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  1. T2K

    Setup Questions

    Hey Brenda. Welcome. LowFrequencyEffects. Yes. Someone will be along directly to answer your questions. Keith EDIT: I knew it!
  2. I see some sensitivity I wouldn't mind testing.....
  3. T2K

    Should I Buy an Amp For My New System?

    I've never heard your particular speakers before but I think you would easily hear an audible difference using a separate amp with them. If nothing else it should lengthen the life of your receiver. I'm not into arguing this stuff any more but anyone that couldn't hear the difference probably didn't use a Yamaha receiver with their Klipsch speakers 30 years ago. Do your homework and beware of sellers. Find an amp that will compliment your speakers and try it for yourself. You should easily be able to find a used 3-channel amp for $150-$200. Good luck to you. Keith
  4. T2K

    Should I Buy an Amp For My New System?

    110 watts per channel 2 channels driven 9 channels of amplification. Heat, enemy of electronics. See if you can find someone that has a 3-channel or 5-channel amp that you can borrow. But that's just my opinion. Keith
  5. T2K

    Should I Buy an Amp For My New System?

    If you would add in your profile where on earth you are located it would probably be beneficial to you. Keith
  6. T2K

    College football 2018

    It's good that you're happy to be an also-ran. Keith
  7. T2K

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    The 'Witch Hunt' defense. Brilliant !
  8. T2K

    Facebook on PBS Frontline

    § 114.2
  9. Did Dave ever get a TV. Maybe I missed something. Keith
  10. T2K

    Facebook on PBS Frontline

    I don't remember any proven damage done by the 2 agents. They were fired as they should have been. As I've said many times, my opinion is in the middle of the 2 extreme 'sides' we have nowadays. Keith
  11. T2K

    Facebook on PBS Frontline

    Just to hit it lightly so as not to waste much of my precious time. First, you just can't get it. I have no 'side'. It ain't me against you. If you feel that way then all is lost in your case. $hit smells the same whether it's on your shoe or mine. It's a non-partisan aroma. I didn't listen to the video. I saw Curt's son and dismissed it. Like using a convicted drug dealer for your primary defense witness. Weak. Remember Benghazi. He spent years investigating. His words after years of investigating were "U.S. troops would have been unable to reach four Americans killed at the American consulate in Libya in time to save lives" and “Whether or not they could have gotten there in time, I don’t think there is any issue with respect to that — they couldn’t.” Exactly the same findings that were known over 2 years earlier. Even the R's called his investigation a "carnival road show". He's a clown (my words). Kevin McCarthy boasted that the probe had succeeded in bringing down the D's presidential polling numbers. Then, back to Curt's boy “The goal is to win — that’s the goal. The goal is to win" and also “I don’t have a lot to show for the last seven years. “You won’t see me running for political office again, I’m done.” Well thank goodness for that. Oldtimer pretty much encapsulated my thoughts. Curt's son has done nothing for his constituents except to erode confidence in the system which, your words, threatens our democracy. But he's not alone, even on "MY SIDE". That's why I'm anti-incumbent. As to your video above, that was handled. Expeditiously. Try to find more credible primary sources. Keith
  12. T2K

    Huawei's CFO arrested in Canada. Thoughts?

    Thanks. There's a lot to the story. The smart a$$ insurance woman's comment pi$$ed me off, not even considering my wife's injuries. Back to the scene. The kids Mama arrived and immediately asked what my wife had done to her son. My wife said the officer jumped on mama's a$$. The car was $600 from totaled. They wanted to repair it because it was pristine with very low mileage. After the insurance woman's smart comment I told her all I wanted was a cream puff Honda with very few miles that no one except my wife had ever driven. Exactly what we owned and had paid for prior to her clients skipping school and running a stop sign and crashing into my wife. She said that was not possible. Later I drove to the Honda dealership and asked if my wrecked car would be less valuable after repaired. He said of course. I asked him to estimate the loss in value. He said $1000 dollars. I asked if he would put that on paper with dealership letterhead. He did. I mailed the letter to the insurance company and they mailed me a check for $1000 as fast as lightening. We are responsible for our negligence while driving. I don't know what the answer is but the actions of a few are a burden for the many. Keith
  13. T2K

    Huawei's CFO arrested in Canada. Thoughts?

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. She still suffers from the first accident in the early 90's. I spoke with the insurance company for the speeding kid of wealthy parents and they were a-holes. They furnished a rental car for one week. They accused me of money grubbing(for lack of a better phrase). The next time they phoned our home I told them to never call my home again and if they did try to contact us I would consider their call harassment and would seek satisfaction. Saw an attorney and told him my primary concern was to harass the insurance company for as long as possible, understanding that his firm had to pay the bills. We settled 2 years later, for a pittance. I don't know what the answer is. I do know the duds screw things up for the dids. Keith