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  1. gotta start somewhere Im open to any and all offers. Im just hoping that I dont have to part them out to get what i need out of them If they are as beat as you make them out to be, then parting them out may be a viable option...and might help you sell them faster to non local buyers. Just my .02 can
  2. Hi jplatel5000. 550 sounds a bit high for "exceptionally beat up Klipsch cornwalls". Maybe you could upload a few pics for us. I know you also mentioned best offer, so some pics might help others that are looking for a project. Good luck with your sale.
  3. The forum looks great. It was a bit of a drag not getting my daily fix for the last little while. I can imagine everyones sigh of releif when they clicked their bookmark link and saw the new forum.
  4. I have Cornscala and Heresy as my LCR for home theatre and use the Cornscala's in my 2 channel rig as well ( switch out speaker wires ). Having the sensitivity of the Corns/Heresy up front makes it real easy on the receiver. I have not heard the THX line, but with the setup I have now I could guess that I am not missing anythin. Cornscala all the way.
  5. I don't know anyone that retired at 60 and stayed retired. So I will say congrats on your partial retirement.
  6. Me too. Congrats to you and the family Bob.
  7. I can second that. Easy install with the templates and immediate improvement even without X-over upgrade (but that makes it even better).
  8. Another great refinishing thread by Groomy is http://community.klipsch.com/forums/t/117315.aspx?PageIndex=1
  9. I use a WD 3Tb live My Book. Has cloud storage so the computer does not have to be on to access. Plugged into my wifi router the whole house has access to all the music and movies that are stored on it. I think it was about $149.00 when I got it a few months back. Great unit.
  10. MechMan

    A fond farewell

    Thank you John. I will take your advice. It aint always easy but since when has the easy way been the best way. By your post you sound like a great father and someone I would like to call a friend.
  11. Great unit for a C note. Mine is still going strong.
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