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    • My curiosity compels me to ask for the back story if you don’t mind.  In what speaker did you play them?  What replaced them?   Never mind. The luxury of time provided by social distancing prompted me to search your prior posts which brought me to this.   What happened to the stock La Scala cabinets and other components?  The K33s seem to be the last of the original La a Scala components.  Too bad you can’t reassemble the La Scalas and sell them.  
    • Ok, I guess I had is right originally. I've been going back and forth between two threads and three members and I'm getting all mixed up. There was the KLF-30 thread with Alexander and jjptkd and an a55, and this one with dtr20, and I'm not even sure who I was answering about which experiment! You know, you were there.   I owned a pair of chorus II's from 1992 to 2005 before I sold them due to moving into a smaller place. I experimented with them extensively, including mounting the mids and tweets on a stand and using a pair of 10" sub woofers for the bass! I re-did the crossovers externally in a wooden box with a Lexan top and I by-wired them. I also coated the midhorn with a thick layer of spray on rubber, and replaced the connector tabs on the woofers with gold plated 5 way binding posts. Nothing I did ever made them sound any better because they already sounded amazing. I learned a lot, but I never even once felt the need to change the drivers.
    • I will soon put my K33E woofers for sale so I decided I would put them here first They were bought new about 10 years ago and Never abused (home listening) they are perfect   Location is Brussels, Belgium   if interested, pm me! 
    • To my knowledge he has never considered it for use within a Klipsch design? Upgrade or otherwise?
    • The K61 designation is for a horn/motor assembly... it utilized the K52 motor (diaphragm/magnet)
    • By endorse, do you mean that he no longer considers its use in new or updated designs?
    • In other words, now transform the RH84 original schematics into the rev2 schematics - but don’t forget to create enough voltage drop on g2 because it is not good to have the g2 of the 6V6 at higher than 250V - thus the 21V zener should become a 51V zener...   Matt has really done a good job at copying my schematics... and flaunting it as his own. Even the advice on possible substitute driver tubes (i.e. 5965, or 6AU6 and EF86 as in the RH84 Parallel Pentode Edition).
    • Same thing realistically... nomenclature gets a bit funny at a point but the K52 motor was used with a threaded snout and with the the K701/K53, K601/K57, K602/K61/K62... it’s late, I forget how it all lines out completely but there are horn part #’s that mate to that motor and assy #’s that utilize the motor in one form or another?
    • Sorry, wrong driver. I was trying to comment on the subject of this thread, in which the OP swapped the chorus II driver with an a55g. The Chorus II mid driver is actually a k-61-k. The focus of my comments was supposed to be on the merits of doing these experiments as opposed the merits of specific drivers, but I did a bad job of it.
    • Wow... well, take a look at this:   Do you recognize it? Unlike the fake RH84 with 6V6 tubes, this one is the original so many people around the world built with success - and it did cause a lot of stir everywhere due to conflicting opinions and interests. This picture was taken from Tom McNally’s site, he built at least one. The schematics has a mistake - the choke should be 100mA and 10H are enough for decent filtering.
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