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  1. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    on behalf of Carl, I confirmed to the bartender, with a nod towards 'oldtimer…. Yes, a dirty Martini... shakin' not stirred …. o O (always feel like James Bond when I say that lol)… but instead of the addition of Olive juice from the jar of olives, I took the recommendation from Heather... . o O (try jalapeños) and yes, it was delicious ! and quite tasty, with a definite confirmation to the CC&C thread for taste bud aliment (the spell check on that doesn't seem correct), but I'll go with alinement, like if you've got a Chevy, and you want it running straight) … o O (on a Saturday) … so now. <---- … wait.... this way ----> … o O (why does anyone think an 8" speaker is going to sound close to resembling a 15" woofer with a 24" wide Horn ???)
  2. windashine

    What I Got Today!

    It appears that a coaxial cable is the sole connection.... o O (I'm gonna sit tight and wait)
  3. windashine

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    … o O (i'm stickin' with the 1st order Butterworth) …. the answer is "Blowin in the Wind"
  4. windashine

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    @consistent - the www link didn't work, this one navigates, without the www... Thank You for the link. http://mh-audio.nl/
  5. windashine

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    …. o O (when attempting a search to see what this is... I just get results for chevy lol) … so if you'll post a picture, I'll put up a picture of the inside of my hollow article bathed in white primer...
  6. windashine

    Klipsch Heresy Parts- all of em:)

    somewhere in-between 83-84 (last of the I's) when the mid was changed to K53... *(from the pinned tech heritage page). my H-1 is a Y ( show's to be 1983 ) and had a 701 (attached from the inside) with an E2 X-over, but I changed to the threaded metal K700 with a new A-55-G and a type E board
  7. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    … o O (time goes by like hurricane's) as sung by the Alman bros Sunday morning.
  8. windashine

    Attn Fish'n Folk Reel Restoration

    if you've never seen something then it seems it would be unfamiliar to you when you did see it. .. my browser wouldn't open that website I would just disassemble your reel, and polish it.... it doesn't look to bad.... kinda looks like brasso would work, but not sure you navy guy's ever polished your belt buckles lol
  9. I substituted a word previously... o O (explain) … and omitted the 2nd half, which further touched on my belief, for which I still am unable to post... (to eliminate off topic rhetoric) ... so I just wanted to convey this form of non-scientific explanation... explain = conceive... as in form or devise a plan or idea, but essentially born, as in invented in the sense to "explain" the unknown, but the unlikeliness is not the unusual, but where sounds evolved...so... God ---> Nature ----> Love.
  10. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Dirty Martini Saturday Night here.... chilled glass 3 jigger's Tito's, shaken 'bout 50 time's... with an endless supply of olives.... … o O (ahhh...click send)
  11. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    lol,,, the choice of pictures looked like; dynamite with a fuse or a torpedo, so I just picked a regular lookin one... I have one of those wooden boxes full of guitar parts....
  12. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    … o O (Looks Relaxing...)
  13. windashine

    Hand Truck Recommendations

    … o O (perhaps a ceiling mounted electric hoist crane winch) if you have a view from the 2nd floor open...
  14. … o O (the unknown is categorized as a reason which cannot explain an absolute unlikeliness …)
  15. windashine

    Hotels in Hope AR

    … o O (how 'bout that Super 😎 …) thanks' for checking Christy !
  16. windashine

    KPT-310 Crossovers

    I bought the last one.... … o O (figured it's unused...couldn't beat the price for part's alone... all for science and home improvement)
  17. … o O (an interesting read of the opening link from TapeOp) which to me ponders between "that" crossover threshold...
  18. windashine

    Moving heavy speakers

    … o O (shoulda just left 'em on the truck) cause you know ur gonna find a time when experimental horn's enter the equation lol....
  19. windashine

    Nick Mason's New Band

    … o O (morning maniac music) … what a coincidence, I woke up this morning, and this was my first search... small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict
  20. windashine

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    … o O (the road goes on forever... the party never ends...)
  21. windashine

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    It's Saturday, the thought of testing stain overtook router duties, thus followed by the typical painters beer, From L to R,, unsanded. Varathane Stain + Poly, Sunbleached Semi Gloss, brushed on raw birch... (toughest) Boiled Linseed Oil, on raw birch, wiped on... (smoothest) Behr Semi Transparent Weather Proofing stain & sealer, over wood conditioner, wiped on with a t-shirt - (nice for a deck or fence) Minwax Dark Walnut, over wood conditioner, one coat wiped on (my son liked this one)
  22. windashine

    Looking for this artist.....

    http://www.swgallery.com/list-of-artists here's a list from a southwestern gallery... I have a W A Slaughter painting (he's a deceased Texas Artist)… however, just clicking on some of the artist's, will give you a yep or a nope... or it might revive a memory perhaps, where it came from, and you could narrow your searches down... even though the painting that I have, is exquisite... it shocked me to see that many 0's on some of his one's that have sold.... I value a canvas I got from the mall at Spenser's Gifts, back in the 70's, as being irreplaceable, and no one hide's their feelings when they come over.... like, wtf is that lol... I mean... it's not a velvet elvis or dog's playing poker, but a picture of the Grand Tetons, that was painted by some starving art students maybe... but it reminds me of a pbn my Grandfather made
  23. windashine

    KP-301 KP-3.0B Crossover

    … o O (there's a rotator button right next to the - & + in that pdf glens... on your screen) lol
  24. windashine

    Two way KPT-402/K-69-A active settings

    Thank's Chris, I ordered that ICE... what a nice price ! I have a project in another thread, but alway's check out 402 topic's