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    -- RF-5 fronts

    -- RC-7 center

    -- RS-7 side surrounds

    -- RS-7 rear surrounds

    -- RT-10d and Velodyne Digital Drive PLUS 10 Subs

    -- Emotiva XMC-1 home theater processor

    -- PS Audio BHK Signature stereo preamp

    -- Emotiva XPA-2 and XPA-5 amps

    -- MHDT Havana NOS tube DAC

    -- MHDT Balanced Stockholm NOS Tube DAC

    -- Panasonic TH-50PH9UK plasma display

    -- HTPC 4-tuner DVR, Blu-ray and Digital Music Server (Windows 7 based)

    -- Oppo UDP-203 Blu-Ray Player

    -- 2 Pure AV PF60 power conditioners

    -- 2 URC MX-990 remotes with 2 MRF 350 IR/RF base stations

    -- Logitech K600 TV Keyboard

    -- Kensington SlimBlade Media Mouse

    -- Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones

    -- 2 AC Infinity AIRCOM T8 cooling fan systems

    -- Insteon Home Automation Lighting

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  1. I've had a few interested replies on these but still no buyer, it's an excellent preamp.
  2. ***********************************SOLD*************************************** For sale XSP-1 Gen 2 excellent condition, remote and power cable, will ship double boxed in original Emotiva boxes and packaging. The XSP-1 Gen 2 is an excellent great sounding 2 channel all analog preamp with HT bypass. The HT bypass makes it an excellent 2 channel musical upgrade to an existing home theater system or just use as a stand alone 2 channel system. $650.00 plus actual shipping cost or local pickup in Orange county California.
  3. Thanks guys, also the XSP-1 has a feature I really like the "HT BYPASS" so you can easily add the all analog stereo preamp to a home theater system for a nicer stereo music system combined with you home theater system. It's a great way to improve the music quality and to either add a nice DAC or turn table. BTW I love the XSP-1 and it sounds amazing in my system, I am only selling this as I had an opportunity to buy an XSP-1 gen 2 and did.
  4. No Longer Available Very mint condition XSP-1 gen 1 for sale. This is about as close to new as they come. Comes with a never used remote, the remote was only used to program my URC remote but otherwise it has never been used, power cord, manual and it will ship in the original double boxed packaging. Beautiful condition it has always worked and performed flawlessly. Has been very well kept and cared for in a child free, pet free, non smoking home. This unit is very much like new. $600.00 shipped (continental USA) See below links for more & larger images Large image link 1 Large image link 2 Large image link 3 Large image link 4 Large image link 5 Large image link 6 Double boxed, ready to tape up and ship
  5. Definitely not an RF-5.
  6. You are looking at the wrong ad, the link changed and now shows RF-3 cabinet without speakers, the original is a complete speaker and is definitely an RF-7 and not an RF-3 easy to tell from the pic by looking at the horn. Here is the new link https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-of-Klipsch-RF-3-Main-Stereo-Speakers/323697923485?epid=69608569&hash=item4b5de6559d:g:RfwAAOSwfeZcX2y-:rk:1:pf:0
  7. For music my MHDT NOS tube DAC was one of my favorite things I've ever added to my system, such an awesome musical sound. I now own two, an MHDT Havana and an MHDT balanced Stockholm both sound so sweet, detailed and musical. I've done a little tube rolling to refine their sound. Here they are This is the balanced MHDT Stockholm Here is the MHDT Havana
  8. Let me add this is not far from where I live and this is an area that prices are always higher than most. We never get the deals you see elsewhere and Klipsch speakers are always selling at their highest prices plus around here, bargains are pretty much non existent. The last RSW-15 I saw listed in Craig's List near me was for $1,200 and did not have a grill.
  9. I live in Southern California, used Klipsch speakers are almost always priced at the high here, we rarely get the deals I see elsewhere.
  10. No cause of death has been stated. Unfortunately I know he had just recently within maybe a week or so had been taken into custody for his own protection as he was intoxicated and suicidal, this seems very close timing so suicide may be the cause, nothing has been said.
  11. Verne Troyer, Mini Me of Austin Powers has passed away at 49 RIP
  12. Harry Anderson comedian, magician and best known as the star of Night Court has passed away at 65. RIP Harry
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