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    • What ever you have
      Do you have a list of drivers that may work in it or the specs to look for so maybe I would be able to find a driver from parts express
    • In the post directly after this one, you asked me if the kids should be pushed.  Mark, given your common sense and life experiences along with your comments in the above post tells me you know exactly what to do.   You push a kid, they push back.  I think it is FAR better to engage your students, empower them, encourage them to find what they are good at and to be their best, always.  Your role will be as a mentor, a teacher and to provide your technical knowledge and expertise to keep your student healthy through proper mechanics.   I was a pretty serious dad while raising my two boys.  The oldest was a pretty good pitcher and at the age of 12 he could throw a curve ball no other kid could hit.  I told him if he continued to throw curve balls I would take him out of baseball.  That's because there is a thing called a growth plate where the two bones in the arm grown towards each other.  Throwing too many curve balls can damage that growth plate.    I told him WHY I didn't want him to throw curve balls and I had him read the same information I did.  He understood and developed his mechanics and threw fast balls.  He didn't win every game, but he developed and instead of chasing the major leagues, he chased "next level."  That was a good short term and long term strategy.  I always engaged him in the decision making process.   My son got a lot of attention for being such a good pitcher and he said he might want to be a big league player some day.  I told him that 'yes" you can throw curve balls and everybody will say how great you are, but nobody has ever got a major league contract for striking out 12 year-olds.  I asked him to become a good athlete and I sent him to pitching camps, I didn't know anything how to throw a baseball.   I taught him to think long term and let his body grow.  He ended up being a solid 6'2" and he could pitch, ending his career as high school pitcher.  He choose to leave baseball to concentrate on college.   He was good enough he could have gone on to be a college pitcher, but he made his own decision not to do that.  He had a full academic scholarship and wanted to study to become an attorney so that is the path he choose for himself.   As a parent I did the right thing by raising him so he would have options.  He was athletic, musical and smart.  He picked his own path and I could not have been prouder.
    • Hello WMcD and filmofreddy, Thank you very much for your reply. The inductor value is 2.5mH as shown in the above circuit. How about the current rating for such inductor ? How many mA or A ? I am going to DIY a crossover for type A. I got the specification for T2A autoformer as shown. Is it correct ? If 50Hz or 60Hz Alternative Current (AC) is applied to pins 0-5 with pin 0 as ground, Vout is still measured at 10Vac ? Thank you.  
    • Yes, what do you need.
    • Hi coytee, great answer. You may be right.   im indeed from Italy.   is there anywhere where I can find schematic of the jubilee. I’ve seen before but never really though they could be an option.   is anybody around here ever built them?   best   ab  
    • That they do...  Didn't JBL have a mid something like that in a monitor system year ago?  Electro-statics but not thinking so???  I've seen that before somewhere. Never heard it but remember it being funky looking like that.  What's hidden below could be scary too...   Maybe someone just threw something together outta spare parts.  BOOM!  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-of-JBL-4320-studio-monitors/273257420273?hash=item3f9f6955f1:g:w0QAAOSwbLZa0os~      Eyeball the smaller pics...  
    • You said that you have plans for this box?
    • They look like a cross between Klipschorns and something from JBL.