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    • My supply control module just blew and I don't have any way to fix it.  Do you still do any of this work, or know anyone that does?
    • ANyone have contact infor for Deano ?
    • I’m guessing you didn’t notice that you’re replying to a post from 2004?  🤷
    • OK, yes, I own a pair of 1980 LaScala's with rebuilt ALK x-overs by the Grinch who stole Christmas, I assume you all know about Al.   Anyhow, these birch cabs are not in superior shape. The theme in my listening room would be closer to walnut modern-looking furniture. The blond-looking unfinished birch wood with its 7-ply showing sides seems out of place.   I thought about finding a wood-wooker to apply walnut veneer but I am having problems finding anyone local who is qualified to do such a job. Plus, I have no idea what that would cost.   I also thought about doing something less complicated and just building a tweeter and mid horn speaker grille like shown on the attached image plus covering the exposed 7-ply on the front-facing edges with a flat mould. Of course, I don't know where to buy the speaker fabric as shown in the picture.    I was wondering if anyone else on this forum has been through this same exercise in trying to make these Cornwalls more appealing to their wives with the modifications mentioned above?      
    • Vintage Klipsch?  They’re neither vintage nor Klipsch.
    • I just picked up a pair of Ak5 for $2000 in Cherry I think, they are not walnut. I am going to my local lumber yard and getting some hardwood to make the risers for the top hats. I do not like the new style. Unlike when I bought my 1st pair in '74 they will be powered by a pair of McIntosh Mc30s. When I die I expect to see PWK waiting at the pearly gated for idiots like me that used stupidly powerful solid state amps like my old Marantz 240 and later a Phase Linear700b. I fully expect Mr. Klipsch to give me a well deserved kick in the keister. I am going to use the AK5's for optical soundtrack films. On either side of a 14' scope screen. I would love a pair of Western Electric horns but they cost over $100k and are the size of my Yaris. My mother has my 1st pair of KCBR (I bought from from Superior Sound when I was 19 for $1635)and uses a Mx110  and a Mc240 with them. She is 87 and uses them every day. I am 69 years old now.
    • Yes, there is something wrong in my system. I just need to establish a sequential troubleshooting list to try to track it down.   The Decware Tube amp is brand new.   Yes, I will A/B a wired ethernet connection to see if that makes a difference.   I thought the suggestion that a woofer may be out of phase was a really good and thoughtful suggestion;)   ALK x-overs were bought directly from the grinch who stole Christmas (you all know about Al, I assume)   Any suggestions on a sequential troubleshooting list would be appreciated.   Thanks, bob   -----------------------------------------------   I included an image of my hardware setup. The only hardware component missing now is a phono pre amp.    I'm pretty much at a loss when it comes to software issues. Plex Media Server does not provide any support.    Best bob    
    • Makes ya wanna freaky deeky 
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