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  1. T2K

    Anyone use induction cooktop? Thoughts?

    My wife has used this stuff on a glass cooktop for at least 5 years and the cooktop looks brand new.
  2. T2K

    I've Decided to Name My Johnson...

    Welcome to the new member! Keith
  3. T2K

    Happy birthday Eldon!

    ... well you've still got that 65th birthday to look forward to when you will receive hundreds of birthday well wishes disguised as offers to buy Medicare Advantage plans. They make good fire starter material. Happy belated Birthday old man! Keith
  4. T2K

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Apparently you didn't watch the video. I can't re-watch it now so I'll have to rely on memory. The inclusion of the mocking of a cable news network personality and later the 'FAKE NEWS' signage in the background was what I objected to. I recognized it for what it was, a further subliminal erosion of a free press. Which is vital to our democracy. In what way you ask? Take the election of 2016. Please. Maybe you're not as observant as I am. Anyway, what did those aforementioned items have to do with the trumped-up on scene shots that the weather channel has done for years? And why were they included in the video? Subliminal Perception. When peoples' thoughts, feelings and actions are influenced by stimuli without awareness. When perception about a product is more powerful than the awareness about that product. ... It occurs even when the stimulus is very weak but still can influence people. Keith
  5. T2K

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Your post IS political in nature Dave and you should delete it or I will squeal to a Moderator, an action you are famous for. I am politically offended by it. Keith
  6. T2K

    An Aspirin a Day might not be Okay

    Most men take better car of their cars, or speakers, than themselves.
  7. T2K

    An Aspirin a Day might not be Okay

    Men generally are stupid.
  8. T2K

    College football 2018

    I miss the old days too. Big games. Big grins and big disappointments. Unlike the Tide game tonight. They played everyone on the bench. When they put in 2 cheerleaders and a tuba player I changed channels.
  9. T2K

    College football 2018

    Yes, I noticed that. The glory days of the past at Ohio State are apparently over with. I wish the Tide played them next week. The Horned Frogs are giving gave the game away.
  10. T2K

    College football 2018

    I thought that Ohio State team won a National Championship back there many many years ago. Surely Shirley this ain't the same school. Keith
  11. T2K

    College football 2018

    I've been flipping over to the TCU/Ohio A&M game several times between Alabama touchdowns (which allowed for a lot of flipping) and wondered how Ohio A&M got ranked #4. TCU appears to be giving Ohio A&M a run for the money, being ranked so low. Alabama 49 Ole Miss 7 at the half btw. Keith
  12. T2K

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    2 in 315,000,000. I don't own a cell phone either. Cell phones are so passé. Chuck, like myself, probably has moved on to more cutting edge technology. Look into the future below.
  13. T2K

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    I know insurance companies are insured. The one I know of is insured above $300,000,000. Keith
  14. T2K

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    I was out for lunch about an hour or so ago. When I got in the car to leave I noticed a power company truck headed north on I-59 so I started counting. I counted 22 big power company trucks with a big blue stripe with the name PIKE. I don't know how many I missed before I got in the car but the 22 were pretty impressive. Good luck to all you Carolinians! Keith
  15. T2K

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." Winston Churchill