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  1. Rick

    What I Got Today!

    A Marantz PM-15S2 integrated amp:
  2. Rick

    What I Got Today!

    I got the new Bruce Springsteen box set (CD version). Best Buy price matched Amazon's price of $74.99. For those considering the set, I can tell you that it sounds every bit as good as the reviews say it does, and I recommend it highly for fans of the music...
  3. Gotta move this. Final price reduction to $125 plus shipping.
  4. Bump, with a price reduction to $425 plus shipping...
  5. Bump, with a price reduction to $150 plus shipping...
  6. Rick

    Happy birthday dtel

    Happy Birthday dtel!!
  7. Yes, I am strictly a 2 channel guy these days. The gear I'm using with the Focals is as follows: B&K 200.2 amp Parasound P5 preamp Parasound T3 tuner Teac CD-1000 CD/SACD player Vintage Technics belt drive turntable w/Shure M97xE Denon DR-M22 3 head cassette deck APC H15 power conditioner
  8. Here is my Marantz DR-17 CD player/recorder. It is from Marantz' Reference Series, and was made in Japan in June 2000. I picked it up from my friends at Audio Classics several months ago. It was my everyday player until I recently picked up a Teac CD-1000 CD/SACD player. It performed flawlessly during that time. All functions work, including the record feature (it will only record on blank CD Audio discs, NOT CD Data discs). It also plays HDCDs. It is a very well built unit as you would expect from a Marantz Reference Series component, weighing in at 17.4 lbs and has thick aluminum front/side panels, and corners. The unit is in excellent condition, with just a few minor scratches on the top panel. It sounds very good through its analog outs, but would also make a very nice transport, with a bonus of being able to make recordings as well. I did not get the original remote,manual, or box with it when I purchased it. However, I purchased a Sony remote that controls the play functions, as well as record. You cannot finalize a disc from the remote though, and must do it from the front panel. I could not find a downloadable manual for it online, but after some research I found out that it had a Philips cousin that is identical operationally, so I downloaded and printed out that one. It will be packed well for shipping, as all my items are. Included in the sale will be the Marantz, power cord, Sony remote, printed Philips manual, a spool of blank Sony audio CD's with 23 discs remaining, and a Memorex CD-RW disc. Here's a link to the last one that sold on Audiogon for $350: http://app.audiogon.com/listings/marantz-dr-17-cd-recorder-orig-1200-00-records-and And another that just sold a couple of weeks ago on Ebay for $475. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-HIGH-END-Marantz-DR-17-CD-Player-Recorder-in-Original-Box-AUDIOPHILE-/261585397915?pt=US_CD_Players_Recorders&hash=item3ce7b4689b My asking price is $275 plus shipping. Thanks for looking!!
  9. Thank you my friend! They are great sounding speakers as well... Sorry I have not been able to join in with you and the RTM gang much lately, I have been so very busy in my life. However, look for that to change when winter arrives...
  10. I have upgraded to the 836V towers, therefore I'm selling my 806V bookies in ebony. They are 4 months old and in mint condition. They will ship in their original box, with manual. My asking price is $475 plus shipping. http://www.focal.com/en/chorus-800-v/33-chorus-806-v-3544051691116.html http://www.musicdirect.com/p-139677-focal-chorus-806v-bookshelf-speakers-pr.aspx
  11. As promised, some photos. If a buyer needs, I will throw in a free sub cable of decent quality, as well as a really nice Sonic Wave Y-Splitter (either a male to 2 female or a female to 2 male, your choice)... Here's the one blemish I mentioned...
  12. PM replied to... Stay tuned as photos are coming soon...
  13. Since getting my new Focal Chorus 836V's last week, I've been breaking them in running them full range with my sub out of the mix. I've played a ton of music, and I've watched several of my favorite concert BD/DVD titles. I have determined that the Focals deliver all the bass I desire on their own, therefore I no longer need a sub, so my SVS is now up for sale. I purchased it on 7/8/14 (just over 2 months ago) from the SVS Outlet Store. When I got it and looked it over, I could only find one blemish on it. On the bottom/left/rear corner there is a ding. That's one of the best places to have a blemish, as it is not at all visible. Other than that, it looks new. I have all the original packing material, so I am willing to ship the sub at the buyer's expense. However, it is too big to fit in my car, so I'd have to arrange a pickup by FedEx or UPS. I'm not sure how that works or if there's an extra fee or not? I paid $646.92 for the sub= $599 + $47.92 tax. I am selling it for $525 FIRM, plus shipping. Of course, anyone that lives close enough to me at zip 14845, they are welcome to come pick it up. I will not have the time to take and post pictures until Saturday, and will do so then unless someone snatches it up beforehand...
  14. I have decided to put this back on the market, this time at the reduced price of $199 plus shipping. I deleted all images of the unit from my PC, as well as on Photobucket. I will take some more and post them on Saturday, unless it sells before then...
  15. Rick

    What I Got Today!

    A pair of Focal Chorus 836V speakers (and the night off work to enjoy them)...
  16. After the post I just made, I "lost" 2,000 more posts. WTF??
  17. Indeed, I noticed last night that I "lost" over 8,000 of my posts. The only thing I could figure out is that it appears that everyone's post counts from the "Right This Minute" thread were "deleted". I looked at all my regular friends post counts over there, and they have all been greatly reduced.....
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