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  1. Am i seeing things or do you have an RC64 mounted to the ceiling? Just when you think you've seen everything. What in the world is going on around here.
  2. Bumb. Still available, make an offer.
  3. If only you lived in like Maryland or something, I'd be over there tonight loading these in my car. Wishing I lived more south right about now, sigghh......
  4. What does ANY of this have to do with me or this thread? Confused I am... DreamBeamz, next time please create your own thread if you feel the need to post this type of information As for those that would be looking for the 5.1 Ultras, I still have them available and am willing to entertain offers so feel free to hit me up. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hey there Scrappy, are you still looking to sell your XPA-5? If so, I am quite interested. Shoot me a PM and we can get the ball rolling. I'm quite a ways from you, so I would need it shipped. I see you stated that you are willing to do so, but just making sure in case you didn't change your mind. Again this is all assuming that you're still selling/haven't sold yet. Thanks.
  6. Some pretty good evidence right here which should pretty much sum everything up in this thread: http://www.audioholics.com/audio-video-cables/speaker-cable-length-differences-do-they-matter Now this is not say that I do not agree that there are variances in QUALITY of the wire itself and the construction... but $1000 wires [8-)]
  7. Nevermind guys answered my own question pertaining to speaker wire. Guess I shouldn't be lazy and do some digging before asking dumb questions.... [:S][:$][8-)] Some useful info in case anyone's wondering: http://www.audioholics.com/audio-video-cables/speaker-cable-length-differences-do-they-matter However my first question still applies. Could anyone chime in or give any suggestions on what to do if one side wall is farther than another?
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