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The New Ebony Heresy Thread (In Memory of Cal): A LESSON IN GARAGE SALE ETIQUETTE


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4 hours ago, Travis In Austin said:

You need to do a little better job of ready people's posts and responding to them. You give out a lot of great information, but I have been noticing some answers that do not match up with people's questions. It wastes people's time, causes confusion, and could result in someone getting incorrect information. Please try to take the time to figure out what is being asked. We all misunderstand questions from time to time, it just seems like it is more so recently. 




thank YOU for noticing

members have been saying this for years

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9 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

Bear in mind that I am using my phone for internet's ..

It leaves a lot to be desiredb. 😟

Including the Damm " spell correct" that apparently likes ebonics. 🤬


"Ebonics"?  Could you be just slightly more racist?  And then those that thank you for that?  Wow.

@Travis In Austin


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6 hours ago, Travis In Austin said:

You know, I'm starting to have some issues with a post like that under these specific circumstances, but I will save that for an office conversation some other time.

AFAICR, Schu, was the master of those "too far for me" posts, which may or may not have helped the seller, who knows?

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13 hours ago, nola said:

Hello Folks:

I have to move my mid 1970s Khorns about 3 blocks to the new house. What is the best way to move them?

The tops can be removed from the bass bins. I can unscrew the wing nuts to the cloth covers at the sides of the bass bins. They will have to go up and down 1 step from the old place and up 5 steps into the new place. 

Also, what is the best way to place them on the hardwood floor? Is putting a small carpet upside down best so as not to scratch up the old floor.  1890s house, raised on piers as is typical in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Thank you in advance for any comments

From NOLA with love


Yes, welcome back...

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