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  1. Are any of y'all realtors? I found out something today. Apparently the similar to a VPN network that all the titling agencies in the continental USA use was down for a period of time last week. So that might be true. It could have been a whole bunch of smoke, I'm not sure. I still might close tomorrow, but my 10:00 a.m. appointment is called off because something from the seller side didn't get there in time. So I'm wheelin' and dealin' I told my new neighbor lady after she told me what she likes to do for folks around there that don't have a woman to cook for them. She makes chicken and dumplings, I told her I trade her a pan of cornbread for a couple bowls. We didn't shake on it but it was eye to eye contact and we both nodded so that's kind of like a gentleman's agreement! Heard tell of live bluegrass to be heard around in two different places. And that I might have to find out about too, it's been a long time!
  2. I meant that darker green jealous color, not that Grinch green color🤣
  3. If they would do Goats Head Soup in full or Some Girls I would pay!
  4. I forgotten about that Falstaff brand Willie, it was a little before my time. @Marvel That's a dollar better than prices over here! I didn't run across any good places around your neck of the woods in my price range, so there's that.
  5. Everyone of the old London pressings from the late '60s to the early '70s that I have have outstanding frequency response! That ZZ record you showed has left me green. Mike!
  6. Thank you! And if you've noticed any of my postings, mine might be early this year like this Tuesday!
  7. Nice. The thanks on the "Vertigo" prints is in spite of the colorfulness of them. The superimposed imagery is reminiscent of a spell of that affliction I had a few years ago.
  8. Beautiful place @Tarheel Merry Christmas to y'all!
  9. He's got a decent voice also, the cadence and the seriousness of the sound he produces. It would make it worthy to be in a Vincent Price narrated spooky story!
  10. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Hi there @Schu, I recall some pictures of your speaker setup a couple of times that had some framed movie posters nearby. I kind of figured you had a collection and those are pretty good clues as to what might be in it!
  11. That is really nice that y'all still go caroling. I can recall that from my childhood vividly @Invidiosulus! Whatchu talkin' bout DJ?? Guess you couldn't see my weekend bag that holds my clothes topped with three different blankets, one of which is that thick cotton beach towel that you barely see the top of in the passenger seat. 1. On those couple of cold nights (low 20s then teens) I woke and had to run the heat a little bit with you-know-who's price of gasoline the way it is now that's not financially efficient! And a little hint for you. It's the current sitting a hole, not the former that did that! 2. When I got my painting tools that's in one of those yellow topped containers. I also got canned goods, my coffee pot, and my coffee grinder. Got the celebratory bourbon in that box you see behind my bedding and another box for the regular stuff. Then I just filled the rest of the vehicle with what I could make fit... 3. I can only fit in the driver's seat now and I can't move it unless I go forward some to be able to lower the back. 4. I want to use my vehicle like I used to, and normal people do. Sketching out budget plans for knowns and unknowns now, going to get busy again tomorrow!
  12. That sounds delicious @MicroMara ! And yeah cold pizza & cold fried chicken were two of the best foods for breakfast that I discovered as a teenager! That was until I got hooked on coffee!! We've had almost warm night times the past two nights. Mid 40s. It's going to get nippy again tonight and colder for the next couple days and that'll be perfect if the stars align and I can empty all my stuff into the house Tuesday.
  13. That's a varied selection of music George. I had that Gilmore and another "About Face" for a long time the cover all mine looks similar to yours but the vinyl is good.
  14. No, but @Full Range set the mood... I didn't. But I did get drug into it. Black Sabbath just melted our Coliseum several times back then!
  15. "III wanna rock-n-roll all niiight, And party every day!"
  16. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    The cool rain is back and I've been listening to these guys for the past few miles. This is one song off of their great release called "Restrictions" "Alaska" Kind of laid back!
  17. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    I picked up a compilation CD a year or so ago because I didn't have my cult with me that was all vinyl. The CD itself impersonates an LP including the bare areas between songs!
  18. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    @AndreG. That's a lot of BOC! Like the whole weekend's worth! ENJOY
  19. Interesting subject and I liked a lot of the comments in here. I started with some infinities with these skinny foil slits for tweeters and almost transparent woofers. I had heard Klipschorns but being 14 I had to have something. Next had some 501s not button fly but with the rudder you could twist on one corner. At 4 ohms they put out more sound than the infinity bookshelves did. I got two more a couple years later. Then I heard a pair of Heresy IIs in a studio apartment. That was 1990 I ordered my Heresy IIs put them in the main listening area with the other four speakers throughout the house. You probably guessed what the next move was that was moving down to one pair of much better speakers. Used those for 30 years then made the slight jump to the Forte III. Been without them for too long but will have them back in operation soon and my question to resolve will be with one sub or two?
  20. That would be great for Halloween parties @Schu
  21. That's pretty good Dave. Those older sliding doors can leak Even if you don't open and close them! Know you know that!
  22. It would be a safe bet that a young Peter Frampton saw that show or at least heard of it.
  23. Well..... Not actually, but it's been cold rain all morning long and still now at lunch time. Definitely happy that the four months of living in my vehicle are almost over!! Also trying to have faith that my hateful relatives have not destroyed everything I've amassed in the previous five or so decades. Prejudice is WRONG. It does not matter what predicates it. No matter what's been laid on me, I don't believe it's from any religion either.
  24. Nice and easy @Marvel suits me fine today because that sinus headache I had is almost gone!
  25. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Yeah Paul I'll need that pass, It will be a few weeks later before I get the majority of my stuff up here.
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