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  1. RT FAN

    The Cola Wars

    The actor you guys are thinking about is Geoffrey Holder. And yes, he was the Voodoo Priest in "Live & Let Die."
  2. Minty cabinets, I wish mine were in such great condition. GLWTS.
  3. Those are some nice looking Blue Claws. My grandfather taught my brother and me how to catch Blue Claws when we were kids. Take a wire hanger and open it up, skewer 4 or 5 Snapper heads (baby bluefish) onto the hanger and twist it back together. tie a rope onto it and toss overbaord. Grandpa would either smoke a cigarette or drink a beer and then tell us to slowly bring it up. With any luck you would have a couple of crabs chowing down. Catch them with the net and repeat. I miss being 9 years old, life was much more simple back then.
  4. It looks like this storm may be upgraded to a catagory 1 hurricane with winds up to 85 mph. Nothing to fool around with, certainly not at sea level. Best of luck to them, let's hope they get out of town in time.
  5. I have heard that but from my experience it has not been the case. My discs are treated accordingly and stored properly, i.e. away from sunlight, not stacked etc. I was told cdrs would have to be replaced after 20 years or so, but the several hundred I have still all play perfectly. My vinyl having gone to a few too many keg parties in college on the other hand....
  6. That gray area is indeed rather large and must be addressed by politicians at some point. Those that are advocating the elimination of private insurance are either not cognizant of how the economy works, ill informed or delusional. Perhaps a combination of all three.
  7. You can believe what you wish Zen, but people are motivated by reward in whatever form it takes, be it monetary, personal glory or sexual gratification etc. Limit the reward and the lack of effort is sure to follow.
  8. I will take the word of Dwight David Eisenhower on this. His comments have proved to be quite prophetic: "Get it all on record now-get the films-get the witnesses-because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say this never happened." General Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  9. I agree, having just filled a prescription for $123 for a tiny bottle, that my MD said that in Canada it is $5 for the generic version. Ouch!
  10. I usually avoid these threads, now I remember why. It was a little disjointed what with the missing comments. I have never blocked any members here on the Klipsch forum, that might have to be revisted. Oh, by the way, IN BEFORE THE LOCK!
  11. While I have no love of Big Pharma, as the developers of life saving drugs they are entitled to earn royalties from their products. Some of these drugs cost billions of dollars to develop and see through to a viable and safe drug. These trials often take years. After a certain period of time, generic drugs are allowed to enter the market cutting into their profit margin. To legislate or cap the amount of money these firms can earn from their efforts will lead to a stifling of research and less innovation in the marketplace. Socialist policies, while sounding good and with the best of intentions, invariably fail when applied in a manner in which they restrict competition and lessen the rewards for those who are investing their own capital in the development of useful and much needed products.
  12. The Mayor of NYC, Bill DeBlasio, is referred to in the NY Post as "Mayor Putz." A fitting sobriquet.
  13. The enjoyment of musical reproduction in its various permutations constitutes a pretty big tent. If Thebes, our resident anachronistic curmudgeon wants to listen to acetate & shellac, who are we to begrudge him his indulgences? Personally I cannot afford a vinyl set up that beats a good cd player. So for me, I prefer cds over my collection of records that stretches back to the very early 70s. Most of them have been played to death and the surface noise is more than a distraction. The world evolves and is always moving forward, yet there are many of us who are resistant to change, for better or worse. For them, there is a comfort level in the ritual of cleaning the record, lining up the tonearm, gently lowering it into the groove and being transported to a state of musical bliss via reproduced sound. If vinyl hounds find music sounds best to them from a turntable, good for them. I don't criticize them, nor do I expect to be criticized for listening to cds. I am given grief from some quarters and called a luddite for listening to cds over streaming. So I guess that turnabout is fair play. Many folks find that streaming from their computer is more convenient than dropping a shiny disc into a player. Perhaps I will head down that road at some point, but for now, I will stay with my 1s & 0s via discs.
  14. It was an amazing display of talent this weekend at Pebble Beach. It just goes to show that the USGA can set up a course to be tough and fair without butchering it like they did the last two times the Open was held at Shinnecock. With no wind to help defend Pebble, the pros shot the lights out. It looked more like a PGA championship, double digits under par, than a U.S. Open with penal rough, slick as glass greens and par as the winning score. We shall see what Winged Foot brings us next year, more like -2 or-3 under par as the winning score I would venture. Congratulations to Gary Woodland, his improved putting was what got his hands on the trophy. A great defense by Brooks Koepka.
  15. Beautiful pair there JimJimbo, they are pretty close to mint given their age. I am more than a little surprised that no one has snagged at least one pair of these classic speakers. GLWTS.
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