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NFL & You Tube TV question


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I have Direct TV and had the NFL package.  Contract ends (between those two) and now, the NFL package is found via You Tube TV and maybe some other locations.  (I did the You Tube tv thing)


Many times, I might work outside during day, record game and watch it later on.  Seems I can do similar/same with You Tube.


What I think I'm discovering and this is my question.  I see some of the games being rebroadcast via the NFL channel on DTV.  Might be at midnight, might be over the next day or two at different times.


Just discovered this a day ago.


This has me thinking.  If I'm shifting the time ANYWAY, why not cancel (or not renew next year) the NFL package and simply record them and watch a day later.  I can easily ignore the results so it would be new to me when I see it.....and I now save $50 by cancelling the NFL package.


What I'm wondering is, are they going to do this for ALL NFL games througout the year?  (show them via NFL channel AFTER the game is up)


I think I can deal with that and save the funds.  That said, maybe they're rotating what the NFL channel shows and ironically, the games I'm interested in are the ones they're showing.  I would NOT want to cancel the NFL package if it meant missing an opportunity to watch what I want to see.


Anyone know if the NFL channel is showing ALL games afterwards?



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