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  1. Ooo, nice new setup.... I love buying new amps and guitars...!!!..Why is buying sound equipment so damn wonderful.. And Dogfish Head "Midas Touch" is one of my favorite beers...πŸ‘
  2. Thank you guys.....I completely forgot i posted this... I've removed the amp section, but haven't had time to really go through it yet..... But thank you again for your responses...
  3. Yep..πŸ‘.... To the power of ten...
  4. I've had my RSW stored in the garage for over a year..... Hooked it up and, No sound....Green light comes on but i fear the amp died in storage....Which doesn't make much sense to me but, Ya'know a lot of stuff doesn't make sense to me.... Was working SORTA fine mechanically when i put it away(that's another story) it rattles hard when turned way up and at very low frequencies= sub 32hz.... Electronically it was perfectly fine when stored... If i crank the volume all the way up it has a very low hum.... Ive been going through all the old files here trying to get and find a possible answer but I'm not really seeing anything other than sending it to EdwardsElectronics on eBay.... Anybody have any experience actually going through these BASH amps or have any knowledge of a common area of weakness...???
  5. C'mon man, I was hoping for a resounding YES from the car guys on here.......I really wanted this movie to be GREAT!!....At least it doesn't sound like a flop.... Sounds like they did some credit to the story.... How can you really go wrong about the TRUE story of the GT40.....I do want to see this movie... If I get bored I'll go see it in theaters..... But i guess i might as well just watch the real story on YouTube or Motortrendondemand or something...... Why can't Hollywood make car movie...
  6. Zimmer is composing the new DUNE score as well......Which I was very, very happy to read...!!! But I grew up with John Williams basically writing the score to my childhood...E.T., Close Encounters.... I will often go for a night drive in the mountains(BlueRidgePKWY), go to some choice lookouts(scenic view ahead). I'll park, turn the lights off and just keep the car doors open, walk around, stare at the stars and play CloseEncounters tracks...πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸ‘..
  7. I got my teeth cleaned.....πŸ˜β›οΈπŸ§›β€β™€οΈ Im definitely not uploading a picture of them....
  8. Oooo Nice... What did you have before..... Any initial impressions of the Velodyne...???
  9. I'm actually curious to know what the PSI was reading on the gauge when said prank was unleashed.... I know its a little distasteful but I'm just curious what the actual Death PSI range was..
  10. Goodwood, what a show...... I Love streaming it when it's on.... I love the FestivalOfSpeed and the Revival Weekend....Two of the very top best car shows on the planet....Both of the electric cars were dominating from the beginning of the festival, they were seconds ahead of the rest.. Unmatched in close/short course racing... Although PikesPeak isn't short, it doesn't offer to many all out straights... Would love to see what the VW could do up against the 919EVO Porsche at LeMans or Daytona....LOVE GOODWOOD..!!!
  11. It looks like a pretty powerful engine over there on the right...... I'll bid on that.... I'm pretty good with metal, maybe I can make an engine stand and mount it in the back of my TACOMA... I don't know how fast it will be off the line, but once I get goin'...... It will at least get rid of the Goddamn tailgaters...
  12. I grew up in Florida too..... I love going to racetracks, "I LOVE IT".... Must have some glorious CAR memories working at that track.... Sounds like you had a good time.. ......No Pass, No Entry, sorry dude, the ticket booth is right over there..... It does show a lot about the man that he didn't just start barking at you...... For some reason most of the really wealthy car and team owners that Ive met throughout the years have always been very kind and respectful.... I never really seek them out, but by chance I run into them... They always seem to be nice...... I was really hoping to see JackieChan this year at Daytona though, never saw him.
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