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WTB Forte II Passives


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if you take the units to a good rebuild shop I cant see why they cannot fix you up with a new cone but why not just patch up what you have? As long as they are air tight you are not going to see them on the back side of the cabinet. Throw a metal grill over them so they don't get knocked about again and they will be even harder to see with the grill in place. Best regards Moray James.

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massage the cone back together as best you can and patch from the inside with coffee filter paper and some white wood glue. If you have a huge hole you can make a patch with some light card stock. Really the passive is nothing more than an air tight weight on a suspension. Patch it and it will work as good as new. Any cone will suffice if you must have it replaced all the rebuild shop has to do is to match the suspension and the mass that moves. I think that a patch is all you need to do. What do you have to loose by trying? I fully expect it to work like new. Best regards Moray James.

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