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  1. Thanks Marvel, you always post considerate comments. Moving thousands of cassettes, lps and thousands of cds is no small task, and took several trips by themselves. Besides amps, TT’s, tape decks, etc. I never thought about the speakers bouncing off the loading ramp of the truck. Operated by knuckleheads. Lesson learned.
  2. I hope you don’t have La Scalas or some other formidable such Klipsch speaker to transport, when I was younger I moved my Chorus II’s by myself. But that was many Advil’s ago 😃
  3. That thought crossed my mind, although I am always leery of making holes in the cabinets, even the interior. In the meantime, all is well that ends well. The second speaker had suffered the same fate with a runaway Crites crossover. It was resting, more like magnetized against the woofer. Those connections to the woofer had come loose, so the second speaker was an easy fix. I turned everything on, and things worked as they should. Now is the sound perfect in a tiled basement? Of course not, but I was not expecting it to be, but compared to round one, night and day. Our moving out of our apartment was an unexpected result of getting laid off and the pandemic. Moving was always in the future, which suddenly was upon us. So my advice would be, if you are moving, disconnect the crossovers, move your speakers yourselves if you can and pay up for a white glove moving company if you have enough stuff that you worry about them in transit. Moving compamies are a prime example of you get what you pay for. Thanks to all for the helpful advice, I knew the folks here at Klipsch forums would steer me in the right direction.
  4. It was the movers, I moved all of my equipment, cds, LPs, tapes, myself but lugging the Fortes around by myself was a bridge too far. I figured loading them in and out of my Jeep would have been a disaster, probably ruining the veneer, etc. I foolishly thought professional movers would have treated them with the respect I asked for but good help is hard to find these days. At least when I bought your Cornwalls, you helped me load them up! 😀
  5. quick update, I opened the terminal cup on the back and saw that the crossover had fallen and was leaning against the woofer. First order of business is to check the connections. The positive connected to the woofer was out, so reconnect that. Reinstall the crossover doubling up the amount of sticky Velcro so that it adheres better. Move on to squawker, everything good there. move on to the tweeter, oops, one wire not connected and the “Female Disconnect F” spade or shoe is snapped in half. So off to True Value for a lifetime supply of 16-14 gauge connectors. Back down to the basement I go. I can only imagine the same problems or worse exists in the other Forte. Thanks again for the help, hopefully I will be up and running shortly.
  6. Same outputs, different outputs, different RCA cables, different speaker cables, different banana plugs, switched to bare wire and went to the bullpen for a different amp. So basically every permutation I could think of. This afternoon I will pull the crossovers and check the connections, that is the only answer I can think of at this point. The knuckleheads who moved us must have treated them with less respect than they deserved. Probably some potholes on the Long Island Expressway on the way out as my wife lost a few Hummels in transit as well.
  7. So I again switched back to my original amp using a second set of speakers and everything works fine. So this eliminates the amp and cdp. Tomorrow I will take Jason’s suggestion and open them up and check the crossovers. Perhaps something got disconnected in the move. Odd that it would happen to both. With both having problems I would have thought Polarity would have been the culprit. Enough time in the basement for one day. I will report back tomorrow.
  8. Yes both speakers are showing the same symptoms. When using the CDP, the EQ is not involved, straight from CDP Output to Input on the Amp.
  9. So my Forte have been idle for several months and during the pandemic year saw very little action. Recently we consolidated our household so that my NYC stereo, the one with the Forte, is now my basement system. So today I went through the long process of hooking everything up, EQ, Cd Burner, CDP, Table, Tuner, Tape Deck, well you get the idea. After several hours I decided to drop in a disc and……no bass what so ever! My Forte sounded like headphones that were lying on the coffee table. Ugh. Round up the usual suspects, thinking it was a polarity issue. Checked and rechecked the speaker wire. Swapped out the banana plugs, went to bare wire. Changed speaker wire entirely, nothing. Changed inputs from CDP to tape deck to second cdp with a different input obviously, still nothing. Hooked up a different amp, still nothing. Finally hooked up a Academy and another center channel and, music. So there is no obvious damage that I can see after removing the grills. So what has happened to my speakers? In moving did the voice coil or some other internal wiring come loose? I guess I will have to check the connections on the Crites Crossovers, but since both speakers are sounding the same, that doesn’t make sense to me. So I am asking the experts around here if there is anything, obvious or otherwise, that I have missed. To say I am bummed would be an understatement. Thanks for any help you can offer. Stephen
  10. Having bought a pair of Cornwall II’s from Preston Tom, I can confirm he is a man of his word and very easy to deal with. GLWTS, Tom.
  11. I am a big fan of the ROTEL/Klipsch synergy. I run a RA-1070 Integrated amp with my Forte speakers and use a RA-12 Integrated amp as my Pre-amplifier with my Chorus II’s. ROTEL, much like Klipsch overdelivers at their price points. I find them neutral in delivery which allows my speakers to shine. Enjoy.
  12. His commentary on speaker cable is well worth reading and has caused more than a few audio-fools to pull their hair out. Thanks for your work, it certainly looks like he lead an interesting life.
  13. Not to derail the thread, but I found.a guy who worked with the designer of that SAE amp. He was doing repair work on that engineer’s models, SAE, Ampzilla, Son of Ampzilla, etc. last I heard he was working for VPI turntables. As a side note, the loudest I ever pushed the SAE was 1 whole watt, given the efficiency of the Chorus II, it was concert level loud for these old ears. (As a tribute to the passing of legendary bassist/vocalist John Wetton, I cranked up King Crimson: USA.)
  14. You may want to consider the Rotel lineup of Integrated Amps. Their more recent models such as the RA-12 and A-12 have built in DAC’s. I am currently using the Rotel RA-12 as my Pre-Amp while hooked up to a SAE-501A 250wpc power amp. It offers a tons of flexibility for inputs, optical/coaxial, to which I run my Oppo Blu-ray and tv. Cd and phono sections as well as a front panel input if you ever want to run your IPhone or other such device directly to the Rotel. It is also Blu-Tooth capable. Used they are well within your budget and I saw one recently trade on AudioKarma around the $600 price point. Good luck in your search.
  15. I for one thought he was dead in the water, playing on the regular tour and missing cuts. Phil The Thrill proved me wrong and as a long time fan of his, I enjoyed it thoroughly. A well deserved win.
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