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  1. I purchased these several years ago with the intention of building up a pair of Fortes. Never got around to it. Someone on the forum can have them for free, but I don’t want to ship them. I am in Holland, MI. (I tried to post photos, but the thing keeps telling me I only have 2mg.)
  2. I would really like to get rid of these. If someone wants to pick them up (thus saving me the hassle of shipping them) I will sell the whole lot for $250. That price is for pickup.
  3. Hello Folks, It has been quite a long time since I have posted here. A couple years ago I purchased all the components to build a pair of Klipsch Fortes. In my efforts to hone my woodworking skills, I discovered that I really enjoy making things. I am now using much of my extra time doing woodworking. So I have the components for sale. I believe I listed them here about 1 ½ year ago, but thought I would try again before going to the dreaded eBay. For some reason I can't get photos to upload. Contact me and I will forward them to you. If someone is interested, I will sell it all for $400 shipped CONUS. $250 picked up. Otherwise, I will sell the following in pairs: (2) K-75-K Tweeters – $90 shipped CONUS (2) K-53-K Midrange – $100 shipped CONUS (2) K-23 Woofers – $130 shipped CONUS (2) KD-13 Passive Woofers – $100 shipped CONUS (2) Motor Boards I bought from Bob Crites – $65 shipped CONUS As an aside, I still have a pair of Fortes with the Crites upgrades and find them to be excellent speakers. Thanks, Chip
  4. I also forgot to mention I have two unopened boxes of Owen Corning 703 2" (there's six 2'x4' per box). I would take $25 plus actual shipping.
  5. Hello, Several months ago, I decided I wanted to build a pair of Fortes from the scratch. It was a grand idea until reality set in. I simply wont have the time. For now, I will stick with what I have. Anyway that means I have some Forte parts I want to sell and would rather do it here than eBay. I also have some other odds and ends I need to move. I just bought a table saw and my wife is making me get rid of toys I am not playing with. For some reasson, I can't sign on on my PC and my iPad isn't letting me download the pictures. PM me with an email address and I will send you photos. I think the prices are fair, but feel free to make an offer. I have a pair of K-23 woofers in great shape. $180 shipped conus. Pair of KD-13 passives also in great shape. $135 shipped conus. Pair of K-53-5 mids. $130 shipped conus. Pair of K-75-K tweets with Crites ti diaphragms. $115 shipped conus. Pair of K-75-K regular diaphragms. $5 shipped conus. I have a Monster HTS 3600 MKII 10-outlet power conditioner. It has a scuff on the back side. Dont have original box. $120 shipped conus. Pair of 6 Monster RCA cables $30 shipped conus. Pair of 6 Analysis Plus speaker cables. $40 shipped conus. Pair of 5 Blue Jean RCA cables. $30 shipped conus. Pair of 3 Audio Art XLR cables. $45 shipped conus. Thanks, Chip
  6. ChipByrd


    I emailed the guy and he pulled the tweeters--they are 500's. I am hoping I can cut a deal with him.
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