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  • Recent Posts

    • Welcome Tim Sr.  I see you over in "Right This Minute" often as I'm catching up with Gary's pics of his systems. Don't be a stranger!
    • bad idea ...? https://www.thomann.de/it/t.akustik_ap_180_2.htm (or something similar ...)   https://www.thomann.de/it/ekustik_woody_queen_japan_trio.htm 😅  
    • Do you think the sound was thin compared to other audio sources like vinyl records and CDs? Or are you listening to this entire set for the first time, and is this your first impression of the LaScala?
    • @Zim. has a pair of CF-4 for sale on here. 
    • thank you all for your replies. much appreciated. for the time being the Anniversary should stand along a wall, away from corners. building false ones seems a solution to consider.
    • Sorry, I haven''t read this whole thread, but has the OP any idea the frequency of this 'hum'?.  I know some Decware stuff can hum a little, which is no big deal normally, but I wonder if there is a room dependent frequency mode which is accentuating the in room Decware hum.   I recently moved my gear into a smaller room,  and this room 'featured' a 6 db boost @ 45 Hz!    I've tuned out this peak using my RME ADI-2 Dac's built in equalizer.   P.S.  Decware makes some great stuff.  I'm seriously considering ordering the little SE84UFO3 - despite the long wait.
    • I should post here once in a while, or at least until ya'll kick me out Cables...Coffee....Cycles (?Lunar?) and Cocktails (Neat bird) wow what a line up that is. I thunk it over today and since I was working on something related to the title here, figured I would share... poor souls Working on things here (the system) and notice someone in this place was humming and just wouldn't shut up! I mean I like music n all but I do get tired of the monastic single note single tone hummmmmmmm, at least put some rhythm to it! Yep, I was hearing that dreadful noise of some "CABLE" or loose connection hum in the system. Dreadful thing since I have been doing a LOT of rewiring and arranging of things. Couple days ago had an amp go Pop, well more like "BOOOMMM" of course right as I was turning a switch knob, causing all kinds of fear of "What did I just do??" Just a timing thing though as the amp power filter decided to short out at that very moment. Or.. the extra hum, a symptom? or coincidence? The hum was the worst of course on the phono setting so unplug the phono box should indicate if that is the root. Still some hum, but nowhere near as bad. Decided it was time to replace my lost shorting plugs and get into it. Shorted the inputs and absolute silence, so the amp repair was fine. Back to the issue then, and started going backwards along the lines feeding the amp, one section at a time with the shorting plugs. This was a good thing to do as it sounds out the cables for any degradation from use over the years. With each step replacing cables one at a time and one switch box, the hum was beginning to become bearable maybe, until I checked and tightened the grounding wing nuts at the turntables, and blown off my feet from the very loud (Full volume) radio station, at least it was playing ZZ Tops but a boot load of hum in it as well. I tell ya when I find this guy that's humming, gonna hang'im upside down by his GO &%^$ .... Removed the ground from the wing nut to find almost silence, yeah a bit of hum but at full volume it being almost inaudible, I am happy with that, as it almost definitely and pretty sure is a hum of induction of lengthy cables... until I went to get a "Coffee" Remember the title?, and as I poured the coffee, the BLAST of at least 120 decibel hum, coffee everywhere now, running (2 canes) to the volume control I forgot to turn down. The Heresies faired ok fine through it (Whew) and the tremors ceased a few hours later. Waited for the cops to show up but I guess they were not interested. Tomorrow is another day, and I will tackle this fella insisting on humming monotone at me, and I shall ship the remains to @Abomb to feed his awfully cute pet he acquired while on vacation. Yes that's right... fresh meat!
    • Thanks,   I've been out of town since I bought them but I'm hoping to get them up and running tomorrow.
    • The question is not which tube to build an amp around, rather the design and execution.  300B, 2A3 and the other mentioned amps types can all be nice. Demo some amps is the best way or make it run multiple tubes.
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