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  1. We always use this kind of Baltic Birch Plywood the premium quality. Iran is close to Russia and we have access to this material made by Sveza much cheaper than in the US. there is also Wisa of Finland which is more expensive than Sveza and have that little bit of extra quality.
  2. thanks for the tip. I'll see if my vacuum cleaner has one of these brushes. I thought of that. I'll try and I have to be extra careful not to break the diaphragm. thanks, thanks, I know I know. I'll take care of it. thanks for the tips. I watch CNN int. every morning... ha ha... 😮 some speakers have a long journey indeed. like my late grandpa LS thanks for your kind words. Hi there, thanks for the tips. I will use no water for sure. 😁 that's wise! I'll try it. thanks nothing remarkable. just dealing with deadly virus outbreak.
  3. Hi there, Actually we are doing just fine and we are also trying to stay away from the Coronavirus. In Iran it's new year holidays and I'm busy with the distillation equipment we got to make some rubbing alcohol from sugar wash. I hope you are doing fine there. Humankind will get through this.
  4. Hey guys, these are CW1526C I acquired from Bob back in 2011. they were never used on a speaker and have been lost for 5-6 years and now I have them back. they have been collecting significant amount of dust for themselves apparently. Please tip me how to clean them? I will give the basket a wipe I want to know how to clean the diaphragm and surround. any help is much appreciated.
  5. you will love Faital Pro HF10AK + STH100 horn even more
  6. Edgar style Tractrix horn with cuttoff frequency about 258Hz.
  7. instead of a two way Khorn I would suggest going three ways with following combination. you have the woofs already. those are O.K Faital pro HMF200 or B&C DCM50 (I would not suggest to use BMS 4592) Faital Pro HF10AK with a Faital Pro STH100 horn or 18Sound XT120 Horn
  8. rest in peace to a great figure in sound industry who contributed so much to listening pleasure of many audiophiles. His LX521 design was a game field changer indeed.
  9. go for solid core OCC copper wire and don't look back.
  10. I think I'm in a language barrier with above quoted sentence. Can anyone please interpret it to me?
  11. I thought maybe someone else needs something like this so hereby I bump the thread this thing has saved hundreds of hours of my time during last year
  12. Hey guys. I almost forgot to post the result here. the machine was completed a few months ago. it's doing what it was designed to do. take a look at video below. the bobbin was deformed due to countless of tests but I have no other video in my cellphone rightnow. I'll upload a better and longer clip of machine in action within a week. In the video below you see AWG#10 copper wire (2.5mm ⌀) and we have tested wires as thick as AWG#5 4.6mm ⌀ with no problem though we may never build inductors with AWG#5 wire! it's crazy
  13. if finally anyone can provide a 3D scan of K402 I would build it using BB plywood and submit a thread with tenths of pictures for details just like other threads of mine.
  14. We recently acquired a big metal milling machine. this machines are super accurate. far more accurate than wood CNC routers. If I had the drawing of K402 I could build it using slices of BB plywood. it would look generous with plywood. something like Eliptrac but with least sanding needed at last assembly stage.
  15. I'm almost disappointed from getting a pair of K402 from US or finding it's plan to build one myself. I'm gonna try to build my own conical-tractrix horn so see how it sounds on-axis/off-axis. designing a horn with conical beginning and tractrix ending is not something very routine. if you have any idea or tip about this it would be great to share it here.
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