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FS: Outlaw Audio 990 Pre/Processor


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I bought this from Outlaw as B Stock coupla years ago. Only thing I have found wrong with it is smugded
letters on a couple buttons on the remote control. I have original
packing, calibration mic, extra remote. This has been used in my main
rig, off and on since I got it. I've decided to get away fror 5.1 and
7.1 and going back to stereo only rig. I have a new tube preamp on
order so need to recoup some funds. Everything works perfectly. I will provide
pics in the next couple days if it's not gone already. There is also a smudge on the face of the processor that may come off with the proper cleaner, not sure what it is.

Has phono section too, which is rare for the modern processors. This
have gotten great reviews and compared to competitors usually costing
much more. Very versatile unit.

Over 14 months left on factory warranty will be included. I just have to call Outlaw to switch it over and they will send the recipient a confirmation email. I will probably be putting some or all of my vintage Sony gear up for sale in
the near future. If it sells first, I'll probably keep the Outlaw or
vice versa.

$315 plus shipping. Or will consider a DAC valued between $100-$150 as partial trade towards the Outlaw.

Thanks for looking.

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