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    • It weighs 52lbs and my zip code is 32580.  You should be able to check with that info.  I was going to ship it to PA via Fedex and that was going to cost $60.
    • The idea to use a resistor in parallel with the driver was first proposed to me by Maz4bz as a way to tame a hot tweeter, and boy was it a life-saver! With the original driver/titanium diaphragms, I used a 20 ohm resistor which had a significant effect on impedance but it maintained the shape of the frequency response curve and phase. This translated to a nicely toned down tweeter that sounded great at moderate levels but had high frequency break-up at higher volumes, I think due to the big impedance change (maybe also a quality of the titanium diaphragms). I tried L-pad arraignments of several value combos and not a single one sounded better to me than the single parallel resistor. Even though the L-pad setups maintained impedance in its place and toned down the tweeter, they changed the frequency response curve and made the speakers sound less "Klipsch-ish" (they were losing that midrange "honk")   Changes to impedance curves can shift crossover points, so it's important to pay attention to the frequency response curve and it's phase. If you keep the frequency response curve and its related phase where is should be you have some flexibility in fluctuating impedance values of the speaker. The problem comes in when you are trying to tone down the tweeter without a crossover re-design. The problem gets even bigger when you use a new driver! For now, I'm gonna use the existing crossover C and L values and am only changing resistors (as you saw in the previous diagrams). Changing the primary resistor and lowering the value on the parallel resistor has made the new driver sound pretty good. Impedance is up but mainly past 10kHz, plus this new driver can handle way more than the originals with titanium diaphragms.   I'm still trying to get .zma and .frd files for the Faital's, that'll help a lot. Probably try a new crossover design.   Does anyone know a good way to convert a graph images into these files? I've been trying but so far no luck. I have also communicated with Faital-Pro, we'll see if they get back to me.
    • That paint may be eggshell shine  Making it In between flat and semi gloss 
    • KSW-12 #IDSG041000967   This amp suffered from leaking caps and bad glue. The board needed trace repairs and the amp got a full recap. Z1 and Q3 were shorted and needed to be replaced.
    • It seems to me, about 96 or 97 an arab shiek of some sort was building a ginormus compound out towards Spanish Hills that had a home for each of his wives when he flew into town to play Baccarat at the Hilton. They sort of just looked the other way.
    • Yes, and this isn't one of them, at least acording to the high court.  
    • I think the more interesting issue is there is still a federal criminal statute against polygamy, the Edmunds Act I think.   SCOTUS had not difficulty in affiriming the conviction of REYNOLDS of a similar federal law (Morill Act). Morill required a showing of marriage to more than one person, more difficult to prove, whereas Edmunds Act required only a showing of cohabitation.    It's a very interesting decision, historical and of course answers the question "what would Jefferson do?"
    • The sponsoring Senator, female, was very clear that all of the other criminal provisions related to bigimy stand, underage wives, human trafficking, all stand as is.   So if you set part of it aside, which I don't think anyone would dispute, except "a pedarast."
    • No, decriminalized, not legal. 
    • 3 hour round trip yesterday picking up a VERY nice wool persian rug for the living room.  Then cut the lil robot loose on the hardwood after sweeping then un-rolled the rug.  Looks great and after about 3 hours of listening today decided to finish up this dump.  The rug had a positive affect on the sound, which I knew it would.    When I initially got the paint I started w/flat Lowe's Valspar Signature on the sidewalls and did the trim in what was supposed to be their semi-gloss.  I swear it's flat and not semi-gloss.  Just no sheen to it all and I've put on gallons of paint in my life.  Now I'm torn on whether to start over w/a diff brand all together that I KNOW has the finish I want or live with what I have.  Then started thinking about wallpaper and found a slick contemporary paper I liked.  Naturally it was pricey as all get out.   Guess it's time to call my LF and have her get her butt out here.  She and her husband have been in the business their entire lives.  She's missed once with her color scheme in my lifetime of painting for ppl on the side.  The homeowner loved it though.  Ugh.  lol  Will prolly paint though.  Whenever I finished up a job for someone I'd hand the wife a new hammer and a handful of picture hooks n nails.  They're hammering holes in the wall before I'm loaded up!  hahaha  It breaks my heart to drive nail holes in high dollar wallpaper.   Also thinking seriously about adding another 4' "eye level" shelf up above the two 8 footers and the floor.  Make it a "go to" shelf for my favs.  Eye level and no bending over w/my mini mag lite looking for albums.  That would also free up 4' of room for some of @JohnJ's albums that I need here at the station.  lol 
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