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What I Got Today!


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Went to the grocery store "Harris Teeter" , after work tonight to pick up a couple of things . In the frozen goods section there were 5 carts filled with discounted beer . Usually not that great of a deal but then I picked up a sixer and saw that they were reduced more than 50% . I returned my basket and picked up a cart . Got all of this for less than $36. not too shabby . Covered allot of Western Europe , England , Germany , France , Spain , Italy and for good measure some Harpoon from New Hampshire . Still remembered to get the tomatoes , shrooms and bell pepper that I went there for in the first place . I'm Happy !


I spent $13 putting together a single six pack at my local wine shop on St. Patty's. All of it was from Ireland or Scottland, and some was better than others. I didn't particularly like the Harpoon, but I really enjoyed the new Guinness Black Lager. I had a six of Guinness Draught in the fridge and drank it back to back with the lager, and was very surprised to learn the new brew was a bit more to my liking.

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I thought you were going newegg?

Darn, your right Brac. I have spent several hours today going from site to site comparing and trying to find the drive to order in time for this weekend. My apologies to Tiger Direct it was New Egg that cancelled my order; too many www's today.
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I have had no trouble with newegg, once or twice I have placed orders and 10 minutes later I found the item at a better price. When I called in they said they had to way to cancel, just refuse delivery and I will not be charged. What did they cancel?

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