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  1. Spectracide wasp & hornet spray is the most effective killing agent I have used against wasps, never without it. Spray them when they land, game over, also effective against small nests under eaves etc. I called in a pro for the monster nest in the drainpipe on my flat roof. He said he had never seen that before. As to yellow jacket nests underground, I wait until evening and pour gasoline down the hole and set on fire. Just make sure you are not near your sprinkler system, etc.
  2. I would gladly pay those prices and then some @BigStewMan This is the first Weller I have seen in a store in the NYC area in years. My supplies are running low, I am down to one bottle of Antique in the bunker!
  3. There is an old saying on Wall Street: "Every ship that ever sunk had a chart on it." There is only two things that matter in this market, Fed Policy and Momentum Trading. As long as the Fed continues it's QE policy and easy monetary stance, money will be sloshing around and need to find a home. Where is the best return on your money at this time? The Stock Market. Today the Treasury auctioned off the new 10 year note, it came with a 1 1/2% coupon, for TEN FREAKIN" YEARS (of limited risk). The second leg of this is the Momentum folks, no matter which way things go, they pile into the trade to exact their pound of flesh. A perfect example is Tesla, the short squeeze was on and folks piled into the trade driving Tesla to unrealistic heights. Did they believe in the stock itself? of course not, they knew the shorts were being forced to cover, so there was inevitable pain involved which results in higher prices. They were in and out of the trade before you turned on CNBC.
  4. Stopped into a new for me liquor store, that had a few things on sale, cash only, that were worth the detour. As always I checked the bourbon aisle and there to my surprise was a bottle of Weller Special Reserve. Now this store is in a less than well off area, so I was quite happy to see the Weller, too bad it was $49.99. I left it there, right next to the Weller 12 that was $199.99. Short of someone in the area winning the lottery, they will be there for ages.
  5. RT FAN


    I can't help but think you will regret this in the long run, but you have been making lots of strong moves over the last 2 years. These will not last long, GLWTS.
  6. RT FAN

    What I Got Today!

    I have had a bunch of Jim Barry's over the years and think you will enjoy them. The Kistler might have the stuffing to age, but it will be quite a different wine by now. Worth the gamble, the reds should be fine.
  7. I picked up a bottle of Angel's Envy as my supply had run dry. $44 plus tax. Won't get opened until another bourbon bites the dust. Work, work, work...
  8. Jimmy Buffett knows the answer: "He Went To Paris." "He was impressive, young and aggressive, Saving the world on his own But the warm summer breezes, the French wines and cheeses, put his ambition at bay his summers and winters, scattered like splinters and 4 to 5 years slipped away....
  9. I forgot about the prophecy that Lagertha would be killed by a son of Ragnar Lothbrok. Shieldmaiden on her way to Valhalla.
  10. Very nice looking system and welcome to the Klipsch forums.
  11. High 50's on Saturday, got to play golf in January in NYS. Got into the low 60's yesterday afternoon, went out for a long walk with the Mrs. I am under no delusions however as this patch of nice weather will be gone shortly.
  12. Bourbon is mostly a weekend thing for me. Right now I have 6 bottles open at the house, Woodford, Larceny, Eagle Rare, Weller Antique, Weller Special Reserve & Four Roses Single Barrel. Decisions, Decisions. There are also Single Malts & Irish Whisky to consider.
  13. HiFi, even with the damage you did very well, enjoy the Forte IIs.( A pair I have always wanted!)
  14. I can easily see myself ordering Klipsch car audio for my next vehicle. I hope it pans out. (no pun intended.)
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