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FS: Adcom GTP-600 Preamp----PRICE DROP----SOLD


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I have for sale an Adcom preamp, 5-channel amp, CD player, line conditioner. All are in very good condition with manuals but no original boxes. Those of you who have bought from me sure know how I pack gear so safe delivery is guaranteed.

GFA-6000-----5-channel amplifier rated at 100w/ch for fronts and center, 60w/ch surrounds--------$300.00 $260.00 SOLD

GTP-600------5 channel with subwoofer out surround sound tuner/preamplifier with remote--------$200.00 $165.00

$125.00 shipped

GCD-600------5 disc CD player--------$100.00 $75.00 shipped-----------------------------------------------------------SOLD

ACE-515------AC enhancer---------$50.00 $40.00 shipped-----------------------------------------------------------------SOLD

If anyone wants the preamp/amp combo, $425.00 $410.00 $375.00 $350.00 shipped via Fed Ex Ground.

I prefer PayPal if not local and 3% fee is on me.

I will add photos on Saturday or Sunday.

Thanks for looking.



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I am very interested in the gcd-600.

That's cool.[H]

Does it have a remote

Well it kind of does, but I am currently using it with my Adcom GCD-700.[:$]

is the carosel noisey ?

Well, let me put it this way, it's not as noisy as my GCD-700.[:)]


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Prices lowered for individual pieces and package deal. Refer to first ad post.

For those of you who may be "iffy" about the GFA-6000 5-channel amps published wattage specs, don't be, this things 100w/channel sure must be rated conservatively because it definitely sounds much more powerful. Big transformer and capacitance sure would suggest that it's underated. Here is a top shot peering in to see power supply.



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As a comparison, here is another ad with the same Adcom combo on Ebay.


Adcom GTP-600 preamp / GFA-6000 amp 5 channel combo
Item picture



Buy it Now
or Best Offer

Free shipping

26d 20h


At $425.00 shipped and including 3% PP fee, my setup is a steal.


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Bump for the Adcom GTP-600 preamp/GFA-6000 5-channel amp combo--------------------$425.00 shipped.

The GTP-600 preamp works very well with music in 2-channel or 5.1-channel.-------------------$175.00 shipped

The GFA-6000 amplifier would be an inexpensive healthy boost and improvement over just about any AVR's onboard amplifiers. Use the front three channels of the Adcom and your receiver's surround channle amps and you would have a winning combination. Another idea would be for someone who wants to expand from 5.1 or 7.1 channels to 9.1 or more with quality amplification.--------------------------$275.00 shipped

Hey, I am just offering potential suggestions to those who want to expand for little $$$.[:D] Whatever it takes to make the sale.[;)]


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