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  1. Some physicial limitations had taken me out of the speaker building business. Up for sale is a couple of my books 1) Speaker Enclosures by Alexis Badmaieff and Don Davis (144 pages, softcover, copyright 1966) 2) 21 Custom Speaker Enclosure Projects You Can Build by David B. Weems (251 pages, hardcover, copyright 1980) Asking $12 delivered for both One of the cooler projects in the fist book is the Jensen Imperial Folded Horn. It's the one I always wanted to build but just never got around to it. Thanks for looking!
  2. A neat little video game for anyone who's in to old school arcade games. It has Pac-Man, Galaxian, Rally X, Dig-Dug, and Bosconian. In excellent condition and operationally perfect. Lots of good memories of all the quarters and tokens that I pumped in to these machines back in the day. You'll need a TV with a RCA (yellow) video in or S-Video (adapter included) and audio in connection in order to use it. Asking price is $23.89 delivered by USPS to a CONUS address and paid by PayPal. Why the somewhat irregular price? Simple. It's the cost of a 12 pack of my favorite liquid bread plus postage plus PayPal fees. Thanks for looking!
  3. OK... How about $80 shipped for the pair.
  4. These have been sold. I had collected parts to build another pair of Heresys to use as surround speakers. I've since given up on that project so I'm putting the parts up for sale. These have been upgraded with Solen polypropylene capacitors. They're built in such a way that makes it easy to change out the caps if you're so inclined. I have the original capacitors available if desired. The crossovers are in very good condition. The have been tested in my existing Heresys and work perfectly. Asking price is $45 delivered by USPS Priority Mail to a CONUS address. No additional charge for PayPal as it is my preferred method of payment. Thanks for looking!
  5. I've been a trouble maker all of my life. Why stop now?
  6. I see under my username and avatar "warning points 0". I haven't found anyone else with this. Have I done something worthy of warning points?
  7. The problem I had at the old forum using Chrome was paragraph breaks. If there is a space between the first line and this one then the problem has gone away.
  8. jhoak

    Some sad news

    Mom's memorial service was held yesterday. It was a true and meaningful tribute to her life and enduring faith. Not a dry eye in the house. Mine included. In the hours since I can't seem to stop crying for her. And as bad as I feel for the loss for my mother I feel even worse for my father over the loss of his wife of 50+ years.
  9. jhoak

    Some sad news

    Thank you all for you kind words, thoughts, and prayers. They are greatly appreciated. I was her first born so Mom and I had a kind of "special" relationship. That's not to say that she didn't love all 4 of us equally but she and I shared things that we didn't share with my brother and sisters. Frankly, the magnitude of my loss still hasn't fully struck me. I'm not sure when it will. The funeral is scheduled for Monday. I suspect it'll be one of the hardest thing I'll ever do. For those who wish to see here is her obituary published in the local newspaper: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/theledger/obituary.aspx?n=carole-j-hoak&pid=167069583&fhid=7783#fbLoggedOut
  10. jhoak

    Some sad news

    My mother passed away about an hour ago. The details are still a little sketchy but it appears that she succumbed to an asthma attack precipitated by COPD. She turned 75 a couple of weeks ago. To say that I'm in shock would be an understatement. Prayers and good wishes are requested for my father. They were married for 56 years. Don't know what else to say...
  11. Another pair from my collection. They're in very good condition. The cones are perfect. They both measure 7.3 ohms Asking price is $40 each plus actual shipping or $100 to shipped to a CONUS address for the pair. Thanks for looking!
  12. Back to page one with a price drop. Now $85 delivered to a CONUS address.
  13. Wonderful news. Congrats to Mom, Dad and the entire family. How many does this one make? I found out a while back that my second grandchild should be arriving early in February.
  14. I came across a box full of parts in my storage unit. I was planning to build a pair of Heresys but that's not going to happen now. They're in good condition and work perfectly. One measures 6.1 ohms and the other 6.3 ohms. Asking price is $100 delivered by USPS Priority Mail to a CONUS address. No additional charge for PayPal as it is my prefered method of payment. Thanks for looking! P.S. Stand by... More to come. A pair of K-53-K squawkers, a pair of K-22-K woofers, and a pair of upgraded E-2 crossovers. I just need to get a handle on pricing.
  15. I'm selling off some of my network test equipment. Up for grabs is my Test-Um LanScaper. It will perform a wide range of network testing and validation. Included is the tester, 2 12" RJ45 to alligator clip leads, 2 6" RJ45 to BNC leads, 1 LanRover Pro remote module, and a carrying case. Everything is in good condition and works perfectly. Detailed info about it can be found here: http://www.jdsu.com/en-us/Test-and-Measurement/support/discontinued-products/Pages/discontinued-lanscaper.aspx The owner's manual can be downloaded from here: http://www.jdsu.com/ProductLiterature/LanScaper_TU9854-3_REV500.pdf Asking price is $125 delivered to a CONUS address. Thanks for looking!
  16. Rated for up to 47" or 100 pounds. Easy to mount and remove TV as needed. I have a bag of hardware that I can include if desired. Good condition and works as designed. Asking price is $10 plus actual shipping. Thanks for looking!
  17. SALE PENDING This is the "Commemorative Edition" which includes the softcover book, a booklet of images and a double CD with all of the audio contained in the gold disc placed on the Voyage spacecraft. The books and CDs are in as new condition. The exterior box is showing some wear along the edges but is still very presentable. Also included is the hardcover edition of the book. I'd call it's condition fair at best. Unfortunately I no longer have the paper slipcover. Asking price is $75 delivered by USPS Media Mail. Look it up on Amazon guys. The best price for the hard cover is $100 (used) and for the boxed set $80. In other words... a pretty good deal Thanks for looking!
  18. Updated to reflect the sale of the keyboard.
  19. 1) Asus XONAR 7.1 channel PCI sound card. Very good condition and works perfectly. Includes standard and low profile brackets. The card has an optical output. Box manual and driver CD is included. New price is around $50. I'm asking $20 plus actual shipping. The sound card has been sold. 2) Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with integrated touch-pad. Includes the keyboard and USB dongle. Very good condition and works perfectly. Ships in it's original box with instructions, USB adapter, and factory packing. New price is around $40. I'm asking $15 plus actual shipping. The keyboard has been sold. Thanks for looking!
  20. SALE PENDING I have a chance to pick up a Nexus 10 for a really good price. I can't afford to do it until I sell my Nexus 7. It was purchased April of this year. It is in perfect condition. It has been protected by a cover since day one. Other than a couple of fingerprints you wouldn't know it wasn't brand new. It's the basic model 16 GB and WiFi. At the same time I purchased the Nexus bought a Belkin Classic cover for it. It ships with the original box and packing. I've been unable to locate the getting started brochure but I know it's here somewhere. If I don't find it until after the Nexus 7 ships I'll mail it to the purchaser. I will do a "factory reset" on it prior to shipping. Asking price is $125.00 delivered to a CONUS address. I have posted this on several forums. For that reason the best way to contact me if you wish to purchase is by email to: jeff DOT hoak AT gmail DOT com thanks for looking
  21. One of our forum members who is local to me is leaving for Chicago tomorrow (the 24th) and has graciously offered to deliver the TT to a buyer who might be along the way. His route will take him though Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago. Will also be visiting Madison, WI. It would be a good way to get a nice turntable hand delivered and save some $$ on the shipping.
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