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  1. Thanks for the deja vu, I recognized "The Rapper".
  2. "Salad is a promissory note that something good's coming, they bring it first and don't even charge you for it" John Pinette
  3. @Dave1291 Nay Nay Nay... hear John Pinette ... not me. You stay away from Fred Sanford's stash! More like the Cosmic Rock DJ
  4. Dang, liked them a lot. I couldn't have without Christie being a part of that HUGE "Rumors" release that turned me onto them. If it weren't for my knee and ankles hurtin' when I got outta bed today this would make me feel older. RIP.
  5. From just the first tune, they've "got it". * Two sisters leading a band? This sounds familiar, the second tune is better!
  6. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Looks like my vids for Steely Dan have disappeared? Tried with edge also, no go. You know I like meals with my music? Hot dogs fried with Carolina Treet, that's mustard based and from Wilmington, NC. Especially good on grilled chicken or pork. Yeast rolls and blue cheese slaw. Altered versions all over yt. Found the one that matches what I've got from 1991 to go in my truck! Good sampling of my first favorite rockers.
  7. WOW!!! Look who's onstage! @Dave1291 from info under the vid "Jerry Lee Lewis performs to a sold-out audience in Londons Labatts Apollo joined by a number of special guests, including Van Morrison, Dave Edmunds, John Lodge (Moody Blues), Brian May (Queen), Dave Davies (The Kinks) and many more."
  8. Could have snagged one of the fantastic homes up around there recently without reading that the loan was not a fixed rate! Then needed to make adjustments.
  9. Of Course. The difference in what I heard is how I gauged which to keep!
  10. This one should have been first.. just wasn't where I was...
  11. After this for dinner, and it's the size of a 12" pizza? Green j a p liquid on the chips first, then a bunch cut into the chili! Here's two, I know there are hundreds out there. Can we start something with some good covers of this one?
  12. Had to look it up @Tarheel. Hope it goes easy on you and works well!
  13. I thought this was it Mike
  14. Still doing some of the best soft rock from back then... Today's ambience for Sunday Fettuccini: That one can double as a greatest hits for Mr. F, his first few records didn't have three bla songs in total!
  15. Like early Springsteen but those Manfred Mann aren't tough to beat, they're impossible to beat! There I figured it out, had to listen a little.
  16. Good Rockin' @AndreG. is that copy of Black Celebration clear or opaque? Either way, those fascinate me more than colored translucent records.
  17. Darn. Glad that you pay attention when you're in the kitchen! Still got enough for one more turkey sandwich, but I went ahead and made meatballs to go with some sauce and fettuccini for first meal and tomorrow. Second will be that last sandwich that will take the last of that rare loaf of bread I bought.
  18. ^^^ HA HA HA! That's not a threat... that's a promise
  19. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Laid back one more evening here so on with the fourth disc! The story behind all of this is that the fella on the other side of the country had two sets of this. Lucky for me he was/is one of the good-guys at discogs because I got sent discs 1, 2, 4 & 4 at first! Sent pics and he corrected it quickly. Told him about the time they cancelled in CLT after they had already arrived and the crowd was huge at the coliseum already. They heard of this and got permission for a plan to fly about 20 miles east of the airport to the old coliseum. When they neared, the plane went nose up and punched it. Those little Leer Jets had some power, the concussion exploded several of the windows on the back, entrance side of the building. They wrapped around the whole thing about ten feet high or more & had chicken wire inside (been a long time since I've been there). This one finishes Aja and adds Gaucho! One fantastic set of the kind of fusion that Donald Fagen & Walter Becker composed that will outlive even our entire Human Race!
  20. Didn't get into those movies too much but she was a good musician. RIP lady, and you get to sing with the BIG choir now!
  21. I've lost any faith in our coach this year. When we could have won, he wouldn't play the right players... and that's just one position. Think it hurt the rest of the guys play because they knew & had faith in the guy on the bench that could have done better. 40 consecutive wins at home down the drain to those darn --cks we've owned for over a decade. Which team is up next for that wins at home #1 title... they've been waiting a good while for it!
  22. Jaco had good timing until Sunrise..... RIP to a great jazz musician. Flirtin' With? Hatchet's other record. Their first two are the good ones!
  23. Hello @Full Range just read that news. Let your wife know that when my mom had her entire knee replaced with a decade left she said it was one of the best decisions she had ever made. The post-therapy wasn't too hard for her either, even with the bad back.
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