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  1. LOL - Your most recent response is exactly what I was referring to in my previous message. At this stage, I've apologized for my response if no rudeness was intended — something I have zero issues with whatsoever. What else would you like, Woof? To summarize: I had read the post. In turn, I posted a very specific message stating that I'm looking for a C7 and that anyone can PM me if available. From there, someone asked me if I had read the post above in a way I determined, at the time, to be rude, so I responded in kind. Now, after calling me "brilliant" in a previous message, you're asking me if I've read the original post, and you're asking me — in a condescending way might I add — if someone's been here for years and hasn't been rude to anyone "ever" if it's my fault or theirs that we had a misunderstanding. So please tell me what exactly you're after at this stage. Because, at this point, continuing this thread on this topic is only proving how brilliant you are, my friend.
  2. Asking someone if they saw the post above in the manner that they did was unkind and, as a result, unnecessary. I could have responded to him in the same manner he did by asking if he had read my message, but instead, I decided to explain my intentions to the full extent. If someone is genuinely trying to help another, my recommendation would be to speak to them with respect, otherwise, what's the point? You might as well not say anything at all. And no, it doesn't matter how long they've been on the forum. Aside from that, if being unkind wasn't the intention, then I apologize, and we can chalk it up to a misunderstanding.
  3. Yes I did, but this thread could have been dead for over 1000 years and I still would have posted that. Since doing so, I've had multiple messages from kind people letting me know they have one. Why people must try and tell others how to act in forums is beyond me. Take your "advice" elsewhere.
  4. I'm also looking for a Klipsch KLF-C7 in black. Please PM if available.
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