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  1. Yeah they came in Walnut.
  2. T2K

    Matching Speakers for KV-2?

    First, welcome. How much do you want to spend? You should state your location. Members will help you find what you want near you. Do you have room for large speakers or do you need small bookshelf speakers. The KV-2 will work with most any KG Series speakers. Keith
  3. T2K

    Khorn False Corners Free ( GONE )

    Price seems wayyy too low. Have the crossovers been upgraded or drivers replaced? Are the tubes NOS and have they been tested? Most other people giving away free false corners (not that anyone has given any away in the 17 years I've been here) with the deluxe custom veneer would price them differently. This reminds of the way members use to treat each other around here. Something sounds fishy. Real fishy. Keith
  4. You seem to have a lot of opinion but little interest in sellers items lately. You should decide if you're interested in buying an item and if not just move on. Keith
  5. Sounds like COLLUSION to me. Keith
  6. Years ago I carried packages to ship to that Fedx location. The last time, 10 years ago or longer, I carried 2 tube amps there to ship. One going east of here and the other way up to the northeast. The gal there printed 2 labels and affixed the labels to the two boxes. A few days later I found out she had swapped the labels/boxes. I got one back and they lost the other. I raised me some heck with them. A couple of weeks later I was leaving home for work around 10:30 PM. About a half block away a Fedx truck comes speeding by. I stopped and, looking in my sideview mirror, saw that the Fedx truck had stopped in front of my house. I turned around and pulled up in front of my house and got out. The driver was walking back to the truck and I asked him why he was delivering so late at night. He said they were really busy and jumped in the truck. I haven't been back.
  7. I vaguely remember ordering something online and my receipt showing an expected delivery date, which was about a week. They held he package about 3 days and delivered on the expected delivery date. I would call them over at the facility in Irondale and see if you could pick it up. Good luck. Keith
  8. T2K

    Not just another 3 day weekend

    This is worth the time spent watching...
  9. T2K

    Thinkers and Malcontents

    Illusory Truth Effect
  10. T2K

    1988 Klipschorns (signed set)

    Is there really a need for smart a$$ comments? Keith
  11. Yeah, we've got our own royal scammers to think about. Good idea. If nothing else the B2 threat may bring another $500 million to fund our scammers interests.
  12. T2K

    your favorite toilet paper ???

    This thread has run off topic. I'm going to flag it.
  13. T2K

    your favorite toilet paper ???

    Speaking of intelligence, the thread was not meant to be about the product mentioned, but my illustration of exactly what you stated. "Since it's virtually impossible to have a conversation around current events or personalities" Of course, you caught that. Keith
  14. Although this subject could currently be considered political, it' snot. I did use pine cones I would gather in the woods or corn cobs that I gathered in the local corn fields until I noticed a poop-up add while updating my opinion on the buttfacebuk app. At first I squeezed and grimaced and thought 'just another advertisement' until I thought 'well, bears do s**t in the woods' so there must be some truth to the claims of the product. I do believe that more goes into every roll and It does eliminate that wasteful wadding.
  15. T2K

    Must see documentary

    Worry more about your drinking water.