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    • In '61? I don't know, my Dad did the telemetry (with Ampex), I thought it was a bit later.    X-15 was going,.in '61, did those ever fly in Florida?    There are some airline pilot recordings that don't are hard to explain.
    • I just acquired a dozen golf balls which have been injected with Sigma 9 electrons, guaranteed to test minimum sigma 8 on arrival to your door.   $499 each, or 3 for $1,250.   For a limited time only we will cryogenically treat your balls for $100 each.   Hurry while supply lasts.
    • Yes weed and feed for now,.in the fall start on a preemergent program.     
    • Mine, works great, if you want to hit someone, don't need another.  
    • That room sounded great! Still sorry I couldn't swing the extra LS you had. A lot of water has gone over the dam since then.
    • The first iPhone I ever saw was back in the summer of 2007 at that first Jubilee gathering. Bob Crites was flashing it around like a little kid -- I was hooked immediately. The first Android came out a year later and I thought it was junk. I didn't like any of them until a few years ago -- it has taken them the better part of a decade to catch up, and the new ones are very nice.    I own both an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a Samsung S20 Ultra. I use the Samsung for streaming movies, audio, and reading. The screen gets brighter and is much easier to see in the sunlight. Picture quality is amazing, and you can do some interesting things with audio that the iPhone can't do. It's a killer device. You can get most of what I enjoy about it by buying a Samsung S10+. Those are heavily discounted right now, and it has a headphone jack, so you don't have to use a dongle with your headphones. I think you would really like the S10 or S10+   The iPhone is my daily driver. It's what I got used to and there is a lot to like about them. I prefer it for things like texting, email, and taking pictures. I also use it for music (I have Apple Music on both phones). Generally speaking, the apps for the iPhone just always seems to work better than their counterparts for Android, and there is so much more to choose from. The experience seems smoother overall, but it might just be because it's what I'm used to. I also like TrueTone, which is a display property Android doesn't have, and I prefer it for reading at night. The iPhone is what I use in the late evening for YouTube and surfing social media. You might want to check out the iPhone X, which has also dropped in price quite a bit. It is smaller than the Samsung S10+, but you might actually prefer that.
    • So I ordered the Crossover Rebuild kit form Bob Crites, along with the Ti Tweeter Diaphragms, Risers and Cane Grille cloth.  However, this question is specifically about the Crossovers.  My Heresy II's are 1986 so they have the round terminal cups with the caps all piled on there.  I decided that I wanted to keep the terminal cups stock since the do sound great as is.  I was thinking I could cobble together some replacement crossovers the Sonicaps from the Crites Kit on some KG4 round terminal cups that look identical to the Heresy II terminal cups.  I am watching some KG4 round terminal cups on ebay... would only be 45 for the pair.    Does anyone know if this would be possible or if there are differences in the KG4 Terminal cups from the Heresy II's?   If not I will probably just disassemble the stock crossovers and rebuild on a board mounted to the bottom of the cabinet.  Or, maybe I could build crossover boards with the crites kit and some new inductors/autotransformers.     anyone else have experience with any of these options?
    • The exquisite Sheryl Crow.   From Ringo's 80th (!) Birthday Bash.
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