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    • In my similar experience I'd take the Heresys, no contest. 
    • Been very happy with my Onkyo Pre/Pro which is very similar to your Integra. If and when mine craps out, I think i will be moving to Marantz. I'd be all over this one if I could justify the need vs. the want...   This is still available on the EMO forum for about half price of new. http://emotivalounge.proboards.com/post/1003998/thread https://www.us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVSeparates&SubCatId=0&ProductId=AV8805
    • Dayton is a cool town.  It has grown alot the last few years.
    • I’ve been searching around online quite a bit and haven’t been able to track down any replacement drivers since these are in the range of 15 years old at this point.   Ive posted in the garage sale as well to see if I get any hits that way.   What I have now does work and actually still sounds great, but the looks really bother me. Whoever had them before me did not take care of them, so each woofer has the dust caps pushed in and are a little warped as well. I’m in the process of sanding and staining the cabinets and everything is turning out really well, so if I could replace the drivers, or at least a couple of the worst ones, they’ll be near mint condition.   I got a great deal on them to begin with, so if I could replace some drivers, I’m considering the DeanG crossovers and then they’d be a set of speakers I’d keep around for a long time.   Anyone have any leads or advice on the search for some RF7 drivers?
    • Certainly lots of options.  I split my listening/watching time at about 50/50.  I love a great movie with superb sound and sound effects. I also with to maximize my 2-ch listening enjoyment.  Like most, I use the same mains for both operations.    HT technology has really changed since I last researched all this.  I see very good reviews for the Athem AVM-60 and it's simplicity is a plus, but does not have truly balanced outputs like the Emotivas that have just been released.  My problem with the Emotiva offerings is that they seem to be buggy at this stage of development based on the comments in the forums and reviews.  I don't really want to spend a bunch of money and then spend time frustrated with the hardware/software interaction.
    • I’m looking for replacement drivers for my RF7’s.   What I have now works and really does still sound great, but they frankly look like crap. Each one is a little warped and has the dust caps pushed in.   I got a great deal on a whole setup and I’m currently working on restoring the speakers, if I could replace the drivers, or at least a couple of the worst ones, they’ll be back to near mint condition.   Let me know if anyone has a hookup for one or more drivers.   Thanks!
    • I charged $825 shipped. $25 went to paypal and I paid almost $40 to get them from Dayton to Arizona. 
    • Probably Duratex,    https://www.acrytech.com/product-category/speaker-cabinet-coatings/  @Tony T
    • Hello Rodolpk6,   Those are real La Scalas that have been modified to be pretty.  If the sound they reproduce is crisp, and sounds forward or out in the room, in front of the loudspeakers, the crossovers are good and do not need to be modified.  If they sound reserved or polite, replace the capacitors.  Use good film and foil capacitors.    ALK crossovers are very good, but run the tweeters hotter/brighter.  I found the original Type AA sounds better and changed back to them.    If your woofer, squawker (midrange) and tweeter sound clear without audible distortion, you are wasting money when you replace them without cause.  I haven't replaced mine and don't recommend it.  I have replaced my tweeters with Tractrix tweeters that I like, but others dont.  I am still running my original 1981 K-33s and K-55-Vs.    In order to get the most performance out of the bass reflex modification, a high-pass filter and low bass equalization are required.  Forum members who have published test data from their bass reflex modification showed it made only 3 or 4 dB difference without the EQ and filter and that difference was not always better.  I think it is a waste of effort.  It is better to get a good subwoofer and leave the La Scala woofer alone so it can reproduce music with the least distortion.    From DeepL:   Bonjour Rodolpk6, Ce sont de vrais La Scalas qui ont été modifiés pour être jolis.  Si le son qu'ils reproduisent est net, et les sons en avant ou en arrière dans la pièce, devant les haut-parleurs, les crossovers sont bons et n'ont pas besoin d'être modifiés.  S'ils semblent réservés ou polis, remplacez les condensateurs.  Utilisez de bons condensateurs à film et à feuille. Les filtres ALK sont très efficaces, mais font fonctionner les tweeters plus chauds/plus brillants.  J'ai trouvé que le Type AA d'origine sonne mieux et j'ai changé pour eux. Si votre haut-parleur de grave, votre haut-parleur de médium et votre tweeter sonnent bien sans distorsion audible, vous gaspillez de l'argent lorsque vous les remplacez sans raison.  Je n'ai pas remplacé le mien et je ne le recommande pas.  J'ai remplacé mes tweeters par des tweeters Tractrix que j'aime bien, mais d'autres pas.  J'utilise toujours mes K-33 et K-55-V originaux de 1981. Afin de tirer le meilleur parti de la modification du bass reflex, un filtre passe-haut et une égalisation des basses sont nécessaires.  Les membres du forum qui ont publié des données d'essai de leur modification du bass reflex ont montré qu'il n'y avait qu'une différence de 3 ou 4 dB sans l'égaliseur et le filtre et que cette différence n'était pas toujours meilleure.  Je pense que c'est un gaspillage d'efforts.  Il est préférable d'obtenir un bon caisson de basses et de laisser le caisson de basses La Scala seul pour qu'il puisse reproduire la musique avec le moins de distorsion possible.   J'espère que cette traduction fonctionne mieux que Google.      
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