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DJ’ing a dance with friends tonight


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Guess it’s becoming an annual thing.  A friend of ours works at the Holiday Inn in town and they have a building they call The Barn that they rent out for receptions and parties.  I’ll be using my best friends KLF-30s.  Laptop connected to my receiver for High-Res audio.


Set up in my main floor living room to give everything a test run.



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I thought something looked familiar in that pic.....obviously I have the same speakers (basically) and I used to have that same exact fireplace LOL.


Glad to hear the speakers worked out. My uncle did our wedding reception with a pair of Heresy's and a couple SVS subs. Worked great.

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49 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

When I saw your name and the title.....I was thinking about a 5 channel Heresy sound system!😀

I actually did that last year…had my 5 Heresys on the stage, set to All Chanel Stereo in my receiver.  Sounded great also!

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