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  1. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Now the guy denies that he said that the ALERT was Big and Beautiful. He said that the attribution was FAKE NEWS and he then mentioned something about a Pink Floyd song. Something about 'The Wall'.
  2. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Some people are saying that it was the biggest and most beautiful ALERT in the history of this country. I heard that from a guy that said he knows more about ALERTS than anyone.
  3. WMcD

    Noticed your avatar and remember the picture. Was that picture from the original initial Klipsch fan gathering and if so do you remember what year? Thanks. Keith
  4. AV Receiver Recommendation

    I would never buy any receiver that did not have pre-outs. Add an amplifier and it should last many years. In my case, a Denon 3801 and Acurus amp, 16 years.
  5. Electron trouble

    I'm no expert but I believe you have a loose wire.
  6. Upgrading KSF-8.5 system for Atmos

    If you're happy with the speakers that you have now then I would simply buy a couple of pair of KSF-S5's and forget the atmos stuff. With the saving you could buy a better sub and invest the rest in a mutual fund. Keith
  7. This is it Guys

    I know that you think that it's going to be great but retirement will be better than you can imagine. If everyone had an inkling of just how good retirement really was then they would take better care of themselves so that they could enjoy the orgasmic feeling that retirement gives. Good luck to you oldred. Keith
  8. NCAAF

    Alabama has been plagued all year by their underperforming starting quarterback. That was magnified in the National Championship game tonight. Thank goodness someone wised up in the second half. No offense, no points (see first half). The backup quarterback won the National Championship for Alabama tonight, along with their defense.
  9. NCAAF

    And Clemson was the number one team and Alabama should not have been in the final four and...and...and...
  10. NCAAF

    The first word brought this old thought to mind: If frogs had wheels, they wouldn't bump their butts, and If a toady frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ***. Rur. It is useless to wish for impossible things.
  11. Dissapointment

    If people would add their location to their profile members here could help them find what they're looking for.
  12. NCAAF

    Just yankin' some chains. It's just a game. I don't study it too much, just watch a few games and forget about it.
  13. NCAAF

    We get bored occasionally but mostly we do the boring. Especially those college teams from places like Texas, Michigan and other bend over states.
  14. Help with wall mounting KG 2.5

    I just noticed your location. Shipping would probably run several thousand dollars (US).