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    • So can those more knowledgeable explain why i get "listener fatigue" with the Chorus at higher levels that i did not experience with the Forte's? Is it a difference in the horns between them? I used to get the same sensation with the KG 4.5 model and when i got the Forte's I was so happy it went away. 
    • If you get a Tacoma, be sure to get one prior to 2016.
    • Yea sorry everything is understood except power amps. My bad. Just not by me I guess.
    • I was thinking I might have Dyslexia, turned out I just suck at typing.
    • Too bad that GM didn't listen to Demming before he was forced to go to Japan and they listened and adapted his manufacturing procedures. Japan has now erected a Demming statue for his contributions. JJK
    • No I don't but Welcome, never even tried one before. .
    • Get this on FB just a few days ago we were having a discussion on the Toyota Tundra because a couple guys I used to work with have Tundras. Some other guy was saying they should be buying American......so I quickly searched and the Toy Tundra is designed in Cali, engineered in MI, and manufactured/assembled in AL and TX. He shut up pronto   Here is an article on the "American" Tundra: https://www.toyotawarsaw.com/blog/tundra-vs-ram-silverado-titan-sierra/?fbclid=IwAR257hcqsLcx9RblwWwEl1V4YwaCwd9JICC5h7qAyi3h9j41oDYvC99McYg
    • My Grandfather was a 33rd degree Mason, he had a Mason funeral, I didn't understand a bit if it.
    • For the record, I purchased a new 2012 Camaro V-6 auto after my 2011 Toyota Camry was drowned in Hurricane Isaac 8/29/12 @ 1100 sitting in my garage (I have pics). I don't put many miles on my vehicle @ this juncture of my life, it currently has approx 66,000 miles and other than tires and a battery it hasn't given me one single reason to return to the dealership. I still do oil and filter replacements myself and a local tire shop does the periodic tire rotations. Shoot, I still wash my car by hand in the driveway, and clay it/wax it once a year.   But I have owned 2 Toyota trucks (1986 and 1989 models) in the past and a couple of their cars. The Camry has been the number one selling sedan in America for 5 or 6 years. Toyota has a reputation for building quality vehicles, data and customer satisfaction that cannot be disputed.   This wasn't always the case tho. When I first met my soon to be wife in 1978, she was driving a 1972 Toyota 4 door Corrolla and the dealership used to do valve jobs on her car with the frequency I replace the tires on my Camaro. There clearly was a learning curve with the early Toyotas, but they did refine and re-engineer their products quite quickly.    And my 1989 Toyota Extra cab 2 wheel drive pickup I also purchased new had marginal brakes, was noted for this in reviews on line years later by other owners, and reliability data. I had a pretty light boat and trailer I pulled behind it every now and then and that truck struggled to stop when pulling my boat and trailer. I mean struggled. It was downright dangerous at times. When I towed the boat, I drove slowly and left plenty of room. It was an accident just waiting to happen really.
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