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  1. T2K

    More Gender Angst

    I don't know but I do know that I like ***** a less now than I did a minute ago. Keith
  2. T2K

    More Gender Angst

    There's all kinds of crossovers. Country music for example and umm umm umm .....
  3. T2K

    More Gender Angst

    They are special Jeff. They control 100% of the ***** in this Country. That should be distributed more equally amongst us men. Keith
  4. T2K

    What I Got Today!

    I'm thinking about moving to Texas.
  5. T2K

    Anonymity vs Privacy vs Security

    That's the cost of the Supplement alone. I have cancer. First in my chest. Then a hip. Now brain stem. Chemo/radiation eliminated the first two. In follow up scans along the way the cancer came back. I've had it all now, it appears. During these 2 1/2 years the treatments were every 2 -3 weeks. The cost for each of those treatments ranged from $21,000 to $14,000, per visit. Original Medicare covers 80%, you pay the rest. The supplement (private insurance) I have costs $202 per month and pays the remainder, including the Medicare deductible. You do the math. I tell you this to inform you of the things that should be of importance to you, in your life. Not for sympathy, I don't need it. Those things you posted above are banned on this Klipsch forum. This thread could be blocked or eliminated completely. You could even be banned if you continue along that vein. That's the Rules here now. Those things you spoke of are insignificant. Those things will soon disappear like Harvest Gold appliances. The things you should be concerned about are things that will affect your own life, like pensions (disappearing), SS and Medicare. Those things will directly affect your ability to live. Even the best speakers are unimportant when you are dead. I don't know you. You may be set for life. But even if you are you will still pay for those that are not. This Great Country that you spoke of will never allow that. There's a massive cluster coming in the future. Pay closer attention to those Reps that have the ability to effect your own life. Let the chaff fall where it may. Good luck to you in your life. You can't control your life but you can guide the direction of it. We all reap later in life as we have sewn earlier. I sick of seeing people suffer. Keith
  6. T2K

    Klipsch KPT-456 SOLD

    Haven't been following the thread since early on and just finally listened to the video (afraid to before). Excellent. Enjoyed the video even on my laptop. Thanks for that. I've paid more for cowboy boots than that. If not for health issues I would have bought these early on. No s**t. Congrats Mopardamo. Keith
  7. T2K

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Those pictures were from late summer 2016, the last time I made it down that way. West PC. Keith
  8. T2K

    Klipsch Epic CF-4 series 1 for sale!

    That old 'one bad apple' thing applies here. Let it go, both of you. Lots of nice dudes here. And they know stuff. Keith
  9. T2K

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Too bad about Mexico Beach, it was a nice area.
  10. T2K

    Show us your great photography thread!

    We used to go there when I was in my teens. Much has changed since then in PC. My favorite place to stay there is a house on FB Road across the street from the beach. Built around 1951 and quaint. Several years ago my cardiologist asked me what we did for fun. I told him the longer more detailed story of my favorite time away down there and he asked me what exactly what we did there. I told him we relaxed. Told him we lay around on the beach hydrating and then go eat seafood. I said that it was the purist form of relaxation that I knew of. I told him he should go with us sometime. He gave me his cell number. I must have been convincing. Take the time friend. The other comment was to yank oldtimers chain. He loves it. Keith
  11. T2K

    Anonymity vs Privacy vs Security

    The age definition is broad so generally everyone will just refer to the person as oldtimer (pictured above). Keith
  12. Oh yeah, various sizes perfect for spike replacement/isolation. Keith
  13. I wish I could give you a link to that item but I deleted it some time back. Pretty easy to find online. Start with a search of a large hardware supplier like McMaster Carr. Good luck. https://www.mcmaster.com/threaded-feet Keith
  14. T2K

    Anonymity vs Privacy vs Security

    Show a little respect for the old guy please. His mind wanders at times.
  15. T2K

    Anonymity vs Privacy vs Security

    There are many tribulations in life. Remain calm and stay positive. Keith