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  1. ... o O (coffee is the first thing in the morning... regardless )
  2. Thanks ! ... o O (that reminds me) - I need to put my 10 gauge jumper cable's in the back of my pick-up, because I have no idea how old the battery is, in my 15 yr old Tacoma that I bought used last year....
  3. ... o O (only experience here, has been classic cars' interiors' reupholstered..) which, furthermore, approaches about half of what the old car was worth... The red chair above, seems to present an inherently hard process of just getting out of the thing.... and if you've never had an electric recliner, I'd recommend getting a $200 recliner from Walmart with the electric option, for a trial test, for which you can sell off rather quickly on craigslist afterwards.... So, in conclusion, I present the ultimate reupholstered retail option, ... o O (Patio Cushions) - whereas, you just toss it out, and get another one next year....
  4. @Dave A - can you display a picture of your HF crossover board ?
  5. Hello, I don't have the 904, but that won't stop my keyboard from spinning "the wheel of thought"... with one question, that being, "Ground", of which the "crackle" seems to unfold, more related to location perhaps, since I'm sure there is no dust or loose nuts and bolt's within the confines...
  6. In response to the topic in the Lounge entitled --> "If a book was written about you and your life ( , ) what would the title be" ---> I would encompass correct English thought's using comma's, opening with the dire philosophy relating to the origins within an orbiting sphere, perpetuating evolution, and beginning with a subtle, yet profound analogy, simply stated as - "the Worm Farm", (underlined), naturally, which would be on the cover, and utilizing the rest of the space, on the cover, would compound the thoughts, as page one, instantly creating an interesting, unfounded curiosity, continuing with each following thought, with 1/2" margins, in 12 point font, to curtail the use of the entire hard cover, continuing with each subsequent following page, forgoing the credits, and chapter number identifiers, and printing company nomenclatures', on heavy "coffee table book paper", in black and white format, foregoing color, measuring a mere 5 1/2" x 8" folded in half, front and back, and proceed with a grand total of 8 readable page's, bounded with 4 staples, further utilizing the back cover, to encompass the closing thoughts, in tune with the concept, of the beginning and the end, with all the question's answered, pertaining, to the why's, how's, when's, where's, what's, and if not, then nevertheless and whatever's, and more universal credence's, peace, time, tunes, visions, and women... and motorcycles, and hot rod's with loud mufflers, with the final end of the eight page title, warning... (to be con't)
  7. ,,, o O (can your car fit two "washing machine sized cabinets" in the back...)
  8. https://youtu.be/1SE0t2cS65A Merry Christmas for 38 seconds
  9. ... o O (until this...) - - - > winner = windashine !
  10. .... o O (did this have anything to do with the cable pulley project related to the garage door opener ???)
  11. ... o O (Cover's all task's) 1. Autumn Leaves blowing in the garage 2. Household floors, including bathroom, under the computer desk, kitchen, tile entry hallway, and the occasional popcorn accident... 3. Entry sidewalk
  12. Well ??? ... o O 1️⃣ (pouring hot coffee into a shot glass from 3 feet in the air) vs. 2️⃣ (forgetting to put the pot into the coffee maker) favor's 3️⃣ (dtel's fall cruise into the gulf of Mexico)
  13. ... o O ( minus 3 penalty points...) must include a description of coffee, perhaps a mixed drink, or large cable's, not including hanging speakers with aforementioned items....
  14. ... o O (I see 3 pallet's !... surely you've removed the stretch wrap whereas our next project is waiting to take center stage with a picture)
  15. ... o O ( twice tree fiddy = a reduction of $700)
  16. Michelin Defender's are great tires, no doubt,... alignments are worthwhile, replacement bushings are essential, alloy rim's are great if you have the offset ratio's, door sticker recommendations help alleviate speeding tickets - new things need new fixin's...
  17. Sorry I didn't comment earlier, before it was too late.... 80K is a fine estimate for rolling down the road.... like a crisp skateboard wheel... I thought about this tire thread today, but since it started yesterday, my free research is limited to previous tire purchases, which evolved from $15 used tire's on a used car's (one a year bias ply), for about 20 year's (1970 - 1990) to cheap new tires for another 20 year's (1990 to 2010) classic low cost, black wall radial, to Discount Tire, for the last ten year's, which I believe is America's finest flat fixer, suggested and recommender replacement establishment and supplier of seasonal tire's.... As for your Forrester, I would of picked 4 wheel mud knobbies for high cost 20K winter snow tires with great braking on drizzle covered wet asphalted streets, then take 'em off, and save them for next year' after the finest Summer Grippers come to market in 2020....
  18. I have a '78 L82 vette engine in my 52 pickup, and I entertained a conversation this evening with a guy who has a 57 Chevy 2 door with a 283, and I expressed the recent phenonium about "car's all going hybrid"... which necessitated another order of drinks... and we both came to the conscientious opinion that we'll be gone after 20 year's of various developments, ranging from the last hundred year time spam concerning kerosene and jet fuel, fuel injectors and fine gasoline, and 250 million car's on the road approaching 250,000 miles eventually (each) and then the invention of turning a cast iron v8 into an electric motor with a change of the head's, and putting some soon to be invented computer magnet where the carburetor used to be.... and replacing the gas tank with an electric fuel cell, and we both ordered another round of drink's, and it was time to go ,.... lol
  19. ... o O (Next Week !!!) ... but WOW... just coming into Hope for the auditorium openin'... gettin' it goin', and, that's cool !
  20. in case you haven't seen this post, the first 2 and half pages relate to Cary Audio https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/176309-great-american-audio-factory-tours/
  21. lol ... o O (as an edit), I meant the Jackson greenery.... but if two classic two dollar bill's work,
  22. thinking along two line's.... single barrel must equal at least 55 gallon's... whereas a small batch is somewhere between 10 to 50 barrel's.... so Christmas is coming around the corner.... o O (buy the single barrel) and send everyone here in this thread a bottle for Christmas, along with a return envelope for a return flavor taste test, or the green paper variety of two Jefferson's...
  23. I will go as far to say... the audio engineer could have a plumbing background, and wanted to prevent ant's in the general vicinity of those 2 wires, which cover a home made inductor...
  24. Roy put on a Roger Waters track, and being totally amazed with the sound, I later asked, if anybody heard the .... o O (cross talk interference sounds ?) which I figured were similar to Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gyspys tour doing "Machine Gun" and picking up the voice of a cb radio somewhere... but was relieved to hear that it was part of the song lol...
  25. ... o O (wiggle room ) that is - any body design change they come up with, has to be better next year...
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