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  1. I'll second that. Little Sweetie loves my Heresies and I am loving the combination. I hope I'll be able to do some A - B comparisons soon and maybe contribute some impressions to the discussion. For now I'll just say "thanks".
  2. Hello from Area 51! Where are you, Jon B? Hi! I'm George (my forum name is Area 51) in Ventura.
  3. ... and you have how many amplifiers, Henry? You are a man after my own heart, my friend.
  4. and I have to agree Sweetie sounds pretty darn good on my HIP Heresies without a sub. But there was something almost undefinable nagging at me. It didn't sound bad. It just wasn't lighting me up like I was hoping it would. I think adding a sub might be one of those things you don't miss until you have it. Then you realize you needed it. We'll get to that later but for now why wasn't I more enthusiastic about the overall sound? Again, it didn't sound bad but there was something I couldn't put my finger on that just wasn't there. At this point I should tell you I used to be something of a cable denier or skeptic. I didn't think interconnecting cables could make a big difference once you reach a level of competence and you're using "adequate" quality cables. I realize that, like so much around audio equipment, terms like "adequate" are highly subjective and I'm opening myself up to criticism. In fact, I'll probably be excoriated-if not excommunicated-because I will soon be offering some cables for sale in the Garage Sale section but in my humble, admittedly biased opinion upgrading from my entry level cheapos to some good quality Audioquest interconnects delivered an immediately discernible improvement in bass on my Heresies without a sub so I can now confirm Sweetie's bass is "mighty good".
  5. Looks good and I'll bet it sounds as good as it looks!
  6. Our mutual friend was kind enough to build and send the "economy version" of your design my way. I am grateful to both of you, thanks.
  7. Sweetie looks like she's bulletproof. She'll probably outlive me. (She's certainly in better shape).
  8. That's a pretty good line, Henry.
  9. I am grateful to Henry for building Sweetie. And I am grateful to you, Maynard, for designing Sweetie. Whatever our age, you guys ROCK !
  10. I'm gonna find myself a girl who can show me what laughter means And we'll fill in the missing colors In each other's paint-by-number dreams Get up and do it again
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