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  1. New chapter in my life

    Retirement takes an adjustment. From life built around and dictated by employment to doing just exactly whatever you want to do every day is great. Personally, I've never felt like my job defined me. I do feel that how I performed my job defined me. I'm secure in my retirement and hope the same for others. You can't rely on future promises. Taking time out is great if it doesn't affect your future, as Analog Junkie noted above. Keith
  2. New chapter in my life

    The most miserable people that I know are the retirees that didn't prepare themselves properly for retirement. You can't buy time. Keith
  3. New chapter in my life

    Hey, that's cute and all that but you missed the word "like". Keith
  4. New chapter in my life

    Money isn't everything, but it sure helps cure a lot of problems. Save like there's no tomorrow, even if it kills you. Keith
  5. WTB K-53-K driver or diaphragm

    Dang, Carl's lucky day. I'm not interested but just felt compelled to comment after reading the FS Forte thread. Keith
  6. WTB K-53-K driver or diaphragm

    Would you mind posting your prices here Jim so I could post my uninterested opinion on what your items are really worth. That seems to be the fashionable thing to do now. Yer buddy. Keith
  7. Klipsch Forte Speakers

    I don't usually comment on other members FS items when I have no interest in buying stabone. But your Forte's appear to be in pristine condition and have consecutive serial numbers, which more or less insures a matching veneer grain pattern. The only drawback for me would be that they are Oak finish. Walnut would probably be more popular but shouldn't affect price too much. If I were you I would jack your price up to around $900 and let them soak for a while. You can always accept less later. Good luck and welcome here. Keith
  8. Anti- Intellectualism

    I wonder how many of these people owned an Echo, or equivalent ? Keith
  9. Klipsch KSP-400 Help

    He used a separate amp to power the sub. There's a long thread here, I'll see if I can find it. More trouble than it's worth to me. I'd rather use the stock amp myself but that's me. If you strap/jumper the 3 speaker binding posts single-wire you'll probably get some bass, I just don't know how much. Worse case scenario you could check E-Bloy for repair. I don't know anything about them and the price is a little high IMO. Keith
  10. Klipsch KSP-400 Help

    There should be at least one, if not two instances in the links above where previous members have repaired their amps and discussed their problems and discussed solutions. The last guy replaced the caps and the bridge rectifier. They are pictured in the first picture above. You can see the values on the capacitors (6800uF 80V). The bridge marked KBL602. Those fixed his problem if I remember correctly. I'll post a picture of the bridge that he actually used, (from E-boy) don't remember which particular caps he used. You can search the individual forums here and find more information. https://www.ebay.com/itm/5PCS-PBU603-Diode-Rectifier-Bridge-Single-200V-6A-4-Pin-PBU/321893502269?hash=item4af2590d3d:g:ORkAAOSw5ZBWHnMX:sc:USPSFirstClass!35215!US!-1 I'm imagine there may have been some variation but those capacitors are exactly like those in my amps. Look around, you should be able to find someone local that can easily repair your amps. Good luck. Keith
  11. Klipsch KSP-400 Help

    https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/175276-ksp-400-cap-replacement-question/ https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/145978-attn-technical-gurus-amp-assistance-needed/&hl=%2Bksp400%2B%2Bschematic https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/169648-ksp-400-amp-repair/&tab=comments#comment-2130351 Link for service manual includes schematics. Print it while you can. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/173890-klipsch-ksp-400-service-manual/ This should get you started. If you can solder or have a friend that can then the parts should be relatively cheap. Keith
  12. PWK Khorn signatures

    May 24, 1977 perhaps ? Keith
  13. Chad the Comedian

    The world is full of p*ssies Jim. You should have learned that by now. Keith
  14. Mandolin - PICS ADDED

    My brothers and I have searched for information for a while. Every tidbit, every mention of the company dates the mandolin in the late 1890's. Such as Bill's link to Mugwumps, the newspaper quote above from a Louisville, Kentucky newspaper, another Louisville newspaper article mentioning the company gave music lessons during that time frame, and so on. The leather case is rough but the mandolin is in excellent condition. Keith
  15. Mandolin - PICS ADDED

    Here's a few pictures. Thank you all for your replies. Keith