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  1. @ Members / Posters You Miss

    "I can't remember his name, but he ran a nudist colony out in California, then was rumored to have gotten in trouble. Now I remember EdHorn or HornEd, something like that." You talking about this crook guy? http://www.sanjoseinside.com/2015/07/09/bad-nudes-bared-lupin-lodges-idyllic-clothing-free-lifestyle-unravels-in-alarming-fashion/
  2. Maybe I'm a little confused too. Nevertheless, think of the speakers as any other pair of speakers that have only one pair of speaker binding posts. If you have all 3 pairs of speaker binding posts jumpered together on the 400's, then that's basically what you have. For LFE, you need to run an RCA/subwoofer cable from your receiver sub out to the LFE inputs on the speakers. The LFE effects will play much louder than the bass, as your manual states. How long have you played the speakers since your amps were worked on?
  3. Missing Threads?

    Get with it man. This is the new softer, less testicular generation.
  4. Missing Threads?

  5. Missing Threads?

  6. Missing Threads?

    I didn't see the offending photos either but I'm still offended that others did. Keith
  7. 9/11

    Historic day. Bad memories, good memories. It was also 4 years ago today that I decided, while at work, that I would never work another day in my life.
  8. Missing Threads?

    I never read or posted in either thread and had no interest in either but I think both should be permanently relegated with prejudice to the scrap heap of history. I base my opinion on theory several others here are sure to be in agreement with, "It's All About Me". Keith
  9. So Long BS Forum

    I think they call that a vacuum pump Kemosabe. That' what Carl told me anyway.
  10. this robbery stuff is getting dangerous

    Yeah, most companies are primarily worried about the safety of their employees. Employees should comply and let robbers force you into the back room where they can shoot you in the head.
  11. So Long BS Forum

    I was going to respond but I changed my mind.
  12. Quote of the day

    huh ?
  13. this robbery stuff is getting dangerous

    would you like a little guacamole with that...
  14. this robbery stuff is getting dangerous

    bam bam bam bam bam... bam
  15. this robbery stuff is getting dangerous

    don't roll the dice if you can't pay the price...