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  1. The late Keith Emerson, right?
  2. Oh yeah. GO BUCKEYES ! I should be in bed so I can get up early and catch the pre-game festivities but I'm so excited I can't sleep!
  3. I guess that proves:
  4. "Remastered" doesn't always mean better, does it?
  5. That's an interesting subject and you folks here would certainly be among the best to ask. It opens the subject of "Direct to Disc" recordings: a technique I know nothing about. Any thoughts? A separate but also interesting subject: Is "remastering" another topic worthy of discussion?
  6. Yeah, I'll second that ... GO BUCKS!
  7. I'll second that ... GO BUCKS!
  8. Yeah, put some music on and forget that stuff.
  9. This album may have peaked at #18 in the U.S. but it really was, IS, better than that.
  10. I guess the Schiit amplifier-I assume it's the 20 watt (10+ class A) Aegir-mentioned in the the title of this thread qualifies? It's interesting, not everyone agrees 10 watts of class A power is enough-even for Klipsch Heritage speakers. Well, it is a subjective experience, isn't it?
  11. Thanks for your input. May I ask what brand power cable you switched to? Length? And what tube preamp?
  12. Good luck with your new Aegir. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Being a total Newbie faced with the same decision I thought more power was better power so I bought a Vidar. Then, I bought another Vidar. Then, I bought an Aegir so I could drive the highs and power the lows on my Cornwall IIIs with 2 Vidars as monoblocks. Schiit says that's 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Sounded pretty good. Pretty good but I expected something more so I thought a Schiit Saga would make a good pre amp. I guess it did but I wanted something better, I guess. So, I got a Schiit Freya+ pre allowing me to go balanced from Freya+ to the Vidars and use the Saga as pre for the Aegir. Sounds pretty good. I have no complaints about Schiit. I'm not here to criticize. I thought staying with Schiit components would allow all the individual pieces to work and play well together. I think it's good shit. Good, but not great-to my ears but what do I know? I seem to be seeking something more. I realize there are many other factors influencing the finished product sound including the room and the source and more. I think the room is probably okay. It's about 15' x 20', carpeted and stuffed full of furniture and bookshelves loaded with books. My source for now is a (probably mid-fi ?) CD transport: Audiolab 6000CDT. One friend has suggested I'll never get quality sound with CDs. I don't have my turntable set up yet. So, where do I go from here? I'm going to experiment with some low dollar, low watt tube type amplifiers. I have read that there is some sort of synergistic effect in the combination of tubes and Klipsch speakers. I like the looks of the Decware product and I had a nice telephone conversation with Steve Deckert. Okay, I'm sold. But anything from Decware is a year away and I'm too impatient for that. So, I'm soliciting advice from the more experienced as to what I might do to improve the quality of my sound system. Any thoughts?
  13. Ditto dat. You're on a roll, Dave. Good stuff!
  14. It was this album, after Dave Mason had joined as a full fledged member of the band, that opened my eyes and ears to Traffic and Steve Winwood, and Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi. Out of all the terrific stuff this group did, this was probably their finest.
  15. "something to make us all happy ... please don't be sad if it was a straight mind you had we wouldn't have known you all these years" ... ... or something like that. My memory isn't what it used to be. Tell us about that 180 remaster, Dave. I-O
  16. That's an impressive line up, indeed. You have such good taste, Mossy!
  17. I have pictures on my iPhone which verify the above info. Unfortunately, the smart phone is a whole lot smarter than I am. I am embarrassed to admit I don't know how to get those pics from the phone to the forum. I'm sorry. I certainly don't want to interfere with a sale. Thanks for your help, M_Klipsches. Good luck with your sale, Rowan611! (I'm not going to complete the message I was about to post since most of my questions regarding Heresy "heritage" were answered).
  18. Thanks! One cabinet is simply "illegible". The other, with a little guesswork, looks like (maybe) 9 9 U 1 7 (9)? And, in the upper left corner maybe "H" ? I recall seeing a "how to" post pictures on the forum but I don't remember where I saw that. Is there a dumbed down "For Dummies" version available?
  19. Hello VNC Studio ! That A10 and Cornwall III combination is the setup I'll be using (once I open the boxes). The new A10 is here, unopened. I have been so busy moving to my new abode I haven't been able to set up my stuff. I'm moving. Everything is in boxes. This is all new to me. I'd like to ask a few questions if you don't mind - please forgive me and ignore me if you do mind. I'm really happy to find somebody is making this combination work. I'm fascinated with the low watt, low dollar "Chi-Fi" stuff. I thought it might work well with Klipsch speakers. I hope to try my new A10 with my recently acquired old Heresys as well. And some other Klipsch speakers. Do you know how the A10 differs from the A10C? I can't see any difference. Did your A10 come with the Tungsol tubes or did you add those? I assume you added the Voshkod tubes. What did you use before you got the A10? Have you had other tube type amps? Have you ever used a solid state amp with your Cornwall IIIs? How do they compare? I hope to try my new amp without a pre amp and with my Schiit Freya+ pre. And also with a Schiit Saga as pre. Have you used a pre amp with your A10 / Cornwall combination? From your description I assume you are not using a sub woofer. Correct? Are your Cornwalls in corners? If not how far from the corners? How far from the back wall? In his most recent post CoryGilmore says he has his Cornwalls - I think they're IVs - as close to the wall as he can get them for best bass performance. Has that been your experience, too? What kind of speaker cables are you using? I don't want to impose on you any more than I already have so I'll stop here. I hope you'll continue to post. Thanks, geo (Area 51)
  20. 22 1/2 !? Is that points? 22 1/2 points? That's NUTS! GO BUCKS !
  21. Thank you. I appreciate your help. Rowan611 and you have: K-22-K Woofers K-53-K Mids or Squawkers K-77-M Woofers (though I see K-77. I don't know where the "M" comes from). Type E-2 Networks and that makes a Heresy 1.5 This is all new to me. My recently acquired "Mystery" Heresys have: K-22-E Woofers K-55-V Mids K-77-M Tweeters Type E Networks No Tags and the Serial Number digits are illegible. The young man I bought them from has no idea. Do I understand Randy correctly: this combination would mean they were manufactured in the late '70s? And that would mean they are Heresy 1s? And you, M_Klipsches, have both and prefer the sound of the 1.5s. And Randy feels the K-55-V Mids make these more "valuable" than those speakers with the K-53-K Mids? It probably doesn't matter to me because I probably won't be selling any time soon but I wonder why one "Squawker" might be "worth" more or less than the other? Thanks again, geo Area 51
  22. Thanks, Dave. I am reminded that there are some - they walk among us - who think ANYBODY does Dylan better than Dylan! Personally, I like Joan Baez, the Byrds, Jimi Hendrix, I could go on and on.
  23. An embarrassment of riches!
  24. Glad to learn I'm not the only one.
  25. Hi M_Klipsches! Would you be kind enough to detail which internals constitute your H1.5 Heresy, please?
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