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    -- RF-5 fronts

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    -- RS-7 side surrounds

    -- RS-7 rear surrounds

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    -- Emotiva XMC-1 home theater processor

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    -- Emotiva XPA-2 & XPA-5 amps

    -- MHDT Havana NOS tube DAC

    -- MHDT Balanced Stockholm NOS Tube DAC

    -- Panasonic TH-50PH9UK plasma display

    -- HTPC 4-tuner DVR, Blu-ray and Digital Music Server (Windows 7 based)

    -- Oppo UDP-203 Blu-Ray Player

    -- Pure AV PF60 power conditioner

    -- 2 URC MX-990 remotes with an MRF 350 IR/RF base station

    -- Blumoo and Unified Remote control by smart phone

    -- Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard

    -- Kensington SlimBlade Media Mouse

    -- Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones with Little Dot MK III Headphone Tube Amplifier

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  1. Basically it's now sold to a forum member here, but sale is pending as a check is in the mail. Thanks
  2. Using a Blu-ray player like the Oppo it can be used for 4K by using the Oppo's (maybe others) two HDMI outputs, one goes to audio and one goes to the 4k display allowing older non 4K processors/receivers to be used. I purchased the XMC-1 mostly to update for 4K before knowing this, The XMC-1 (currently at $2,499 though I paid $1,999 for mine on sale) was really only a very slight upgrade in my opinion. This Onkyo is completely top notch for HT and this is where it absolutely shines. It is very good for music as well but HT is where it is at its very best.
  3. Not sold yet, excellent processor, will top nearly any AVR.
  4. Nothing a good remote wouldn't fix. With a good universal remote you can turn ON and switch all inputs to anything and everything for whatever it is you wish to do with one push of a button. Not to mention get rid of remote clutter as well. I'm loving my new Oppo 203, an excellent player. I'd a probably sold the family
  5. Bueller ?
  6. ************ Price Lowered ************
  7. Bump still available
  8. The RF-5's are perfect with the RC-7 and make an excellent front stage for HT. I have had my RF-5's a long time I love em. If you are looking for surrounds I have a pair of mint like new RS-3's I am selling, they are great surrounds with the RF-5's.
  9. This is still available. I will reduce the price to $500 shipped. It is an excellent processor.
  10. PM replied
  11. SOLD For sale like new Oppo BDP-103, $300.00 + $25.00 shipping (continental US) This is a beautiful mint completely like new Oppo 103 with all accessories like new (many of the accessories are new). In original box and packaging just as new and then double boxed for extra protection. Works and looks like completely new. Includes: Oppo BDP-103 Remote with batteries Power cable HDMI cable USB Wireless-N Adapter USB Extension Cable Oppo carry bag User Manual In completely like new condition Thanks for looking Rich
  12. Still available, this is a very beautiful pair of RS-3's