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  1. I see A LOT of people putting over 300-500 watts into their Heritage Klipsch. I keep seeing and hearing Great responses from those line of "vintage" Yamaha amps, M-80, M-65. I'm super interested to find how that sounds...
  2. These are $35,000 😕🤤🤤..... I thought they were $14,000, a pair. Am I correct are they $17,500 each...???.😭 OK I JUST watched the video; $17,499 each. Sorry for my ignorance. ThankYou for sharing.!! I'm gonna go cry in my closet.
  3. Funny, you say that... Its kinda why I posted the sale... I was researching G.A.S. products and found the lot on eBay.
  4. Sadly a bidding war, and local pick-up only🙁 https://www.ebay.com/itm/133989220679?hash=item1f32614147:g:BWwAAOSw49xhithX
  5. Those hill climb trucks are insane..😂
  6. I attend the Daytona Rolex 24 and Sebring 12hr every year, and the sites and sounds of a vintage GT40 going around either of those tracks is nothing short of incredible... Watching 3 red Mark II & mark III's absolutely blasting down the front stretch together at Sebring will always be a cherished memory. I Love GT40's.. That vid of KennyBrack at Goodwood is one I've watched many times, its a favorite, thought I'd share.🏎️
  7. My nephew and I just watched MASTODON perform at the Harrah's Cherokee center in Asheville, NC. Great show..!! We've seen them twice together, and the first time was 4 years ago at TheRitz in Raleigh,NC... At Harrah's Asheville again, we saw PRIMUS on their "Farewell to Kings" tour, where they perform RUSH's album "Farewell to Kings" in its entirety. It was fantastic.! I actually went to Red Rocks for the first time when I was in Denver for Halloween visiting my sister. I attended both nights of DEADMAU5 Nov 4&5. RedRocks is by far the most spectacular venue I have ever been privileged to see live music in, absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Thanks for the responses!.... I would assume actually rebuilding this speaker is gonna be near the price of a new Crites woofer $115. And i actually never thought about upgrading using newer Klipsch woofers, maybe out of the new Forte IV. Yeah I know.. Thinking about new mid and tweeter Ti diaphragms. But I hear they increase listener fatigue. And that the phenolics are smoother. This is the problem with online conversations. I don't know anybody around town that has switched to Ti tweeters or mids, meaning I cannot go over and listen to the difference. Do you highly recommend the new Ti tweeters.
  9. The Crites woofers are $220 a pair. If anyone has any other suggestions on woofers in the range$+...Budget $250
  10. Hi everyone..... I blew up one of my woofers and was wondering if I should send it in for reconstruction or just buy/find a factory replacement. I have no idea about pricing on either. Also thinking about buying New Crites's woofers seeing as I'm about to upgrade my crossovers and modify my cabinets. I'm just a little lost on what to do. I'm not holding myself too stringently on keeping these 100% factory stock. I'm on a mission to upgrade. As I'm writing this out, those Crites woofers seem like the best option. I'm confused because I don't know how much better the Crites perform over stock and how much its gonna cost me to replace or fix the factory k-25-k. Always grateful for your input and opinions👍..??
  11. Sad news.. I'd like to say sorry and give my condolences to his family and friends. . My heart goes out to all of you forum members who knew him... Rest In Peace Dave
  12. Rest In peace Mr.Crites... To the Crites family my heart goes out to you, you have my condolences. I had a lot of respect for Bob, and so much gratitude..❤️
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