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    • some more sold today and going out the door tomorrow.  Thanks everyone so far! 
    • I have a Jamboree set that is a little work in progress. I have been holding onto 2 JBL 2402's that were modded to be 2405's for use in the horn section to be mated to the jamborees. Am I on the right track ? Is the 2405 a good one to made to a 402 or similar horn and mate it to the jamboree.
    • On USaudiomart a First Watt F3 - $1275 shipped. If you’re on the fence for FW model jump off it. This is a reasonable price for a superb sounding amp. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed. No affiliation, not mine - already have one. 
    • PM sent - I'm just in Kalamazoo.
    • I seem to recall from my understanding of stereo playback of the vinyl medium that it is labelled incorrectly.  My understanding is that one side of the groove is based on the addition of the left + right channel (L+R) and the other side is based on the subtraction of the right channel from the left (L-R).  
    • Hello everyone, I recently was able to get a pair of k-horns, so it's time for these to find a new home. I bought them just over a year ago from the original owner. They are in good shape, and include the grills (not pictured). They are also sequential serial numbers (If that's your thing). I'd be happy to pass them along to another forum member for the same price I paid, $850. Not looking to ship, so pickup only. I am located on the south side of Grand Rapids, MI. Let me know if you have any questions!
    • Manufacturer Tekton speakers use this same multiple speaker array. They are generally highly reviewed and for the audio world reasonably priced.
    • Fires can be extinguished and stuff replaced, fried brains cannot be fixed. JJK
    • I’m glad I’m doing this at my current house with two fire departments only a couple miles away. The new digs are rural, volunteer fire protection. Alls week that ends well - nary a spark ⚡️ ⛑🔥🧯
    • Kudos to The Blue Fire Professor. I was in deep, up to my neck, Carl threw me a rope. Had my line/load terminology all mixed up and thought common was just that - common. Good learning experience, didn’t get zapped once. The session went so well I’m considering, although not strongly, taking back most everything I’ve ever posted about Carl. He’s a target hard to miss. And yeah on this beautiful day in KC - suns out, guns out - right Carl 👉💪
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