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  1. Well back to "If I had my stuff" It would not be so sparse and neat... and I'd have a desk instead of a card table like the past year! But the sound from the pc is way better than it was... so that's a trade off I'll take!
  2. That's from before I drank it! The cans were all red when I started in my late teens occasionally having some. Now I'm like Linus and his blanket. Bout time for adding milk, I let it cool and it's the last of that qt I made at 5:30.
  3. She's got that heavy metal growl down. But darn it's kind of like one of those scary pre-school book readers that they're pushing now.
  4. Hey man if I had all of my belongings with me (po'd smiley) I'd scan some pictures of me and my friend from Houston. That pic is comical but... It was after Hugo and we cut up over 40 I am not joking 30' - 50' pines, oak, maple, an apple and a willow with a good pruning saw an axe and a hundred year old two handled two man saw. That one had been a decoration we commandeered. He said it was nothing compared to David, but it was my first hurricane! Ended up with a pile taller than me at 5'9", eight feet deep into the yard and 100' long. Kept the blades oiled, had to clean the sap off with turpentine that comes from that same pine sap.
  5. Morning Afternoon, believe that rain got here early today. Not coming down hard anymore but too cool and cloudy to dry up until ?
  6. That Audio-Technica AT150MLX was probably the best MM cartridge ever made. Like the open, transparent rich flat sound ATs have for the $. Got one for my first tt with the new build and that tt didn't have the vta adjustment. Out the door they went! While it was still available the ~ $250 cart was going for over $700! Sure that ProJect made some more modern refinements to that tri-table, know they did with their interpretation of the Linn that I got.
  7. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Back-At-Cha! &Heavy Saw "the Guy" at halloween for a couple years after that one.
  8. The early 90s were so much better than... This was new and in your face then! Wasn't a raver but I had neighbors that were and... They did not believe in drawing the curtains. They were... except in between their ears was in an altered state. FL is different. Glad my relatives at the time were never over when they put on a show. These two were the start of it!
  9. Been in the 90s down to the 70s here the last couple of days. Feels like spring! Had some dark clouds earlier but no rain yet.
  10. Seems like a lot of water. When you had all those floods a while back I looked your town up on the pc. Saw that river meandering through there, it can do the same as any river like that in any town anywhere! Enjoy those tunes, it would be good stuff for your granddaughter !
  11. I never saw Stevie, but saw Jimmie and the Fabulous T-Birds up close as in resonating with the coliseum sized speakers in the little nightclub! Well the medium sized Palomino Club on the Eastside. Jimmie can put on a great show!
  12. You sure? Did you mean they're going to play along with some of his video recordings? Did not mean to GetCha! maybe it was a typo!
  13. WOW! Is it out of your firewood pile? That a good shot of the grain of a piece of wood. I'd like to know the history of the tree that made that kind of knarled, knurled grain detail. You've seen the tree rings detailed with historic weather events in National Geographic before I'd bet.
  14. @Dave1291 I thought the ...ren was truncated and it was what's below. Not a problem, like that anyhow it's all EC!
  15. Not woven, do y'all have giant tumble-lint out there?
  16. He's definitely the greater poet!
  17. I've got smaller than yours @RLink and they work. Recall the Heritage Sub rumor. But.... some of the Klipsch Pro LF boxes I've seen in the garage sale the past year have been AWESOME.
  18. Thank you @MeloManiac can't help but recognize his name and huge impact on movies for a long time. Was searching for "Chariots of Fire" a while back when I added the sub to my pc/stereo. Found this beautiful music there. RIP Vangelis
  19. Go @Schu go! I've got an upper low end... the Classic. It did make me a fan. That's the primo "Big Ten Inch" version of their carbon fiber sandwich tonearm if I'm not mistaken.
  20. Nope, but I was aware that they were wealthy world travelers. I had a couple Beatles records in my possession then! Best Bond tune & movie EVER!
  21. That is one fine turntable. At a very good price.
  22. Yes, it's got the 007 song on it! * ^bad info, it's not on that one & I can't find it yet "Live & Let Die" It's on a compilation, and a best of, think it was released in `73 as a single.
  23. Rock Show last night huh? Had this LP for a period, it moved on sometime in the 80s!
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