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  1. The 70's and 80's JAPANESE solid state receivers and other gear were great - and built for the long haul. I absolutely love it and go out of my way to find it, repair it, and find new homes for it when I can. I just put a Sanyo JCX 2400 receiver on the bench I found in an estate sale a few years ago and fired it up. Yes, I know, you see Sanyo and really don't expect much. But I could tell by what this dude weighs, it is not the plastic dog crap from Hong Kong Sanyo gear! No BSR mini changer or 8 track here.... I powered it up and it came on, but the output was all over the place. The pots were all quiet with no typical noise, but the output was noisy with no gain on one side and way too much on the other. So I got started by cleaning the volume pot, because I honestly was not looking forward to a further disassembly at the time This is a beefy and compact unit inside with multiple component layers inside that looks like a long disassembly for sure! And what do you know, the cleaning was all it took! It sounds great with no noise at all. And the shocking thing was the dynamic power it has, although it is only driving my bench test speakers, a pair of Bose 201 III's. But it was very strong and surprising. The AM and FM reception were clear and very good for my somewhat remote area, and all the inputs worked flawlessly. I have seen the specs for this unit and I think they are far beyond conservative. Which is true for most of the Japanese gear in those days in contrast to the lies being told about the gear produced and sold in the big box stores today! That unit is over 40 years old for crying out loud, so it is difficult to argue the design and build quality with that kind of result. And it is yet another example of the fine craftmanship from the 70's and 80's even in a lesser seen brand. And I am old enough to recall the "buy American" camp trying put down the Japanese build quality back in those days, but I these receivers have put those myths to rest. But the dirty secret is, Sanyo was an OEM for many different brands "back in the day" and we will just keep that little secret to ourselves......
  2. Time for an update. I reached out to Bob Crites last week and did not hear from him. So I gave him a call today and we talked for a good 20 minutes about my speakers and he looked up the details on my speakers, the drivers installed, and the schematic for the crossovers employed. He then said the following: Check your midrange drivers and verify the dome material. If they are phenolic, then I should leave them alone and he will build me a pair of new 3.0B replacements. If the domes were titanium then the Chorus would be the appropriate replacement crossover due to the characteristics of the titanium dome in the mid. I then asked about the titanium tweeter domes that I had already replaced. He told me that was a great choice and they would be fine with either crossover. He said, "titanium is excellent and what you want for a tweeter, but it makes the mids sound pretty harsh without the proper adjustments in the crossover." Bob is a great guy, and we have quite a few things in common from our past. It really was a great conversation for me - he even sounds like my dad on the phone! I lost my dad 4 years ago and it was great to talk with someone that was quite a bit like him - another wise southern gentleman. I also found out that Bob is recovering from some health issues, so let's all be thinking about him and wishing him good health to come. There are far too few good people like him, and so many more that are nothing like him. So we should truly appreciate him while we can, instead of waiting until we can only miss him.
  3. Thank you Gents, for the outstanding advice. When these speakers are ready, I have no doubt I will be in sonic nirvana. I'm about to realize my Cornwall dream (and a bit more) after all these years of wishing and hoping I would one day own a pair. I can't wait, Thanks again, Jon
  4. I honestly should have swapped the tweeters first, but I was in a hurry and only looked at the physical evidence - one speaker was clearly abused and in my experience tweeters are one of the first drivers to fail when a speaker is abused. I did not determine that there was a different crossover involved until AFTER I bought the titanium domes and replaced them on each tweeter. I'm happy with the new domes, and I have decided to shelf the 3.0 b and 3.6 a for a new pair of Crites Chorus I crossovers. This pair of 301's days of public sound reinforcement are behind it. Thank you, Jon
  5. I have been a fan of VINTAGE Cerwin Vega speakers for a long time. The 80's D9's could get the job done nicely but they are big, heavy, and not nearly as attractive as a Cornwall. And the D9 could lay down a thunderous, yet tight bass, so I am very accustomed to that. I absolutely hate the synthesized booming noise passed off as bass today that usually accompanies someone chanting a nasty nursery rhyme to a beat! Those guys know nothing about "accurate" sound reproduction, or quality speakers. I am reconditioning a pair of CV AT-15's now. They are quite similar to the D9's but their mid-range is weaker. But NONE of these Vega's hold a candle to the 301's. I can clearly hear the potential in them even before I finish the crossover replacement/upgrade. Thanks, Jon
