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  1. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

  2. F.S. Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones *** Like New ***

    Still available and just like new

    If you've never heard it before give Easy Star All-Stars - Dub Side of The Moon a listen, it's a cover of Dark Side of the Moon that is very good. I also really love the version of the Wall's Mother by Rodger Waters in the link below http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2caaf
  4. FS Integra DHC 9.9 preamplifier SOLD

    Sexual harassment charges against Ceptorman are now pending.
  5. For sale Sennheiser HD 650 headphones in just like new condition. These have always been stored boxed and never left out between use and have always been kept exactly as brand new, never scratched, never dusty, never dirty. Price $250 includes shipping with USPS Priority Mail. The headphones, cord, 3.5mm adapter, storage box and packaging are all in just like brand new condition. These are very nice sounding headphones. Here are some photos.
  6. For Sale Panamax M4300 PM *** SOLD ***

    It's sold
  7. Heritage HP-3's

    They are listed under Headphones http://www.klipsch.com/products/hp-3-headphones
  8. RIP Fats Domino

    Ain't that a shame, RIP Fats.
  9. Review Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones & Photos

    Thanks, it wasn't really a leap of faith, I have been following info on these since the beginning of the year, prototype and build info, early reviews before their release, etc. and I have really been looking forward to getting them.
  10. What I Got Today!

    This weekend I received one of the first pair of Heritage HP-3 headphones to ship. I wrote a review and posted a few pic on a thread in the headphone section
  11. Heritage HP-3's

    Review & photos posted in new thread https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/172921-review-klipsch-heritage-hp-3-headphones-photos/
  12. I just received one of the first pairs of Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones to ship, these are Klipsch's brand new flagship headphones, the retail cost is $1,199.00. Here is my review after spending a weekend with these new headphones along with some photos I've taken. I will compare them to the Sennheiser HD650 which is the headphone I've been using. OK I definitely like the Klipsch HP-3's. Listening to them they sound clean and open, the bass is good and they are very enjoyable to listen to. I've done a couple of hours listening to the HP-3's and I directly compared 3 songs with the HP-3's and Sennheiser HD650 listening to each song twice once on one headphone and then the other I listened to these three songs on each headphone. Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon)- On the Run Simon & Garfunkel (The Bridge School Concerts, Vol. 1) - America Tom Petty (The Bridge School Concerts, Vol. 1) - Shadow of a Doubt(A Complex Kid) Both headphones sound great and both are very nice headphones, but the HP-3's came out the best, my favorite to listen to each time. The HP-3's seem to sound less like headphones with a little more openness and with a little more live music sound to them. The HD650's are a little more dull. The HP-3's are far more efficient and easier to drive with the HP-3's rated at 25 Ohms and the HD650's at 300 Ohms. All listening was done using my HTPC through JRiver - MHDT Stockholm balanced NOS tube DAC - Little Dot MKIII tube headphone amp Both are comfortable, I prefer the soft lamb skin leather of the HP-3 ear pads over the HD650's soft velour both for style and comfort. I prefer the cool touch of the leather to the warmth of the velour. The HP-3 is heavier than the HD650 specs show the HD650 as 9.2 oz and the HP-3 as 15.5 oz The quality of the HP-3's build shows and stands out with its real wood, leather and metal construction it is a very beautiful design. The HP-3's storage case is very nice and well constructed. It is a small wooden suitcase with one clear plexiglass side. the top panel with its suit case like handle slides OFF to reveal two nice drawers, one drawer holds the headphones well protected in a thick soft rubber fitted surround and the other drawer holds the included metal headphone stand, cables and authenticity papers. The HP-3 comes with two very nice cables one about 4 ft and one is about 8 ft. Otherwise the cables are identical and feature nice twisted cable construction with a nice soft cloth like sleeving up to the Y, with two 3.5mm jacks into the headphones and a 1/4" headphone jack which pulls off to reveal a hidden 3.5mm jack as well so the cables will work with either 3.5mm or 1/4" jacks. Overall the Klipsch Heritage headphones are very nice, a beautiful well designed crafted quality, all wood, leather and metal construction that are comfortable to wear and sound excellent. Storage case Included stand Beautiful wood Leather at top of band is cowhide, below band and on ear pads is very soft lamb skin leather. A 3.5mm plug is hidden inside of 1/4" plug on both included cables Ear pads remove, they are located on pins and strong magnets.
  13. Heritage HP-3's

    UPS delivered the headphones today huge box very well packaged and protected. The storage box is very nice, heavy wood, two drawers one for the headphones and one for the included stand, very nice cables (2 included one long one short) and paperwork etc. The headphones look excellent in person, well made and very high quality that stands out. The headphones themselves are light and comfortable to wear. I have only done a little listening so far and they sound very good. These aren't my pics but are completely accurate, I may add my own photos later.
  14. Heritage HP-3's

    Yep I have been wanting these since I first saw them being introduced early this year. Here's a link with some more info on them Link I currently have Sennheiser hd650 headphones and power them with a Little Dot MKIII headphone amp so this will be my comparison. They will be coming UPS on Friday and I am really looking forward to listening to them.