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    • I have 3-way UG Jubs with TADs 4002/691s and 884 and 684 subs.  All that in any 2-way/3-way + either subs combo simply does not approach the new Heritage Jubs.  I was there and heard them side by side.  A different beast altogether.   But........I'm actually very happy with all that as is........for now.  Where else you gonna go?  MCM maybe?
    • Not their best song, but...     This does help with the pressure... with 800W behind it!
    • ja he has the super dooper trupper sewing machine table 😂
    • See what ya started George???  Krock just took it to another level.  Outta the box, outta the box... 
    • Ok with that being said, is there a large gap in fidelity for the high frequencies and upper mids between the 3 way Jubes and the Heritage Jubes?   I am assuming the Heritage Jubes sound more coherent. But the 3 ways were more prominent In the high frequencies compared to the older 2 way UG Jubes I heard .   I am not interested in differences in the lower frequencies since I will always use horn loaded subs.
    • Now it is so far. I dare once again the jump into the world of moving coil TA's. Not that I had not previously owned some, there were already some, for example Wega, Sony, Denon, Ortofon. Since I now have the Trichord Phono Pre it´s not longer a problem to this also optimally adapt.   After a long time back and forth, I would like to feel my way back to it and don´t want to spend....1 K€ or whatever and this is still upscale entry level, no that´s not my business .   Accordingly, I have decided for a " Vintage MC " Yamaha MC 11, it is NoS and have purchased it on Sunday. It´s on it´s way to me already.     Technical data as follows : Type: moving coil Output Voltage: 0,35 mV Frequency Response: 10Hz-50kHz Tracking Force: 1.8g Mass: 5.3g Channel Separation: 28dB Output Impedance: 30 ohms Stylus Tip: elliptical Cantilever : aluminum Dynamic Compliance: 7 x10-6cm/Dyne   Can adjust it optimally on the Trichord as follows: load 1.1 nF 33 ohms, gain 0.25 to 0.4 mV = 70 dB gain.   What I have read has impressed me , it probably plays better than his " big " still popular brother MC 9 , is said to play far above the Denon DL 103 ,above the Audio Technica 30 E  or AT OC-9 and others.   Should be able to reproduce space and depth , plays more homogeneous and musical than the MC 9 . The detail resolution is more accurate , the localization sharpness very precise in depth. Reminds sonically of the Grace F9. It sounds very dynamic and agile with really good and especially dry low bass on medium-heavy arms around the 14-15gr.   The preconditions are given to drive it optimally .   Let´s hear how it sounds , will tell you in a few days  
    • Man, that's some bass. BTW, I just noticed your Jackson Browne quote.  Nice!
    • Just another day in the office!    Mike's 💯   What John saw...   What I saw...   😂💯😂
    • Tim and Luminous are great to work with. Highly recommended - I've bought several products.
    • If you haven't already, I suggest you read this. It kind of explains why I don't rely on measurements to make the room sound good. Yes, measuring is important. But I tend to use it more as a confirmation tool rather than something to guide me along my way.
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