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  1. Bryan

    Klipsch RS-7 Pair $250

    What would they cost to ship to 29544. I really only need just the parts not the cabinets
  2. Bryan

    Klipsch grilles

    Yep i got a few
  3. Bryan

    Klipsch grilles

    Im going to pick up a pair of rf-7s this weekend and can give you a response once i have them in hand
  4. Bryan

    Klipsch grilles

    South carolina
  5. Bryan

    Klipsch grilles

    Any interest in some me and a friend of mine are makeing some for some of the older klipsch refrence line that had breaking problems. They will be cnc mdf with black fabric. rc-7,rb-5, and such
  6. Bryan

    Tuba HT Subs, Matching SOLD TO BRYAN

    Yea i redid the cabs and rewired them. They work quite well. They dig to around 17hz and up to at least 120+. And dont require as much power as i have on tap to feed them
  7. Bryan

    KLF CENTER from KLF20 Components

    O ok thought you mite be in sc
  8. Bryan

    Tuba HT Subs, Matching SOLD TO BRYAN

    Ive already purchased these
  9. Bryan

    KLF CENTER from KLF20 Components

    Where are you located
  10. Bryan

    Tuba HT Subs, Matching SOLD TO BRYAN

    Im onterested im rite out of myrtle beach sc ill send you a pm
  11. Bryan

    Good neutral sound external amp for HT?

    For 600 you could get an outlaw 5000 and save the rest for upgrades later
  12. What color are they theres no side shots
  13. Just make sure none of the wires that are touching the transformer are frayed
  14. The ground i would think goes under one of the screw holes when you put the plate back in the box or the bolt rite behind it in the picture so that the transformer has a ground since its on rubber isolaters. The rubber isolaters you can get off of mcmastercar. Just measure there length and bolt size.
  15. Bryan

    dolby atmos

    Not being a smart a. When you find one not from tiawan tell me to ive been looking. They go for stupid prices on ebay