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  1. You did not disappoint me, KT88. You're right. On paper I find the simplicity of the SET very appealing. I am fortunate to own some of the most sensitive speakers available so it seems I could take advantage of that but I suspect your analysis is spot on. I should try a push pull, shouldn't I? Maybe the R8 recommended above by JeffLebowski? There are more cheap push-pull amps available than SETs. That kinda opens up the field, doesn't it? And makes me chuckle thinking I'm gonna feel a little silly if I find my geriatric ears can't appreciate the difference between a Katie 88 and a solid state amp. Walter Egan said "the joy is in the chase" and I hope I can maintain that attitude. "I might be going to hell in a bucket but at least I'm enjoying the ride". And you're hip to Mike Bloomfield? That "Living In The Fast Lane" album I mentioned last night led me to one of my all time favorites from his earlier band, The Electric Flag, called "A Long Time Comin'". I guess Bloomfield was tight with another one of my favorite artists, Al Kooper. I first discovered Mike Bloomfield when he was playing with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and then he popped up on "Super Session" with Kooper. Although I don't play guitar I know a Gibson Les Paul when I see one but I don't recognize your model. Are VOS popular in Europe? Well, I'm thinking I have to open up the amplifier trials to include push-pull don't I? In my new place I have the opportunity to listen to some loud music so I do. Last night I was blasting that Electric Flag album. The low power SETs might not get it. I'll just have to try a few and find out. Thanks Amazon! Thanks Katie! Your input has been valuable and is appreciated.
  2. Hi Jeff, I saw the R8 reviewed, quite favorably, on YouTube. $1,449 on Amazon at this moment. When I am ready to drop more than a thousand dollars I was hoping to buy a Decware amp: either the entry SET $995 "Super Zen Triode" 2 watt wonder or the $1595 "Zen Triode Integrated" which produces about 6 watts. I admit I don't have the base knowledge or experience to justify my logic or reasoning. This may not be a "logical" purchase for me. Without the opportunity to hear these amps I am trying to collect input from some of you folks to help guide me, thank you. I find the simplicity of the Decware low power amps appealing. They offer a trial period; if you don't like it, send it back. Yeah, that's pretty good. But you can't get one of those until Fall of 2022. I want something now so I am going to take advantage of Amazon's extended holiday return period to audition a few of the low dollar amps I mentioned earlier. They do offer that R8 ... Hmmmm ... maybe I could ... it's push - pull. Why do I think I would prefer to try a SET amp? Why not? Hmmmm ... Thanks for the suggestion Jeff. I appreciate your help.
  3. Silly of me... I'm sorry. You should know I'm in a relatively small (approximately 15 x 20 feet) listening room in southern California. Currently using my Cornwall IIIs with a recently acquired pair of Belles on the way, I have picked up a pair of old Heresys to experiment with. They will likely replace the RP600Ms unless the Heresy Industrial Ported pair I recently purchased win out. An embarrassment of riches, to be sure. And I'll likely be using a pair of SVS subs. I've never had subs before but it seemed like something I want to experience while I can. My new place is an industrial loft type arrangement with no sound restrictions so I can listen to any kind of music any time I feel like it - so I do. Thanks again, geo
  4. Hello Katie EightyEight! (By the way, do you have a brother named Eeyell ThirtyFour?). - Sorry! I couldn't resist. I have been looking at tubes and tube amps so those combinations just jumped out at me. Please forgive the weak humor. I'm so impressed with your thoughtful comments on dbenway's post I want to thank you for your input. I am a little unclear about one thing you mention. You are leaning more toward the string quartet, right? I'm not too worried about differences in the musical genres we choose because I find myself listening to so many different kinds of music. Right now, for instance, I have Mike Bloomfield playing: that means blues, gospel and rock guitar and keyboard music and vocals, often with horns and strings - and that's just one example. So, I am seeking input from as many sources as I can find. As you note it is problematic not to be able to hear and test the amplifiers. So, we rely on the input of others. So, if you will allow me to ask you for some more input .... As I said I have been looking at tubes and tube amps and, like dbenway, I am looking at some "budget friendly" options. It might be more accurate to say I'm a cheapskate and I'm considering some of the so called "Chi-Fi" amps because they cost a whole lot less. I had decided to buy a Decware amp but I want something this year and Decware wouldn't be delivering until sometime next fall. I think I want to buy a single ended triode amp (SET). So, I'm considering a few "entry level" amps from China including a little cheapie called the "Tube Cube" sold by a retailer called "Tube Depot". This 3.5 watt per channel amp uses 2 EL84 tubes and a 12AX7B. It has gotten some pretty good word of mouth on this forum - and it's cheap. I suspect similar versions of the same basic amp are sold all over the world. I think I have seen at least one version on Amazon. Have you seen or heard anything similar? Another Chinese candidate comes from manufacturer, Nobsound. Sold by Douk Audio, this model is named after what I think is it's power tube, 6P1. 2 of those, 2 6H8C, and a 5U4C rectifier tube complete this 6.8 watt amp. Any thoughts? Another Chinese manufacturer favorably mentioned on this forum, Boyuu Reisong, is offering a number of inexpensive low power SET amps in different models. The A10, A12 and A50 are just a few. Have you any experience with or thoughts regarding these or any of their Boyuu Reisong relatives? These examples are the least expensive SET tube type amplifiers I have been able to find. I wonder if there is something in or around this group that might help me decide if I will find the tube experience worthwhile. If so, I might muster all my patience and, hoping I outlive the Decware waiting list, order from this American manufacturer. Or, maybe I'll be happy with one of these Chinese manufacturer's amps. May I thank you in advance and ask for your thoughts?
