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  1. Im interested if you can get me a price shipped to 29544
  2. Bryan

    RF5 and RC3 II

    Im interested in the rc3. Would you ship it?
  3. If thats your budget per speaker then you really do need to look at the diy stuff
  4. Also prewire for any speakers you could want in the future (atmos). Trust me you will go that way sooner than you think. If you have the room and funds try to set up for a full size center. I love klipsch to but if i could do anything diffrent i would go with diy sound group 1099 or 1299 for theater.
  5. Id by them if i could get somone to pick them up and hold onto them tull i could come get them
  6. I messaged and they said its a pair
  7. Plus he has an rc-7 for sale to rf-3 use a smaller horn that has a diffrent bolt arrangement
  8. The pictures are of rf-7 the tweeter gives it away only the 1.75 has the screen
  9. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323688160301 appears to be anyway. Its not my listing i just figured it mite be a good deal for someone in that area
  10. What would they cost to ship to 29544. I really only need just the parts not the cabinets
  11. Bryan

    Klipsch grilles

    Yep i got a few
  12. Bryan

    Klipsch grilles

    Im going to pick up a pair of rf-7s this weekend and can give you a response once i have them in hand
  13. Bryan

    Klipsch grilles

    South carolina
  14. Any interest in some me and a friend of mine are makeing some for some of the older klipsch refrence line that had breaking problems. They will be cnc mdf with black fabric. rc-7,rb-5, and such
  15. Yea i redid the cabs and rewired them. They work quite well. They dig to around 17hz and up to at least 120+. And dont require as much power as i have on tap to feed them
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