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    Need Help

    Room size is important as well!
  2. Your answer is literally in the first sentence of the OP.
  3. @efzauner I made no claims to it being bad. I stated that my industrial electrician experience says it's a bad thing to use solid core conductor in higher frequency applications. I was looking for an explanation as to why that "best practice" is different in audio applications. Your second post was the answer I was looking for, rather than the condescending attack of your first post. I am not an engineer, I'm a motor controls tech, and a damn fine one. With that said, I hadn't really considered the fact that speaker wire isn't carrying much of anything, current wise. I deal with 480VAC and 250vdc, along with 4-20mA current loops, 0-10vdc bi-polar analogue control, etc... Audio is outside my realm of knowledge, and that's why I posed a question instead of a claim.
  4. Haven't used it before. Same stuff all the kids are using on their wheels?
  5. Lol. Maybe if I can find another pair of The Sixes for 450, I'll get them and have them Rhinolined. Idea not my own. Saw a pair of LS's on CL that had been done that way for four duty.
  6. Well, yeah. Lol. I was meaning more along the lines of portability. Is the build quality well enough to be packed and moved every few days?
  7. I've seen many people recommend using solid core wire for their speaker cables. Now, speaking as an industrial maintenance electrician, I say this is absolute madness. Why do I say this? Skinning! The skin effect is very well documented. High frequency signal/power tends to travel on the outside or the skin, of the conductor rather than "saturating" the conductor. So in my world when dealing in VFD(usually up to 240Hz) applications, using solid core wire is a huge no-no, and instead we opt for stranded wire with many many wires making up the strand. So, if someone has the knoweledge, please explain to me why using solid core wire in an application that ranges from 5Hz up to many 10KHz ranges is preferred, let alone recommended. Thanks!
  8. Referring to oneself in the third person... Ballsy! Only d-bags, geniuses, or the very wealthy/odd do this. So, which are you? OT: I think it's an interesting concept. Before we go screaming that the vocalists are on their way out and sounding 7 horns, let's just consider that this is simply a concept for a tech that can be put to use in many applications outside music.
  9. I've been considering getting The Three as a portable solution. I spend a lot of time away from home for work, and having some audio better than my laptop speakers or the hotel TV. Seem like a good solution for that duty?
  10. Massdrop has a drop for these for $59.99. Pretty good deal when they retail for $179.99. Drop ends in three days so shipping should be pretty quick. Edit: Well, looks like long term users say these things are garbage. Would explain the wicked price drop.
  11. Can't go wrong with the kits from tubes4hifi! They can get a little pricey, but well worth the money.
  12. Found a local ad for some LS's. They appear to be quite old. The serial numbers are stamped into the wood, stated the tags fell off years ago. 16S471 is one of the numbers. Guy is selling them for his father, who is supposedly the original owner. I tried checking through "that" thread, and couldn't quite make heads/tails of it. Sorry, but gmail isn't letting me save the images, so SS it is. Some help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. That's when I bought mine, this most recent time. They only had the ebony. It wasn't my first choice, but for the price, I couldn't resist.
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