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    -- RF-5 fronts

    -- RC-7 center

    -- RS-7 side surrounds

    -- RS-7 rear surrounds

    -- RT-10d and Velodyne Digital Drive PLUS 10 Subs

    -- Emotiva XMC-1 home theater processor

    -- Emotiva XSP-1 stereo preamp

    -- Emotiva XPA-2 & XPA-5 amps

    -- MHDT Havana NOS tube DAC

    -- MHDT Balanced Stockholm NOS Tube DAC

    -- Panasonic TH-50PH9UK plasma display

    -- HTPC 4-tuner DVR, Blu-ray and Digital Music Server (Windows 7 based)

    -- Oppo UDP-203 Blu-Ray Player

    -- Pure AV PF60 power conditioner

    -- 2 URC MX-990 remotes with an MRF 350 IR/RF base station

    -- Blumoo and Unified Remote control by smart phone

    -- Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard

    -- Kensington SlimBlade Media Mouse

    -- Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones with Little Dot MK III Headphone Tube Amplifier

    -- Insteon Home Automation Lighting
  1. I definitely prefer the RF-7 II looks in every way.
  2. First Sanus rack

    Glad you found a nice original PF-60, it should make a nice addition to your new rack.
  3. First Sanus rack

    Here is a picture of one of the really stripped down bad versions of the PF60 Notice on the front it only has 2 buttons in the middle rather than the normal 3. Then on back it only has 4 isolated banks Instead of 6, two of the banks group 4 outlets together rather than all banks being separated in pairs, this is a big downgrade. Also the bank control has been removed you can no longer control which banks are switched OFF/ON or always ON or control delay etc., this is also why the front only has two buttons on front. on this one. These are really downgraded and I'd never buy one of these. BTW this picture is from one listed on ebay for $1,037.60 used and the same seller lists them at $1,228.88 new.
  4. First Sanus rack

    I have seen prices from around $150 to $300 for used ones lately. Depending on the condition and which version I think $300 could be fair although a bit high. An early version in excellent condition would be worth it but if you spend some time to shop around you may find a better deal. I see someone is selling some of the late versions which are really not anywhere near as good at around $1,200 new, the older versions are far better than these ones. I'd say be sure to buy one with the PUREIAV stamped in large letters on the top as these were all very good, There were some good ones which did not have the stamped top but there also were a lot of really down graded ones. Personally I prefer the good PF-60's over any Furman or Panamax so if I had to I'd pay $300 for a good PF-60. Here's a picture of the back of the best PF-60 I'd be sure to have the 6 isolated banks and the bank control switches most PF-60's have these. The six isolated banks are six pairs of outlets on separate filter systems completely isolated from one another, this is a very good feature. To the right of the outlets at the top are two rows of bank control switches another top feature left off on some later models. I would not buy a PF-60 that did not have these features. See the PUREIAV stamped into the top the better ones will have this. But also notice this one is lacking phone and network input/outputs which the one above has.
  5. First Sanus rack

    I didn't realize the Emotiva XPA-1L 's got that hot, my XPA-2 and XPA-5 stay fairly cool so. I would had thought your processor/pre-amp's would have been the system hot spots. Definitely the C-12 's should be above the hottest components and I think probably one at the very top to get the rising heat. You would know your systems heat better than anyone else to be the best judge. I'd think the 3 C-12 's would be sufficient and maybe just vented rack spacers could be used between some components unless you feel you really want more cooling. Personally I love my Belkin PF-60 and I couldn't be happier with it, after lots of comparing it's my favorite. The earlier PF-60's models were the best, Belkin changed them several times over the years they were made getting a little cheaper with each revamp. While no longer made you can still sometimes find them used at a good price. The best PF-60's had a massive power cord about .570" diameter and 12 gauge wire, with 4 pairs of coax input/outputs and these had Ethernet and phone jacks, these came with rack mounts. PUREIAV was stamped in large letters on the top. Next best PF-60's still had PUREIAV stamped on top with 3 pairs of coax input/outputs, they had Ethernet but no longer had phone jacks and a smaller 14 gauge power cord about .475" diameter, also they no longer came supplied with rack mounts. In later models they stopped having PUREIAV stamped on top and started losing many good features as well, with some no longer having six isolated banks and also having less bank controls.
  6. First Sanus rack

