... but the world must teach all the people in the universe, that work on a bread assembly line, to loosely twist it backwards...
  19. … o O (where's the canoe's?..) One class I missed somewhere along the way, is - How to get a single coffee filter out of a stack of 200 tightly compressed other filters.....
  20. I was trying to be funny.... o O (I mean, like it was your first reply before 8:00 in the morning lol)... the cast iron skillet's remind me of the old day's, Grannie running Jethro out of the kitchen.... but in these modern time's, I use one of those copper pan's seen on the commercial's, on top of an electric Samsung glass top range... But in all fairness and respect, I appreciate your restoration and vintage endeavors more than I can explain... but you can't have my T-shirt or nickname lol...
  21. … o O (if this is any help...) I'd just call that a Wappler Hammer, and hang it on a nail in the garage...
  22. … o O (but... If I may, introduce the subwoofer component requested previously in another topic) nevertheless, sell, the Sprinter Van, and buy 5 acres out in the country, and about 600 yard's of speaker cable's, instead of 600 roll's of gauze pad to soak up the after-mess...
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