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    • if you are lacking treble, you can put this on your Horn driver B&C DE250 = 1 capacitor from 1 to 0.5µF and a resistance in parallel of 1 or 2 or 3 ohms    
    • This next album is a pretty good solo effort from 1983    Artist Robert Plant ‎ Title - The Principle Of Moments   Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Plant-The-Principle-Of-Moments/release/5545955    
    • Right this morning, the 3:rd amplifier just broke on my R-115 SW, bought in 2016. With that said, the amplifier have broke and been replaced two times already, so the life time of these amplifiers seems to be about 18 month. Now I have to change amplifier again so I can use my subwoofer another year, this will be amplifier number four in a time of four years. Actually I have owned a number of subwoofers in my life, and I have never encountered anything like this before, usually they lasts more or less forever and this is the most expensive one I ever owned.   Isn't there any extended warranty for this amplifier, or any exchange program?   If I got it right, I can try to change the red marked component to get it working again?  
    • WOW! Stunning Khorns, just beautiful.   And is that an Eames Lounge and ottoman? That is worth discussion too.
    • http://www.nostubestore.com/2011/10/mullard-ecc88-6dj8-great-britain.html   I can't recommend this website personally, but I haven't heard anything bad.   Definitely check out Jim Mcshane http://www.mcshanedesign.net/  If he's got them, they're good. He'll give you viable options for other brands if he doesn't have any.
    • Yes I do prefer the Tannoy as they present the best of both worlds when set up properly. I have listened to the full Revolution Series the dual 8" floor stand the dual 6" floor stand the single 6" stand mount XT6 and the XT Mini. As they get smaller they integrate better which is to be expected. The Mini is to me not unlike a ProAc Signature Super Tablette so far as the bass goes but surpasses it in stage image and overall size of the 3D sound field. Mine took a good long while to burn in 5 - 6 weeks before they really started to shine. I also extended my reflex vents in the Mini by 1/4" which cleans up the mid bass range a little.
    • I love it. Very well written OP. Sorry you feel attacked here Jim. I did read into it. A good thread that can be generalized anyway. My 2¢ below. Probably my own inefficiencies at hand, but I will admit to you ALL right here and right now this... I post a price, or make an offer to purchase one time and that it, I never budge. No singing, dancing, drama, battle of the wits going on with any used product I am associated with. Now if there are circumstances involved, those not related to the product itself, or unknown condition issues that later arrive, then the negotiations with me are valid. I will walk away over >$25. Done so many times. I don't play. No fun to be had negotiating with me. Move on if that is your motivation please. I started trading when I was 7. I have tried it many ways, wheeling/dealing and whatnot, so my own personal experiences have lead me to this eventuality. Do what works best for you. Just don't expect it from me. Trust me, I have done plenty of homework before an exchange ever happens. As much as I try to leave style, personality, and attitude out of the deal, unfortunately there are times my being "firm" comes off as exactly those things to some people. On more than a few of those occasions I am sure they really just wanted to "play". I am not having it, and am better for it, but probably not richer. I am OK with that. I have tons of other skills that keep me going.
    • I would work on the room acoustics. If you do not, then you will never know how good your current equipment really is. The RP160Ms are great IMO, and I had them for my front channels until I got my K402MEHs up and running. Now the RP160Ms are my surrounds, and for my wife's dance loft. A well treated room with good equipment can very well sound better than a untreated room with much more expensive equipment. The room is the first thing to upgrade IMO. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
    • There have been a lot of these discussions from buyers and sellers over the years on various forums.   The one thing I have taken away from them, and learned from experience is, effective communication is both an art and a skill.   State your conditions up front and assume nothing. There is a very fine line between “no harm, no foul” and “sour grapes.”   Expectations are unfulfilled resentments.    Why would a sane person engineer that into any relationship?   My dad always said “don’t give sh!t a place to happen.”    ...because it will        
    • Thank you, Chris. You’re right; shape of the room I’m in is an issue. But I can’t do anything about it, as things stand. Nor can I move the furniture around because I’m absolutely squeezing every inch of space with my furniture set. I’m absolutely out of room to maneuver.  Same as the above response. I’m afraid there isn’t much I can do about the room. I have foam panels with a jagged surface across the open walls, as well as bass traps in the top corners. The bass is much cleaner now and certain high frequencies aren’t shrill anymore. I can add a diffusing panel on the wall across from the speakers. Should I? Thank you, Sam. I don’t frankly don’t have space for a large CD collection, too. Your post made me look into how I can listening to my FLAC files now conveniently. I’m experimenting with Plex on my smart TV. I occurred to me to buy a NAS, and build a high res digital library to stream via Plex. I’ll search through these forums for any posts on NAS units in audio systems when I get the time.    One option I’m considering is doing what you did and buying the Forte or the Heresy without listening to them. But it’s an expensive gamble though. Most online sources that will deliver will charge high price for shipping. I can’t imagine hating them. But the truth is that I just don’t know. 
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