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I am selling my LCR Klipsch speakers. The RC-64II was purchased in November of 2011 and the RF-7II’s were purchased in May of 2012.

All three speakers are in great shape and have been in a smoke free home.

Due to the size of these speakers and cost to do so, shipping isn’t an option. I live in East Tennessee, but would be willing to deliver the speakers within a 3 hour radius or work out some sort of delivery compensation for longer distances.

Ideally, I would like these to be sold as a set. If I can find a buyer for the RF-7’s and a buyer for the RC-64, I will break them up but only if I have a sale for both.

Price for the RF-7’s: $900.00 each

Price for the RC-64II: $600.00

Price for all three: $2000.00....price reduction. Looking of a QUICK sale.

Please PM with any questions.


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Hey Coach.

You would really help your sale if you could find a way to upload some better pictures of the speakers with both grills on and off. We all know what they look like, but we still love to see actuall pics...and the bigger the better.

Good luck with your sale, lots of people looking for your speakers.

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I know in your OP you indiciated you wouldn't be shipping any of these. However, the 64 isn't all that big so it wouldn't be too difficult to ship. Might you reconsider on that? Using USPS priority mail, I estimate roughly 50-70$ ship fee to my address. Just throwing that out there.

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If an offer is made for just the 7's that I am good with, then yes I would probably consider just shipping the 64.

Come on people! someone give these 7's a good home! .... and make it snappy [8o|]

Coach, think you could maybe get some better pictures up of them? That might get you some more interest. I mean someone is getting an awesome deal there so they should go fast.

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I remembered yesterday afternoon while up in my attic, that the 64 box didn't make the move. It was damaged at our old house and I tossed it.

Sorry about the post earlier regarding having the box.

These are now priced aggressively for a quick sale as I would like to get them moved ASAP.

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