  6. Dag, just one! I think it would be easier to come up with a plan for total world peace than come up with JUST ONE favorite Pink Floyd song! So let me try it this way: Personal favorite song: If I must, it would be Wish You Were Here due to the raw emotion of the song. Best Album: Dark Side Of The Moon a masterpiece from start to finish, and I think the whole planet agrees based on the sales records. Best Album Mastering: Momentary Lapse of Reason. I have 4 versions of DSOTM and be it digital or vinyl, none can compare to this album. That album makes even average speakers sound very good, and superb speakers sound out of this world! If you are selling speakers, you NEED this album! That's my story and I'm sticking to it, Jon
  7. I completely agree. My 301's are not 100% yet and they still sound better than the rest. The JBL 4312a speakers can compete now, but definitely not after those new crossovers go in. They would be in their own zip code in my home! And I admit, I can get away with higher volume in the garage - not so much in the house. Hehe These speakers do have a Cornwall flavor and I have loved those speakers since I first heard them in 83-84 (not positive which year). They tend to make everything sound better and I do love that! Jon
  8. I agree. The Chorus crossover would be great! Because I have no plans to light up the neighborhood any time soon. I could easily do that with the other speakers in my arsenal if I wanted - I have four CV AT-12's, two CV AT-15's, two JBL 4312a's, two Infinity IIa's, two Bose 601's two Bose 301's and two DCM TF 700's. With an assortment of vintage Yamaha, Kenwood, and Technics separates and integrated amps. As well as several large and small vintage Yamaha, Sansui and Kenwood receivers. So I could get loud if I wanted - it's over rated. Jon
  9. Thanks Randy. I think I am going to buy a pair of Crites crossovers for the KP-301. Then I will pull the 3.0 B and 3.6 A, sell them, install the Crites crossovers and enjoy my garage even more than I do right now! Sound like a good plan? Jon
  10. I found the details I posted last night on the woofers. One is a K-48 K and the other is a K-48 EP. Thanks, Jon
  11. Thanks, Mine match the KP 301. The mids match and the logo position is the same - top center. Not to mention the plugs in the rear match and indicate 301 only, no II. I am looking for advice on how to proceed - replace both crossovers or find another 3.6 since it seems to work well, or fix the 3.0 and find another. My 3.0 B is not working well with either tweeter, but the 3.6 a works just fine with any of my drivers. The mids are brighter on the 3.6, but on the 3.0 they are definitely toned down a bit. Thanks, Jon
  12. My speakers have been opened multiple times. All the external features say KP-301, only the crossover differences say 301 and 301 II. But I did find two different woofers in them. The 3.0 B equipped speaker had a K-48K woofer, and the 3.6 A had a K-48 MS woofer (as I recall). I'm at work right now and my notes are on my workbench so I am not 100% on the woofer numbers. All the other drivers matched. Jon
  13. My oh my those are some lovely cases!! Mine are covered with what I like to call "Moving Blanket Fur" from the factory to protect the cases from the bumps and bruises from moving around from place to place. Since I will be using mine in the garage and they will be laying on their sides on the top shelf, I am going to leave the "fur" on them for now. But it sure is nice to know they can be sheared, painted, and turn out looking that good! If I ever opt to build them into my garage cabinets I am going to first refinish them using your method!! Jon
  14. This is a picture of a 3.6 A Crossover I took inside my speaker last night. Much to my surprise I learned that my "new to me" KP-301's have a cross over from EACH in the series a 3.0 B and a 3.6 A Jon
  15. HI Gents, Both Speakers are labeled on the back as KP-301. There is no indication I have version II speakers from the outside. Since I had one speaker malfunctioning that also had a repaired woofer I assumed I had a tweeter with a burnt voice coil, so I ordered replacement titanium domes and replaced BOTH. No change. Tonight I removed ALL the drivers and took a look at the crossovers. The 100% speaker had a KP-3.6A crossover installed, and the speaker with the nearly silent tweeter had a KP-3.0B installed. The fully working speaker had the following parts: KP-3.6M Crossover with soldered driver wires - but some of the interconnect white wire with the red and black stripes used in this speaker that was all over the 3.0B. I think this has a "donor" crossover. K-79K Tweeter K-57K Mid K-48EP Woofer (is this a 301, or 301II part?) The partially working speaker had the following parts: KP-3.0B Crossover K-79K Tweeter K-57K Mid K-48K Woofer. By the way, I did bridge the HF and LF connections on both speakers when testing them. One crossover had separate inputs, the other appeared to not need the bridge. So where do I go from here? Should I try to find another 3.6 crossover, buy a new pair of crossovers from Crites, or do something else? Thank you, Jon
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