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The Dude

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There is a pair of EV horns in Phoenix, shipping is going to kill me.  So if anyone is traveling from Phoenix and going through the Omaha area, I could use some help. 


Let me know, there will be some cash in it for you.

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As for a box, in some other thread a forum member suggested a Uhaul Washer/ dryer box.


An idea.  LKars

Uhaul also sells wardrobe boxes.  I have used these to ship EV HP640s to Canada with no problems.  The Greyhound idea isn't a bad one.  I would have to see if the seller would be willing to do that.


Hopefully you can work something out.


If it doesn't, no big deal.  I do know where there are a few pairs here locally, however the seller wants more than what it would cost me for these with shipping included.

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I wish that was on that path to help. calhockey10 is holding a pair of HUGE EV horns for me. I would do the same for other members. Hopefully this will work for you.


Which ev horns is he holding?

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So, at quick study, it seems Fastenal may be least expensive, but require sturdiest packing.


And of course, you have to have a Fastenal store near both partys.


Greyhound, seems to me , less packing, maybe moew $ than fastenal.


And still, need Grayhound terminal by both ends.


Uship, most expensive but still very reasonable, residence door to door, and NO packing required.


If a suitable for the load Driver is found, they blanket wrap and are careful.


I would be afraid Fastenal may treat it as a pallet of bolts.   My thoughts,  Lars

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We should start a shipping/freight thread.  This is good info for those that don't have extremely heavy objects.


Fastenal did state that it didn't have to have a complete crate, however it wouldn't be covered under insurance.

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