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  1. ... o O (excuse me, I need to go pour my first cup of coffee) but it's good to hear from you this friday morning !
  2. ... o O ( just a complex mumps algebra equation for the top end )
  3. ... o O ( are you saying ?,,, that if you mill the len's somewhat,,, even going as far as Rachel Welch's' lip's, that the love given', will exceed the machining applied ??? )
  4. I do remember conversation about a concrete culvert.... just chain the green egg with a "ham chain"... park the BMW in the service center with the highest elevation for a detail to the interior, and pick it up after next week.... oh yeah... those flat panel's would make nice shutters too lol
  5. The center cable connector looks promising with its' ease of rolling your chair over to switch to fix something... however, the idea of an amplifier on the ground to alleviate vibration's ... o O ( i guess ) does not fit into the realm of having money, then bending way over to practically touch your toe's to see where the on/off button is or read the dial ???
  6. I don't drink in the morning, and then it's not before 5pm on occasion, but someone has to try "Woody Creek" - I'm terrible at taste testing, because it happens at the same time that the thirst is getting that quench....
  7. ... o O (Holiday Exclusive) I love to put my flag up, out on the front of my Townhome, every holiday, in which I use the closest available chair, in the front hallway coat closet, enabling my reach to just make the thumb tighten' set screw to hold the beveled wood pole firm in my flag pole mount that would suffice for an above grade marine boat anchor, created about 20 year's ago, with a hack saw, to the fascia board, in my shorts, in the dawn of the sun, just beginning to shed light from the night as the holiday begins upon awakening, and breath a short prayer... o O (Thank you Lord) and then I feed the cat, and make myself 2 cup's of coffee, pretty much like every morning, and that's the first 5 minute's of every holiday.... unless it's raining.
  8. I'm watching the hurricane news and radar because, it's Harry... nevertheless, a forecast is interesting.... but somehow, I have a suspicion it's going to roll across Florida, and into the gulf, aside from all the predications... nevertheless, it's harry, and I'm a thousand miles away... but why do area's of High pressure drive a low pressure monster when a little cold water shut it down... but I'm working this weekend, and in-between, watching topical tidbit's, and wishing good luck to Florida, and the East Coast... and that's what I'm up to... besides good music.... good speakers, and other stuff'
  9. ... o O ( ??? ) Kickapoo Joy Juice Try-out's
  10. ... o O (now I'm wonderin' what AMA stands for in the bourbon world)
  11. I seem to wonder why that plant in the background looks like it's surviving dead....
  12. ... o O (maybe u just look like "a" steve) whereas "steve" tip's with $20's....
  13. Are we talkin' bout a Texas Gatherin" on Wed & Thurs Next week, the 28th & 29th, in Southeast Texas.... ending a day before that Harry Labor Day Weekend Traffic Jam?
  14. ... o O (Thursday Morning Pondering) 1.5859 vs 1.7065 averaging 1.6462
  15. ... o O (is there a bigger drawing available, where this goes? or moreover, what it is) the back section of a LS, being rear firing, back around to the front, nevertheless, creates the confusion seeing the above illustration... although I think my interpretation is relative to the beginnings, and continuing forward, in a round about way... not that it is confusing in such a matter relative to the original replacement area being worked on, but such as it might need more stacked and shaved, routered and a beveled sound wave channel , the figure of 13.038" baffles my observation, because it's close to the size of the woofer port
  16. I went by the grocery store today (on my day off) and picked up some Folgers Breakfast blend...so I'd have some coffee next week, when I expect my regular tub to run dry... nevertheless... they didn't have the classic folgers stuff lol... I progressed into chilies later tonight, and the opportunity popped into action, to try a Irish Pancake shot.... sooo, wth, I ordered one..., jameson & buttershot's in one glass and orange juice and a piece of bacon in another, and it reminded me of my forthcoming folgers selection, albeit, fine & dandy... just tired of the summer n 100 degree days, and wishing for a nice low pressure system to bring wet rain this way.... with the hope's of being able to snarl dtel on his yearly ocean cruise lol...
  17. ... o O ( after 15 year's ) thinking that we need to see sawdust, and a 4" horizontal splitter screwed in there, along with a woofer motorboard reinforced with 1/2" steel angle iron.... .... o O (just because)
  18. I'd like to offer any encouragement which will give Dave the "OK" to experiment on his splitter. The smaller than expected splitter could be a "test-bed" for the smoothness of a modified example. The shaky jpg mouse activated example below, is itching for a 3-D rendering, but it's meant to be a 3 sided triangle (the width of the woofer port) and cut with a triangular notch in the top and bottom, to slide in from the back side (sans the rear panel) Splitter Mod idea.pdf
  19. .... o O (I look forward to a successful conclusion) however, it seems like we need to have a picture of "that splitter"... thus a successful track saw cut on the rear side panel's is inevitable...
  20. No to elm for flooring - use it for fence pickets, No to maple for flooring - too nice, use it for guitars or furniture... Yes to Hickory for Flooring, rough with knot's all the better to blend in with traffic....
  21. Just do it .... maybe add wheels...
  22. number 9 number 9 number 9 lol - requesting an update as you recall, we're all indebted to rust eradication once seen... a couple picture's can identify the location and removal & exploration within... and a trip to a recycling yard for a new original fender bracket mount, with an added & modified bracket with about 8 new vibration eliminators...
  23. Good to see the old speakers again !
  24. ... o O ( Eric ! - Just incorporate, and start fixing everybody's A/C)
  25. 8.) considering that International Harvester was bought out by Case, and the classic concept that old tractor's never die... explore a retrofit kit for the operator.
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