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  1. Hello michaelwjones - I sent you a message.
  2. Hello Captain - In my dream I'm buying your La Scalas. That electrostatic dream (could I do that with a pair of Magnepan SMGa's?) looks very cool but I'm dreaming of La Scalas in my shop. Problem? I'm here - and you're there. Once again I am reminded of the line from that old Walter Egan song, "Just The Wanting" which seems to so often apply to audio: "... and the joy is in the chase".
  3. Hello jimjimbo - I would like to buy some of your 12AU7 pairs. I have sent a message and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, geo
  4. Hello Captain, I'd like to buy your 6sn7 quad, please. I have sent a message and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, geo (Area 51)
  5. To be perfectly honest I liked the amp enough to experiment with two; hoping to find that elusive audio nirvana eluding me with my current setup: one Aegir and two Vidars. I can't avoid the suspicion that I have made myself the victim of unrealistic expectations. But, I think of an old Walter Egan line: "and the joy is in the chase" - (Just The Wanting) by Walter Egan on Not Shy. You may find that the Aegir does it for you. It seems to work for a lot of listeners; some on this forum. Good luck! I wish you the best.
  6. Super! This raises a couple of issues I have been wondering about for a while. May I preface my question(s) with an apology if my ignorance gets in the way of anyone's genuine learning. I'm still new at this. Captain, I think I understand "as little speaker wire in the way as possible." Is it safe to assume that means longer interconnects are preferable to longer speaker wires? Can we regard that as a general rule? I have just received my 2nd Aegir and would like to experiment with them as mono blocks powering my Cornwalls and later try them out with my recently acquired Belles. Should I locate my newest Aegir and it's twin as close as possible to each of the Cornwalls and live with longer interconnects from my Freya+ pre amp? I also wanted to experiment with a pair of low power tube amps as well. Schiit offers the option to use the Aegirs in mono mode. My cheap tube amps are twins but do not offer the mono option. They are stereo amplifiers. Can I use them as (mono?) blocks with my Cornwall IIIs? If each amp is powering one speaker does the "mono block" terminology go away and does it take any dual amplifiers benefits with it or would this be just another form of bi amping? Thanks in advance for the lesson. I appreciate any input.
  7. A largely under appreciated album, it's one of my all time favorites.
  8. Yeah, well, I suppose that's on me. In any communication with you I try to soak up as much as possible so I might benefit from your experience. I'm such a total novice I keep finding new areas where "newbie" doesn't adequately describe my lack of experience. Captain Beefheart's generous potential offer is something I'll stand in line for-unless I can find a way to get to the front. This thread is nothing short of fascinating and I appreciate your input. Thanks!
  9. I apologize if I misquoted you. The operative part of my message was "Congratulations". I am envious.
  10. You devil, you! Welcome (back) to "the dark side". Never say "never", huh? Congratulations!
  11. That's interesting. I have seen "there is no preamp like no preamp. Go direct." And, I have seen "the preamp is most important". I hope to experiment with both. I suppose it depends on the other links in the chain?
  12. That's one of the reasons the $200 price tag is so attractive. Any left over dollars would be spent on tubes! I know absolutely nothing about this but would love to get started with something like this. And, if watts = dollars my Klipsch speakers would hopefully be happy with a low output, low cost amp.
  13. Decware amps start at 2 watts per and eager buyers are lined up out the door.
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