    Looking at your equipment I'd recommend something like this. From top down C-12 exhaust fans Samsung BDP 6500 Emotiva ERC-2 C-12 exhaust fans Emotiva UPA-500 C-12 exhaust fans Emotiva BasX TA-100 rack spacer Emotiva XPA-1L Emotiva XPA-1L Power conditioner or what everything will plug into Wiring use one side of rack just for power cables, use the other side of rack just for interconnects, speaker cables up the middle, any low voltage IR or trigger cables can go up either side and very short connections do not necessarily need to go to a side. Keep cables to these three groups power, speaker and interconnects and do not allow wires from different groups to contact one another.
  7. AVR Cooling

    OK so I picked up an AC Infinity AIRCOM T8 from Amazon, it was delivered last Friday. Nice unit it looks good and works well. It's on top of my XMC-1 and cools it quite a bit, when in use it runs cooler than it did previously in standby in a fully open rack. Lots of control as to how it will run and control the fans and 3 LED brightness modes as well as completely OFF no LED. It's very quiet in use. I am very happy with it. One other nice thing is the AC Infinity AIRCOM T8 can control additional AC Infinity fans that can be mounted to a cabinet. I plan to add an AC Infinity AIRPLATE S3 fan to the side of my rack cabinet which is open back but enclosed sides with a glass door. My equipment has never had any cooling problems but running cooler is a definite plus. Here's a pic of the AC Infinity AIRCOM T8 Here's a pic of the AC Infinity AIRPLATE S3, the AC Infinity AIRCOM T8 will connect to it by USB cable to both power and control it. It has a nice thick brushed aluminum finish. Available in 80mm and 120mm fan sizes, single, dual and triple fans
  8. AVR Cooling

    Speaking of which have you seen this....
  9. AVR Cooling

    They do have several different models available to choose from, some that have rear exhaust fans and no top fans. The one thing they do not have that would be nice is a 3.5mm trigger to turn the unit ON.
  10. Any divers here?

    On a related note Jack O'Neill who pioneered the wet suit just died today he was 94. He was a surfing icon and he created the first neoprene wetsuit in the 50's. O'Neill becoming a huge product brand of wet suits and other water toy and surfing products. RIP
  11. Any divers here?

    I started diving with my next door neighbors as a kid when I was in 4th grade got certified and then took some advanced classes for a senior certification. But stopped in high school when they moved away, their son was my best friend and dive buddy. Usually we dove from a large chartered dive boat to Catalina Island excellent conditions, but also a few times off the coast of California murky and not much to see, that was for the advanced class dives and a few times off the coast of Mexico which was OK but nothing like Catalina. I never got another dive buddy so I never dove again after that.
  12. FS: Onkyo PR-SC885 HT Processor ***SOLD***

    Basically it's now sold to a forum member here, but sale is pending as a check is in the mail. Thanks
  13. FS: Onkyo PR-SC885 HT Processor ***SOLD***

    Using a Blu-ray player like the Oppo it can be used for 4K by using the Oppo's (maybe others) two HDMI outputs, one goes to audio and one goes to the 4k display allowing older non 4K processors/receivers to be used. I purchased the XMC-1 mostly to update for 4K before knowing this, The XMC-1 (currently at $2,499 though I paid $1,999 for mine on sale) was really only a very slight upgrade in my opinion. This Onkyo is completely top notch for HT and this is where it absolutely shines. It is very good for music as well but HT is where it is at its very best.
  14. FS: Onkyo PR-SC885 HT Processor ***SOLD***

    Not sold yet, excellent processor, will top nearly any AVR.
  15. OPPO UDP-203 For Sale

    Nothing a good remote wouldn't fix. With a good universal remote you can turn ON and switch all inputs to anything and everything for whatever it is you wish to do with one push of a button. Not to mention get rid of remote clutter as well. I'm loving my new Oppo 203, an excellent player. I'd a probably sold the family