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    • I don't care what everyone else said about you....  I always thought you had a handsome face...
    • The Heresy IIs with subs is an excellent choice.  Heresy IIs are a favorite.
    • Couldn't agree more.  ..A great great album.
    • If I had a catastrophic flood in my house my speakers would be the least of my worries as such a flood would likely destroy drywall, every appliance, my hardwood floors, my furniture, etc.. Ugh!   And rather than having plywood speakers re-finished - which I'd have neither the time nor energy to do after a flood  - I'd likely have them replaced along with everything else under my homeowners insurance policy.  ..And my speakers have a 2" riser, so it would have to be an epic flood indeed.  Less than an 1" or so I could probably get alway with just replacing the riser.   Besides!!  The Pro Series Speakers many here praise (partly) because of their plywood construction STILL HAVE MDF BAFFLES, so what then??  ..Seems to me they'd still be destroyed.    
    • Very good deal.   Good luck with your sale.   Bill
    • Rust Never Sleeps 😍 Neil Young great 😎
    • Like the time we came home to Oakland after the Bay Area's Loma Prieta earthquake and found that 3/4 of a tall 70 gallon aquarium had emptied itself on the floor.  It hadn't fallen over, just sloshed about 55 gallons of water on the floor.  The fish were all huddled at the bottom, keeping a low profile. The carpet was soaked, and a subwoofer was wet (not our "good" one).  The place smelled like fish water for few days.  Luckily, the main speakers in that room were not floor standing, and the Khorns were in another room, far away from fish tanks.  The Monster Cable interconnects I had cursed because they were so tight that they could hardly be pushed in came in handy.  An expensive Luxman and an expensive Lexicon were hanging from them.
    • WELL....Floor speakers tend to be standing on the floor, right?  Whereas all the other stuff you mentioned tends to NOT be on the floor, right?  Ok, we agree on this.  Gooood!    So...SOMEDAY, when you come home after being away, even being away for a short time, only to find that a washing machine or faucet flexible water line burst while you were away, or somebody flushed the toilet and left the house quickly after doing it, without ensuring it totally successfully flushed, and it ended up not flushing and over-flowing instead... trust me! YOU WILL KNOW THE ANSWER TO YOUR OWN QUESTION!... And don't even go there on braided stainless steel flexible water lines, because they can do it too!  Trust me!  Sooner or later, it WILL HAPPEN!  And when that water gets to carpet, it spreads rapidly and just sits there...slowly soaking anything on the carpet...and MDF sucks it up like a sponge, too!  MDF also swells up with that water like one of those dry sponges do when you put them in the water!  Trust me!  And after that happens to MDF it is impossible to repair!   There is a REASON that wall electrical outlets tend to be installed at least a few inches up from the floor!  Trust me on that, too!   Sometimes problems come searching FOR YOU!    The best way to deal with problems which come looking for YOU is to do your best to keep them from happening!  But if something CAN HAPPEN it probably WILL HAPPEN!  It's called MURPHY's LAW!  BEWARE OF MURPHY'S LAW!  And no matter how well-prepared you think you are, Murphy will find a way to eventually get you! Trust me on that, too!   Any more questions??
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