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  1. Thank you all very much . I learned a lot. Excellent video Randyh. Great guide to action.
  2. Can you recommend a tank with an ultrasound generator? Thanks.
  3. Hello, friends. I did not know where it would be correct to publish this topic. I'm sorry. I am looking for a vinyl scrubber. Found here CleanerVinyl EasyOne: Ultrasonic Cleaner for Vinyl Records. But I did not find anything about its effectiveness. If anyone else has it, share your impressions. Thanks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CleanerVinyl-EasyOne-Ultrasonic-Vinyl-Record-Cleaner/323784844236?hash=item4b6314a3cc:g:E-UAAOSwCR9cnotM
  4. Thanks. already have size.
  5. Hello friends. I need to know one size on the horn of the k-88 tweeter. Who has a klipsch with such tweeters please measure. And let me know. Thank you very much.
  6. Thanks for the technical info. I need a cartridge with a stylus.
  7. Hello friends. I bought my first LP player. I am looking for such a cartridge Shure M55E, Shure M55EM with a stylus. If someone has a very good condition and is doing nothing, offer me. Thanks. Best regards, Sergei.
  8. Willland , Маршалл, привет. У нас был хороший разговор в прошлом, он замечательный человек.
  9. It is a pity that Marshall almost does not go to the forum. He gave a lot of positive and humorous.
  10. I bought st 120 from Bob, recently. But I need more in the future. Probably at someone that lay st - 120 without cause. Why not save a couple of bucks?
  11. The Soviet Union - collapsed 27 years.
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