  5. Heard dat. I don't think it will take too long to determine if my geriatric ears can hear the difference between this and that. If it's all the same I might as well go back to the convenience of solid state. But, I think the experiment should be fun. "I might be going to hell in a bucket but at least I'm enjoying the ride".
  6. Good luck with your new Carver. I'll be looking for your posts regarding tube amps and tubes as I'm auditioning a few myself; taking advantage of Amazon's holiday extended return policy. Allows me to hopefully get my feet wet once I get settled in my new place. I hope you'll continue to share your experience.
  7. Wow, that's interesting. Given your comments during our conversation I'm surprised to see you venturing into tubes again. May I ask; what did you get?
  8. Thanks for your input, bmoran. I have zero experience with tubes so you're that much ahead of me. I hope you'll continue to post.
  9. Wow bmoran! 2 12AX7s make that much difference! I look forward to your review of the EL34s. (I couldn't resist so I ordered an A12 to call my own. Amazon dropped it off today). I don't know how soon I'll be able to get back to my listening room but when I do I'll be comparing the A12 with the Nobsound. What 12AX7s came with your A12? I haven't even peeked inside the box yet so I don't know what I'll be replacing with the Mullards I have ordered. I'm shooting in the dark for sure. Shooting in the dark with my eyes closed because I haven't the slightest idea what I'm doing so I'll be looking to you for help, bmoran. I'll be working on a steep learning curve comparing my new tubeage to my Class A Schiit Aegir and the AB Vidars. I'll also be comparing my other new acquisition - a pair of Belles acquired just last month - with my other Klipsch speakers including RP600Ms, some Heresys, a pair of old Fortes and a pair of new Cornwall IIIs. Described earlier as "an embarrassment of riches" I hope it's a representative sample sufficient to allow me to decide what I want to live with and what I can live without. I keep looking. I hope you'll continue to post, bmoran. Soon I'm gonna try some of these new toys at my new place. How did I end up with all this good shit - and Schiit? Yeah, in addition to the Schiit amps there's a Freya + pre amp and a Saga - which seems to work better with the Aegir - and a Bifrost DAC. That's a lot of Schiit. How did it happen? I dunno, Man. "I musta got lost. I musta got lost somewhere down the line." "I'm looking here and there, I'm searching everywhere, looking for a love to call my own".
  10. Yeah, the Walter Egan and U2 quotes were expressing a more general attitude: "I might be goin to hell in a bucket but at least I'm enjoying the ride." And thanks for that offer. I probably will take you up on that. I'm not too proud to admit I'm still new at this. I'm actually still moving in and I have a lot to do before I can make a lot of critical judgements. I am, however, on the verge of ordering a speaker selector so I can more easily A - B some of my recent acquisitions and maybe off some of the stuff I don't "need". (Who am I kidding? Myself, of course. I am much better at buying than selling - and buying is more fun)! I would probably own those subs of yours if I hadn't just taken advantage of a sale at SVS. My acquisitive nature got the best of me and I am going to experiment with some tubeage in spite of the fact I suspect I will reach the same conclusions you said you did: it's a bottomless hole you pour money into. I'm not a huge Grateful Dead fan but I like "I might be goin to hell in a bucket but at least I'm enjoying the ride."
  11. Cory, Somewhat better known than Walter Egan: "and I still haven't found what I'm looking for."
  12. Yeah Cory, Fancier? Hmmm ... I didn't know what I was getting into. I am reminded of a line from "Just The Wanting" by Walter Egan: "...and the joy is in the chase." I started with a Vidar thinking I could never need more power than that until I moved to a place where I can listen to any music any time as loud as I want whenever I want and I decided 2 Vidars in something called a "mono block" configuration - I had heard the term but didn't know what it was - would give me all I could ever want. But it didn't so I bought an Aegir and sent the high frequencies to the top of my Cornwall IIIs, using the Vidars for the lows. Now I'm full of Schiit (these amps are fed by a Freya +) and I acquired a pair of even more efficient, more sensitive Belles last month. An embarrassment of riches, to be sure. I'm thinking maybe more and more power isn't the answer and I have begun experimenting with some cheap low powered tube amps hoping I'll find something I'm apparently looking for ... let me know when you get it figured out, huh? The joy is in the chase - isn't it?
  13. I don't know how new it is but the Ragnarok 2 is an integrated amp Schiit sells for $1499. Price goes up as you add modular DAC and/or phono stage.
  14. Thanks, bmoran. I'm glad to learn at least a couple are having success with a low cost alternative amplifier. I had hoped to find more posts about these amplifiers which, theoretically, might work well with our high sensitivity Klipsch speakers. As a newbie I didn't know which Klipsch speakers would work best for me so I have been fortunate to be able to experiment with different Klipsch speakers and I have worked my way up to a pair of Belles (acquired just last month) while keeping those other somewhat less efficient models acquired along the way. It seems I'm much better at buying than selling. As a result I hope to be able to mix and match some different amplifier/speaker combinations. Your post follows my inquiry of 4 months ago. Still curious about tubes and the inexpensive amps from China I decided last week to take a chance and experiment with a minimal investment in Chi-Fi electronics so I grabbed a cheap Nobsound 6P1 Vacuum Tube Amplifier. By coincidence your post and my new amp arrived today. I haven't even opened the package yet. Like you, I'm looking forward to playing with different tubes. I have already ordered a set of Russian tubes, based on what I have read about their superior sound reproduction (I saw it on the internet so it must be true). Anybody else willing to share their experiences with inexpensive amplifiers?
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