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  1. Difficult because I'm bright enough to understand that brewed and chilled it's still the same beans making it? I'm a real brat then, 🏁 can't stand pickled beets, chicken gizzards or collard greens or worst of all shrimp & garlic together except for in creole! Evergreens do like acidity you're right about that! tree fiddy? might take more than that!
  2. Don't buy the ice cream anymore since she can't eat anything now, so I'll stick with the milk for now. Powering through..... yes that's like burning the toast, scrape it off with a table knife and eat it anyhow. Iced coffee? How much will you pay me to do that? They're kids starving in china this town right now so waste-not / want-not!
  3. What do y'all do when your beans aren't very good and your constitution won't let you toss them? I've got some good stuff in again this week, but the hopper in my grinder is full of the previous stuff. This is going on a couple of months now.... trying to get back into the groove where I just do it subconsciously in the morning like the first thing we all do. It happens every now and then that wherever I get mine from either gets a different batch that isn't as good or flat out roasts and puts an entirely different bean in the bags. Gotta use them and mainly I just put a tsp of sugar into a qt of coffee. Today a couple of drops of maple syrup and milk, not my idea of a good am drink but I'm doing it. I've used brown sugar (it takes a lot less of this) and years ago almond extract. The flavored coffee fad didn't hit me hard at all. While I'm at it I have made my own mochas when i had a good dark roast after dinner with a good real (you know.. four ingredients) chocolate ice cream.
  4. Linda Rondstat, bet that half-speed is smooth sounding! & a good trumpeter through Khorns... it's been so long that if I did not have the K-55V/K700 in the Supers I could not imagine how that experience would be. Good Stuff.
  5. Hello boys & girls That was in jest, just for Carl. I've only seen them a foot or two long on the Halifax, didn't see them in the Banana river (same thing down at the Cape). There was cell phone video on the news once when I lived there of one jumping into a fishing boat and biting one of them. That big kid sure is happy with that giant one though, the muddy water seems more like TX too!.
  6. If you don't see any gators or big iguanas in the river be aware that the gars are mean, fast and barracuda like fish that have been known to jump into your boat to bite you. Found a picture of a big one (not me there): The teeth are gnarly with their mouth opened!
  7. Shame, it should be a choice if you dare to get sunburnt in places you won't say out loud! Haven't joined in there since the 90s. Ponce Inlet or thereabouts huh? More quiet there than off of Intl. Spdwy. Blvd.
  8. So I had several that had seen better days & the used LP store is where I go when I've got a spare moment now. Landed on a couple that one was sealed, the other looked new too. Unreal to me `cept that fella hears me when I say what I'm looking for !! Got $15, spent a twenty and these sound so good tonight! FF to a minute in:
  9. That's pretty bad for y'all northerners. Hope your ac is in good shape Mike, ours set at 80 between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm has run twice sometimes three times an hour the last couple of weeks. And nope, 80 isn't too bad with the ceiling fans running and the de-humidifier on at night to bring the humidity down below 50%. Well 80 isn't bad if you've been outside for any period of time!
  10. @avguytx For transporting then possibly storing (not out next to the Belles) the Farmplast Super-Crates are helpful. Just got four of them delivered an hour ago. They're just a tad more large than the crates I "came across" in the late 70s. https://www.milkcratesdirect.com/super-crates/
  11. At least you didn't say 15 south of New Smyrna I'd have to be younger or at least in great shape again to go back to the naked beaches!
  12. Put on my summer yardwork clothes at six this morning, that was nine hours ago. Not happening today, the care and feeding of my mother has gotten a lot more complicated, then had to run out and get supplies, then nurses for over an hour. In the middle I made dirty rice and blackeyes `cause the pot pies and frozen pizza have lost their allure. I'll make cornbread to go with the rest of it early tomorrow. Ate a whole cereal bowl (about two cups) full and I'm ruined... too heavy a brunch to get out in the heat now. 100 a little late today at 12:40. Got to trim all those darned bushes that I now hate and cut the yard so I can water it all to keep it from scorching by the weekend. Lots of water folks. Lots of water when it gets hot like this - even if you're not thirsty.
  13. Always liked Cold Chisel from the first time I heard them & his singing was a big part of that. Since a biker couple that moved here from the great plains introduced me to them in the 80s I've felt like I was the only other one around here that knew of them. Anyone living a quarter mile of me or fortunately stuck in traffic next to me in the last three decades heard them though. This stuff has to be cranked it's such a pure raw rock!! G'Day Mates!
  14. real close huh? if only I still had hair! Ended up with a crew cut yesterday, I used the tapered ones around my ears...... and forgot to extend the blade `cause things have been hectic here. Had to go all over with a 3/8" blade to make it match.... darn that's short but it isn't cold outside here, I'll live.
  15. Recognize the Atco label there bud. Some of my most played LPs are theirs Blackfoot's first is how I know that label! Here's another I see only in my old stuff. Big around here in and right after high school.
  16. Sticking with over there for now.
  17. I remember a whole year without rain here once, with one hell of a heatwave >95 for three months >100 for a week and a half. I think it was `86. I watered the trees and bushes slowly... lawn got burned up. We'd have dark cloudy days with lightning and thunder sometimes but not a speck of rain for over a year that time.
  18. 104 on the southside after lunchtime and though I don't trust the post 80s thermometer we have, two sites at weatherunderground nearby had 102 listed two hours later. So it's sunny, muggy and hot like summer around here today.
  19. Yea and I'm glad they didn't go away, I like Mick's solo stuff his covers on "Wandering Spirit" are great!!
  20. Oops I `bout made trouble for myself with the screenie I put up and took down! See some Stones around here, lots of good ones in this old release.
  21. Great!! I see you took some evidence out of what I got "E"d to me *
  22. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    These guys could ROCK!! & I wish I'd seen them more that just once, but in a small venue... a bar that held >500 people that's not bad at all. Late 80s and they still had it going on.
  23. Can't say that I know the tunes you're listening to @DMH although I've heard some of the Duke. But how you're listening to it is in a superb manner!!
  24. Seems they overreact and insinuate that we're all stupid sometimes @dtel. It's just good that not a lot bad happened yet! We get areal ? flash flood warnings all the time here over the phones or the boob-tube. and we are 650 something above sea level, everywhere is downhill from our few blocks and the ONLY way we will EVER flood is if that Isle of LePalma or something in the Canary Islands has that volcano split and fall into the sea and make that mile high tsunami I saw on a public tv station special once. Everything east of the Appalachian would be flooded then
  25. Follow up on the fawn, it's been in our backyard for a couple of days. Saw it with the doe after the thunderstorm earlier and it is moving around like it's getting stronger.
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