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  1. I have a pair of original B-3 available Tom
  2. These have been listed many times before.
  3. Sold mine on Audiogon. Try that Tom
  4. Some how I ended a with one "Crites" midrange diaphram. It is still in original packaging and was never installed. http://www.critesspeakers.com/k-53_diaphragm_replacement.html $30.00 shipped Tom tommy499@hotmail.com
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Cornwall-II-Speaker-Pair-Black-3-Way-/251256589817?pt=Speakers_Subwoofers&hash=item3a800f4df9 Sorry, still don't know how to make links work
  6. I am out of town and these are right in my back yard! http://rochester.craigslist.org/ele/3671627895.html
  7. Stay patient and you will find a better set. I found a nice set CRB that need a little sanding and stain for $500 locally.
  8. Nice Integrated Amp using El 34 tubes.........excellent with Klipsch. I see them on eBay and Audiogon regularly. Cayin Audio - A-50T Integrated Amp Not sure if the Jolida amps have remotes
  9. Thanks.......I will stay with my drivers and get them repaired Tom
  10. I can't BELIEVE I am reviving this thread.........BUT, I have some 83 cornwalls with mid horn drivers that are marked...........k52H.....that appear to be mounted in metal K 600 horns I have new B3 crossovers and I seem to have a bad mid driver. There is a pair of Klipsch K-55-v driver for sale.....and I wanted to know if I could use these with my B3 cross? I am sure the answer is somewhere in this thread..........but I am not sure Thanks, Tom
  11. I am wondering if they will fit on my K600 horns and if the cross overs will be correct? Anybody? Thanks, Tom
  12. I am interested in your pair of Klipsch K-55-v 75.00 each. I need to find out if I can use them with my 83 Cornwall that currently use K53 drivers and B3 crossovers talesi1@rochester.rr.com
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