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    • I'll give it a listen ...   thanks billybob   Bill
    •   I would be trying them on top of my Quarter Pie bass bins. I think it was an old post of Claude's that compared them to the K402. The K402 would be what I would really like to get but finding a used pair doesn't seem to be happening.
    • Join the guys over at the new vinyl spinning Silversport if you want to. Recently revived my interest again and a lot of TT talk about lately. Thanks for sharing...
    • If you put the Heresy cabs on top of the subs, I would (personally) remove the bases and have them straight up. I have mine HIIs with an old cotton diaper underneath as to avoid scratching either finish. Acoustically I can't tell a difference. The diaper is thin eough that you can't see it, being trmmed to about an inch smaller than the cabinet.   Love the originals, the HIIs are more balanced. I  an only imagine what the HIIIs are like. They are certainly beautiful!   Bruce
    • just listening to my EICO HF-81 phono section for the first time...I am such an idiot...   years ago, Craig at NOSValves rebuilt my EICO HF-81 integrated amplifier that I bought from Daddy Dee...I seem to recall Craig asking me something about if I wanted something done to the phono section but a TT was less important to me...years pass and I have an interest in listening to my records from back when...   Having sold off other electronics that would allow me to use a TT my younger brother stepped up and let me use an unloved Nakamichi SR-2A STASIS receiver to give it a whirl's been okay in this regard but the Nad needs some love to get back in spec...then it hit me...the EICO upstairs has a phono section I've never used or tried...   Unhooked the EICO and took it downstairs, hooked up my Technics SL-1300 with a Shure VF-15 Type lll...grounded the TT to the EICO chassis's not bad, in fact quite good...and it is better than the aged NAK...   I think I always thought since I had told Craig the Phono section was not important to me that it might not be even connected...don't know why I did but there it is...   I just thought I'd share...seems to be something we used to do more of on this Forum...   Bill
    • That is a very talented young man  Tell him from me -  Now he needs to find or forge his own path by building on what he has learned  And I will buy his first record     
    • I'm working on a turning a small addition/bonus room above my garage to into a home theater.  Installing 4x 5650 in the wall speakers and debating about partial speaker boxes around them or not.  Reason being, the walls these are going into are really not at all sealed walls at all.  There is more or a less a small room behind each, 400cubic feet of air space or more.  Thoughts on if this is going to cause any negative affect on sound quality?
    • this is my friends son @ 15
    •   For - @dirtmudd   Have a listen and tell me what you think 
    •   That is one of my first records I purchased and still in my top 3 list  It's superb