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    • did you put a vapor barrier down ?
    • Okay, so the dac is a 2 prong only plug. So you want me to plug that into the extension cord then do dac to preamp via rca and then preamp to power amp via RCA. Then see what that sounds like and compare it to amp only via extension cord? 
    • True.  But.   Mine hardly ever have failures, and any need to do a repair, due to a far superior implementation, starting with the chassis.     Look more carefully at just the thickness of the chassis / metalwork in the two amp photo !!    View how thick the steel chassis is in both is please.    Mine is made out of rigid, vibration-minimized 12 gauge cold rolled steel, with welded corners.    The lower amp has a thin, cheap chassis, looks like its made from recycled tin cans in thickness alone.  Transformers and magnetics vibrate when operating, and it vibrates the tubes also.   Mine is 14 years old, and has five amps built in it.   Jeff Medwin    
    • Totally appreciate your help! I just don't know ow what you mean by shorting the inputs. Would that mean, I connect either amp to the speakers with and RCA running out of said amp and then use a screw driver to connect the male end to the shield of the the White RCA plug? 
    • Thanks all.    Just wanted to update with some pictures of the RS-7.  They are overall excellent condition. There is slight vinyl wrinkle on the top left of one cabinet - but that never visible due to their typical mounting height.     
    • I used an extension cord and an outlet across the room. No change in noise.    I put my multimeter on the ACV 200 setting and the put the red on red and black on black terminals on the speaker and it just read 00.0
    • Now that's redneck right there. No it was dry yesterday,  they did not finish until 7 pm, it was a little cool and they had to let it set some to work it, the rain started off and on around 10 this morning.   Same view different day  I picked that spot because it's  about 40' from the driveway and not to far from the house, maby 80'.  Didn't want to go to far i will need to get wifi out there for shop music, that was high on the list, have the speakers waiting. Probably not, just marketing 
    • Welcome....what's the rest of your system (RP)? Did the sales guy give you the speakers you paid for? Are they installed yet? Two in-wall and four atmos speakers amongst a complete RP home theater system might sound fine. But.....it is usually recommended to keep them all the same. Depends on the cost and if it's a hassle, might hardly notice any difference.
    • That was quick and easy! Local buyer just picked them up! Did the COVID-friendly sound demo outside on the patio with a tiny class-D amp, and almost made me regret it 🙂
    • Looks like a perfect location for a building, great view.
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