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  1. That's very cool. After sorting out my my previously disappointing Aegir with a Saga pre for my Cornwall III mids and highs I am pretty happy with my Vidar mono-block and Freya+ combination powering the lows and the Fortes in my system.
  2. Coytee - I hope you'll enjoy Procol Harum as much as I do. The LP version has a terrific cover which doesn't translate real well to the smaller CD package. You didn't indicate which version you just ordered but they're all good. I think you'll enjoy it - even if you get the 8 track!
  3. Unfortunately, Whiter Shade of Pale is not included but anyone who appreciates Procol Harum should check out one of the best live albums ever recorded: "Procol Harum Live With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra".
  4. Well, I'm glad I'm not completely alone combining Schiit and Klipsch. I'm currently using 2 Vidars with a Freya+ to power my old Fortes and new Cornwall IIIs. I like that a lot. I am experimenting with an Aegir for the Cornwall mids and highs. Any advice on how I might manage the discrepancy between the output of the Aegir vs. the output of the Vidars? Was I expecting too much? Have I made myself a victim of unrealistic expectations? It seemed like a match made in heaven. So far, I am somewhat underwhelmed. As a novice, I suspect I am not doing this right. I'm listening to cds on an audiolab transport. On to Bifrost DAC. On to the Freya+. Balanced outputs from the Freya+ to the Vidars. SE RCAs to the Aegir. Thanks in advance. I would appreciate any advice from my more experienced friends.
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