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  1. justonemore

    CD player question

    I have a black 640c that I am going to sell for 175 if you haven't already bought the one above.
  2. justonemore

    12AX7 Amperex/Raytheon

    Hi Mike, I'll take the amperex if you still have it.
  3. justonemore

    Replacement woofer options for Chorus I

    I should have looked it up before I posted. The k-48-kp is for the KI-362. The k-48-k is for a KP-115 sub.
  4. justonemore

    Replacement woofer options for Chorus I

    There is a guy on ebay selling recone kits for K-48-K. He has two. I bought a couple passive radiators for my forte ll from him.
  5. justonemore

    Did I do good??

    Teresa, You got a great price on those. But they don't sound as good as KLF30 or CF-4. You should brace and dampen the cabinets and put them on stands so you get the mids at ear level. Best regards
  6. justonemore

    WTB Forte II Passives

    I have a couple. They both have pushed in dust caps but function just fine.
  7. justonemore

    Get Ready, Its coming Back!!!! Nov 2nd

    Did you hear about the guy who walked into McDonalds and ordered a McNabb sandwich?...............................................The cashier threw it at his feet.
  8. justonemore

    Suggestions for Web sites to purchase Cd's

    The above suggestions are all good. I've also bought quite a few from cd universe. They have a large selection.
  9. justonemore

    auto audio again

    I bought some made out of mdf from a guy on ebay. You just have to give him the inside and outside dimensions. I fiberglassed mine, they won't last long if they get wet if untreated. Mine have been in a year now with no problems. You could make your own out of a plastic cutting board(hdpe) if you are worried about water.
  10. justonemore

    I need a woofer

    Zaph audio has a driver shootout. That might help you out. DIYMA would be a good place to look, just let them know what you want to spend, listening tastes, etc.
  11. justonemore

    Today is Bob Crites birthday!

    Happy birthday Bob! You add new meaning to the words CUSTOMER SERVICE. Doug
  12. justonemore


    It makes the picture look like mosaic blocks. It happens when the speed of motion in the picture requires more data than can be sent. I'm watching the Jags/Steelers game in sd and when they show the end zone shot while kicking extra points it is happening. It looks like what your picture looks like on satellite when it starts raining and messes the picture up. I guess it affects rptv's with the 981.
  13. justonemore


    I just received my 980, the 981 has macroblocking issues with my tv, a Sony KDS-50A3000, so I purchased the 980. The picture is outstanding. A friend of mine who has DirecTV HD thought it looked as good as HD to him. I won't get my HD hooked up until next week. It looks a lot better than my old dvd player did, which was a Denon. As far as sound goes. I think it sounds better than my Cambridge Audio Azur 640C, which I was happy with. I'm very happy with this purchase.
  14. There is a guy on ebay now who has some cloth for $20.00. I think you can still get the badges from klipsch.