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  1. WOW! - i never would have imagined... quite disheartening
  2. Ditto - those are not Klipsch speaker cabs. Not even plywood for that matter. Very cheap pressed wood.
  3. i absolutely LOVE it !!! YES! the 'turdspeaker'. I gotz a pair of 'em 🤪
  4. Randy, 'em really don't look too bad. I have seen and had MUCH MUCH worse! Just ask @MookieStl, think he got the very worst pair i had ever seen, saved out of a frat house. All ya got to do is GET BUSY !!! LOL
  5. ...doesn't take much, @ILI. Mostly just patience and time. DIY 🤩
  6. Hey Rick Been well, thanks Buddy! Took a few years away from the LS restoration scene to build my Hot Rod. I am back baby!!! LOL - Picked up a couple pairs of LS for great deal. One pair I traded my RF-7's for. That pair already sold to a VERY happy buyer and new forum member @RandyR. The other pair, pictured above are slated for full restoration and keepers. Had to drive a couple hours but got a great deal on them. Won't start restoration till Hot Rod season is over. Fancy assed La Bella's soon around the corner... 🤪
  7. those are beaters too, @RandyH000 🤩
  8. made some tri-grills for the beaters. Won't fully restore them till Winter. Looking OK for disguising a turd - 🤪 ...the cane does weird things to the camera
  9. https://critesspeakers.com/bk-sound-type-a4500-crossov.html 479-967-1542
  10. if my friend @RandyR doesn't take them, I will...
  11. Have a friend who may be very interested in these. Question: It is my understanding these crossovers will work well across stock Heritage series Klipschorn, Belle as well as La Scala? Thanks
  12. and the beaters are called in for temporary active duty 🤪
  13. they look fantastic in your home, Randy 🥳
  14. Looking for a smaller pair of KG for stand-in while I restore the La Scala pair. Affordable and able to ship to me. BUELLER? - BUELLER? - BUELLER? 🤪
  15. Likewise, Randy 🙂 Welcome to the Forum
  16. SOLD to the man in Effingham Congratulations, Randy 😀
  17. no plans on veneering them. They will get a complete sanding down to the wood. There are a few minor repairs to make. Ultimately, they are slated for Plum Mahogany (version II). I liked the 1st pair so well, gonna do it again. That was the only pair I really had a hard time letting go. Keepers this time! I plan on updating the AA crossovers with the Crites kit. They have 77 square, 55 spring lug. I haven't pulled the dog house cover yet to reveal square or round K33. Pretty simple restoration, just time consuming.
  18. have a buyer making arrangements from Effingham Illinois for this week, Mook. Show me the money 🤪
  19. if $7500 is the market today... Holy Crap, I have 2 pairs for sale at one half that price !!!
  20. i think he ghosted us, Randy 🤨 ...not surprised
  21. and as predicted, SOLD. Not even listed for a day.
  22. who is on there way already? These won't last long at that price. Hell, if they were closer, I'd take the day off and grab 'em. WOW, no words... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/696567357870724
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