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    • Carl,   Thanks! But think they are a bit too large for my small stereo room (and was disappointed to find out they only have a 1" compression driver).  But if you are curious enough, would love to hear your opinion. Think this company makes some interesting speakers  
    • Good advice, Tom. I have owned all of the drivers and horns you mention and can attest to the veracity of your comments with measurements and listening. Physics is physics.  
    • Update ... horns are 6.5x6.5x12 and driver is a 1 inch type, crossed at 2000Hz.  Bit disappointed??
    • Update ... horns are 6.5x6.5x12 and driver is a 1 inch type, crossed at 2000Hz.  Bit disappointed?? 
    • Its pretty good stuff. And a much cheaper way to get all 3 sets I might add
    • Howard shore is one of the best... Ive never watched any of the movies so I am unfamiliar with the score.
    • === years back I owned CW and horn loaded Belles at the same time, periodically  shuffling them in/out. We’ll use Belles as the comparison example in this case. CW always sounded great until replaced with Belles; they then sounded slow, plodding, recessed, something missing. So much so that thinking something was amiss I took them apart checked internals, even sent the near new cross overs back to Crites to verify their condition. Of course all was well but in my room the differences were so great as to think something wasn’t right. And it wasn’t - horn loading vs. duct porting. And the difference should be even greater comparing to the LS with its much larger K400 mid horn. Now with LS and  Jubes I still move the LS into their assigned spots and listen quite satisfied. To this day there IS some magic with the LS.
    • Yes, and based on my statement, Cornwall has more old school bass reflex tendencies.   Many folks like that sound and I myself like more of a controlled bass that either the horn provides (too big for extension I require), a slot load more like a Frazier Seven, or correctly done passive radiator(s).
    • Helping rebuild/refurbish a forum friend's Welborne Labs Laurel II mono blocks.  A tremendous about cleanup; many feet of solder wick; complete recapping of all electrolytic, metallized film bypass, film coupling caps.  There was terrible hum and noise in one channel, which turned out to be a heater to cathode short in one of the 6AC7 as well as a bad rectifier socket.  Many cracked wires, including capacitor leads, etc.  A main issue was over-heating in the 300B filament supply, which was replaced by a relocated full-wave bridge rectifier and CRC filter section (all rebuilt with paralleled resistors for DCR of 1ohm).  300B 5V filaments had been running 4.3VDC, and are now corrected.   Once wiring and parts replacement where needed was finished, there was still an inexplicable 60Hz hum in one channel.  I worked literally hours on this problem, and finally found the source:  hiding under a 3.3uf Solen cap was a wire from the 6.3 VAC heater supply (for the paralleled 6SL7 and 6AC7) leading directly into the grid.  That corrected, I have to say these Laurels are now probably the quietest single-ended amps I have.  I'm also going to take a picture of the MagneQuest 300B output transformer on these amps.  They are absolutely huge, the largest output transformers of this kind I've seen.   And so, with one more step (new 4 pin finals sockets), I will be very sorry to see these shipped back home this coming week.  They are lovely sounding amplifiers; and if you have heard that the 300B is euphonic, syrupy, overly-warm, etc., this circuit thoroughly and comprehensively dispels that myth.  With the schematic in my head, I'm going to build a pair after I finish up a couple of other project.   Forgot to mention: A large choke was used to replace the common resistor in the power supply between the main filter sections.  Wonderful amps!
    • you just made our point right there... thank you  
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