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  1. Thanks for taking the time @Dave1290 yea I'll give it a once over on youtube since I can. It's at a great price for records now @ $16.00 something. Paul I think their late 60s phase of music is even better than the perfect pop-jingle tunes they started with. Never gone the mono route though.
  2. Got fifty left at amazon the LP is Co-Starring with a lot of other co-stars. Got a few LPs in my TX collection, this would fit!
  3. Sounds like most of my teenage and 20s Southern music! Gonna look for it. Who's the big dude on bass? with the Gene Simmons look?
  4. @Dave1290 Lots of musical power in the room doing that Bad Trick song. Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes from the 90s... never was a pretty boy but dang he looks bad even compared to Ringo from the 60s fame!
  5. This isn't Dr. John to go with my red beans & rice late dinner but it is very nicely done classical guitar. Though it was going to be by that conductor that did all of the movie music.. but nope it is a gem. * It could be the same guy, I'm not sure says he arranged the guitar work.
  6. That is one of their pricy ones, correct? Looked at their Bronze but got a better deal with the AT. So what I was talking about are their ubiquitous mm elliptical carts.
  7. Ortofon Red had glowing reviews and their Silver which is supposed to be a step above that came with my current tt. It was trash, excuse me TRASH. Could have been the elliptical stylus shape but I think there was more to it than that. I'm not ignorant of good sound from records. I was in 1980 but was steered correctly by honest people at that physical stereo shop that did A to B comparisons for me. They liked a step above what I got but the $180 I spent back then for the one below it was good.
  8. That was enough of one of my still top three favorite bands for a while. All of us from a certain couple of generations know this one. Even if I was in the first grade in `69 this was still on the airwaves ten years later! Another of those cubed covers!
  9. Some woods stain much better with a conditioner applied before the stain.
  10. This was the last of the new age RUSH that I ever bought, heard some others that I kind of liked. But their 70s music is what I loved them for. Case Closed!
  11. No sadness that was the confused smiley. As to why so many? You already answered and I do understand
  12. That's a bunch of cartridges! For me it's hard to find anything to follow RUSH with since they were such a big part of my life. Only have three left from the eighties so here is the next. Must not have even listened to these few since my rig has been able to play down to 18hz. BIG difference with these synthesizers and keyboards!
  13. Wasn't aware of that they always have glowing reviews. Then again since that first AT I got (early 1980s) with the micro fine linear diamond shape I have not turned back to a lesser shape. Convinced that is why some of my 40 year old records that survived the keggers still sound good!
  14. Grew up on Mel Blanc's best that you put up all the time @dirtmudd Thanks for the memories.
  15. @KROCK Had that tt only for a couple months, didn't work out for me at all. Ended up with a technological marvel on the new tt. This is the RUSH that surprised me and it took some getting used to for the hard-headed rocker that I was then. Love it since! Newest & Best AT cart I've ever had:
  16. Atta-Boy @KROCK tried one with my old tt and it did not have the vta adjustments necessary to make it worth it. Amazon did take it back!
  17. It's my two year old Pixel phone but I did not see the dust on the top of the tonearm with my old eyes until I saw it in the photo!
  18. Digging all the Audio-Technica love here lately. That MM cart you are using George is famous as much as the AT150 MLX was, you are fortunate to have a working one on hand! These new cameras show everything. Don't they?
  19. Yes @MicroMara that and the Stones in the funny Traffic-like cover and an original Papa John Creech like the Ford guy has! But those landed at my doorstep, this one I noticed before I paid for it a strange proclamation on the back of it "Digital"... a digital record. It still is remarkably clear for a live record... but a good sound team could do that like the REO Live was astounding when it came out to be so clear. Anyhow I was into RUSH heavily and they just up and changed, totally. That's when I found these guys. SAGA: In Transit
  20. @Thaddeus Smith Looks like a hawk, the red-tails are a little bigger than that around here. There is a huge nest in the only big old Ligustrum left in this block in the center of it. Wish they could get all the chipmunks here!
  21. @tarheel just take it and keep on Rockin'. This thread has been a riot to read since not checking in for a couple of days. Thanks for the off the wall thread!
  22. Dang @Dave1290 I fell for that one! Got me with #4.
  23. Doubt it will ever "be over" and I've just had to add to my regimen of post transplant self protection. Started when all the know-it-alls were talking out of both sides of their mouths early this year. I'll stop when I feel it's time to stop. That's the good thing about Freedom! Had a good stockpile of canned and dried goods here. So back in the summer facing some stuff I didn't go to the store except for milk and eggs for about two months. Trying to rebuild when the bogos pop up right now. That's me and my choices, don't think it's constructive to chide anybody for theirs. If some dumb-dumb gets in my face? Not a problem the gas/vapor level 3M cartridges in my respirator will protect me... don't know if their loose fitting scarf on their face stops my germs. But then I haven't caught it so... How can a cold blooded thing have a bug that has a component of the worst ever warm blooded thing deep in it's DNA? Bats are immune from mammal viruses and germs. Mammals can contract cold blooded bacterial stuff. Don't slam me for that! It's ten + months old now. If you haven't heard about that it's high time you search and enlighten yourselves. If you choose not to believe, just be open and allow for the possibility of being wrong for a moment! You wanna gamble on your life? I just embraced that the fictitious Racoon City is non fiction now... and keep on truckin'. "Believe half of what you see, none of what you hear.." _ Lou Reed Several movies have been prophetic. Some music too! Again, Freedom is the Best. The Other Choice has a Proven History of Failure. 2020 is F'd up!
  24. the Farrah Fawcett haircut. That's "the Good Ol Days" for me!!
  25. Usually I've put a coat of sealer on the driveway late in the summer. Not this year so I don't have the outside broom half coated in that black tar looking substance. Got a handful of feathers out of a pillow and put some on it one time. The political solicitors have quit coming around here! Don't know if it's just my place or not. This `toon was in the paper only a month or two after a big election and struck me well. I cut up my collection and put them on a board and on my coffee can piggy banks when i was laid up once.
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