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    • And more noisy than I thought, usually just find the shells holding onto trees and hear them.   Another bug I haven't seen years are the large hard shelled grasshoppers.   
    • My condolences to Mrs. Payne and family. I will miss Sancho’s posts.
    • This Yamaha CR-1020 is the heart of my vintage Cornwall setup. I am the second owner. I took it into a local stereo shop last year to have some white LEDs installed since the bulbs had burned out. They also brought it into spec and gave it a good cleaning. I love the sound and the looks...and also the sharp, heavy clicks the switches and dials make haha! Even the volume and tuner knobs have a heavy, satisfying feel to them when you turn them. Good times!
    • Willow Smith surprises mom Jada with a song from Jada's old metal band for mothers day !  
    • Gil is absolutely right about its potential destructiveness on fine finishes.  it greatly darkens and increases light-to-dark contrast in veneer grain. I had to have my mahogany lacquer Style B K-horns re-finished in order to dissolve out the discoloration from the lye.  I don't think they've ever fully recovered.  Who puts lye on a varnish finish?     Great for Zebrawood!    -- Larry
    • a good way to get lost in the woods. My BIL used to take me out... A couple times, it turned into,"I know there is a road in that direction"...   yes, we did have fun
    • This is the original. Firmware is up to date. This is not the Google Assistant version, and not the current version II either. Includes everything it came with new. Box, packing, manual, remote, cord, and most importantly the Klipsch The Three Walnut tabletop speaker.   $250 plus shipping. It will come in a well packed and padded box of appropriate size and will ship USPS.    Forum members only please (post count 10+).   I prefer that commentary be in PM. If you have a question about the sale you can PM me that also. Please Do Not Post in this thread unless you intend to purchase. If you want to ask general questions, make suggestions, or provide your opinions, there are other threads here to do so. Please understand this is a sale thread and not intended as discussion thread. I will gladly chat with you on the regular threads.    
    • I forced everyone at the hotel to listen to the (deliberately) worst-engineered platter ever in Frank Zappa's Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch.  On a pair of Cornwalls...   
    • Excellent.👍 That has to be fun. I’d love to go foraging for mushrooms one day.
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