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  1. Jimmy Buffett knows the answer: "He Went To Paris." "He was impressive, young and aggressive, Saving the world on his own But the warm summer breezes, the French wines and cheeses, put his ambition at bay his summers and winters, scattered like splinters and 4 to 5 years slipped away....
  2. I forgot about the prophecy that Lagertha would be killed by a son of Ragnar Lothbrok. Shieldmaiden on her way to Valhalla.
  3. Very nice looking system and welcome to the Klipsch forums.
  4. High 50's on Saturday, got to play golf in January in NYS. Got into the low 60's yesterday afternoon, went out for a long walk with the Mrs. I am under no delusions however as this patch of nice weather will be gone shortly.
  5. Bourbon is mostly a weekend thing for me. Right now I have 6 bottles open at the house, Woodford, Larceny, Eagle Rare, Weller Antique, Weller Special Reserve & Four Roses Single Barrel. Decisions, Decisions. There are also Single Malts & Irish Whisky to consider.
  6. HiFi, even with the damage you did very well, enjoy the Forte IIs.( A pair I have always wanted!)
  7. I can easily see myself ordering Klipsch car audio for my next vehicle. I hope it pans out. (no pun intended.)
  8. Not that I am aware of, the Port barrel finish really rounds this off nicely. I am more of a Wheater bourbon fan than a high rye content fan, but this one is right in my wheelhouse. Don't get me wrong I also like Four Roses Single Barrel, which is a rye bourbon, so it's not like I discriminate. Try a glass before committing to a bottle, no need to add to your son in laws shelf!
  9. I went out for drinks with a customer who was born and raised in Kentucky. This guy had bourbon in is blood. We had 4 different bourbons and the Angel's Envy rose to the top of the pile. Now this was not a double blind tasting and the order in which we drank them influenced our decision, but we all bought Angel's Envy for the home bar afterwards. As has been mentioned, there is no accounting for other's preferences in a bourbon's flavor profile, but I am a fan of Angel's Envy. Try it, you might like it @CECAA850
  10. I liked Eagle Rare at the $29 per bottle price point. Now that it is $39 a bottle, I don't feel the need to buy it again.
  11. The heck with the naysayers, buy what you want as long as you can comfortably afford them. You only get so many trips around the sun.
  12. Had some Michter's bourbon the other day, only aged 4 years but I liked the small sample I tried. @ $40 a bottle, might have to buy one in the near future.
  13. I always thought B.B.King put on a great show. Lucky enough to have seen him at least 3 times. First time was at the Jones Beach Theater on a triple bill with Robert Cray opening, followed by Etta James & finally B.B. I then saw him on another triple bill at the Oyster Bay Arboretium with Delbert McClinton as the opening act followed by the Neville Brothers and B.B. on the top of the bill. The last show I can recall off the top of my head was a blues review at the Paramount theater, the old Felt Forum for you old guys, with Junior Wells, Koko Taylor, Little Feat and B.B. A great showman with a top flight band, glad I saw him before his voice went south.
  14. +16 this am, with a "real Feel" of -4. First true blast of winter temps, I am never really ready for this crap.
  15. Enjoy your bounty, I haven't seen a Weller product in a liquor store in NYC in years. No Elmer T. Lee since he passed away. Let's not even discuss any Van Winkle products.
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