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    City: Rotel RA-1070 Int Amp, Rotel RCD-1072 CDP, Sony ES 500 Tuner. Dual CS-5000 TT, Nakamichi Dragon Tape Deck, Tascam CC-222 CD Burner, Klipsch Cornwall II's, etc...

    Country: SAE A501 Amp, Rotel RA-12 Int Amp used as my Pre-Amp,Rotel-1072 CDP, Rotel RCD-1055 Multi Changer, Sony PS3 Blu-Ray, Rotel RSS-900 Speaker Switchbox, Klipsch Chorus II's, KG 1.5's, KSB 1.1's, AW-525's.

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  1. I grabbed a couple of floor mats/runners from Home Depot, cheap and works fine for me.
  2. RT FAN

    What I Got Today!

    Not for nothing RPlace, but that sure as hell doesn't look like the upper west side! Enjoy your new toys.
  3. I remember when Hurricane Irma slammed into Savannah, Georgia in 2017. My aunt's house took a hit and by the time she called for repairs to her roof she was told that there were over 50,000 repair orders on the books in the city and surrounding area already. Sometimes the scale of the damage needs to be put in perspective. From what I saw from news reports it looked like some areas of the Panhandle were scrubbed right down to the sand.
  4. Pretty sure I will be laid off before that. I am caring less and less with each passing day. I can file for SS in 2 1/2 years, that will be game over for me.
  5. and we are still jealous.....
  6. No dealers within 100 miles of NYC, closest is outside of Philly.
  7. That is an impressive lineup, I have seen: Clapton, Derek Trucks, Jeff Beck, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Los Lobos, Robert Cray & Sonny Landreth. This show would be right up my alley. Los Lobos put on an amazing show, you never know what they will play and Sonny Landreth is a Monster slide player. Enjoy if you go.
  8. Seizures like this give you some idea of the scale of the drug problem in this country. If this is what was caught you can only imagine what is making it through. We have no one to blame for this problem but ourselves.
  9. To tell you the truth this has been one of the most boring NCAA tourneys in history. There have been some great individual efforts and the spotlight on some very good players not usually seen on national tv, but no major upsets. I don't think the whitewash of Wisconsin would count. If Duke had lost that really would have wiped out most of the brackets in the country, but thanks to a bum call, they skated through. No Cindarellas makes for a dull March. Hopefully things pick up this weekend.
  10. That Nutwood could improve the sound of a Grateful Dead bootleg......maybe not.
  11. Thank heavens I am broke, those are in magnificent shape and the one pair of Klipsch speakers I have always wanted to own. GLWTS.
  12. I don't find having to drop a cd into my player to be a terrible inconvenience. If I plan an extended listening session, as when guests are over, I drop 5 into my changer. I also have the capability of streaming from my Icloud library through my Ipad mini into a USB port on one of my amps. (using the DAC within said amp.) I think it sounds fine. To my ear, cds sound best to me. Down the road, it is inevitable to integrate a computer into my rig, but for now I am fine with the way things are.
  13. I had close to 1,000 cassettes at my peak and even after giving away armloads of them I still have several hundred. I was a dedicated Maxell fan, XL II S, TDK SA in a pinch. I am lucky enough to own a Nakamichi Dragon and even though it needs a service call it still sounds great. I own a large collection of bootlegs and radio broadcasts on cassette and have converted a couple of them to cd. My goal is to burn the higher quality ones to cd and then chuck the garbage. Since my car still has a deck in it, I still routinely listen to cassettes, and they still sound good.
  14. I had the GX-51 & loved that machine, great sound and mechanics.
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