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    City: Rotel RA-1070 Int Amp, Rotel RCD-1072 CDP, Sony ES 500 Tuner. Dual CS-5000 TT, Nakamichi Dragon Tape Deck, Tascam CC-222 CD Burner, Klipsch Cornwall II's, etc...

    Country: SAE A501 Amp, Rotel RA-12 Int Amp used as my Pre-Amp,Rotel-1072 CDP, Rotel RCD-1055 Multi Changer, Sony PS3 Blu-Ray, Rotel RSS-900 Speaker Switchbox, Klipsch Chorus II's, KG 1.5's, KSB 1.1's, AW-525's.

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  1. RT FAN

    Jeff Beck

    Look for the Jeff Beck documentary on Showtime, Jeff Beck: Still On The Run. I thought it was excellent.
  2. RT FAN

    Cornwall's from Acousticsounddesign.com

    Sweet! Enjoy your new toys.
  3. RT FAN

    Custom heresy II in NY

    The Cherry racing stripe is a nice touch......
  4. RT FAN

    Is Neil Diamond...

    He also played a Romulan, Mark Lenard that is, not Neil Diamond. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GCEB_enUS820US820&biw=1435&bih=980&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=dHtQXKijFq6xggf7mpu4Cw&q=mark+lenard+as+a+romulan&oq=mark+lenard+as+a+romulan&gs_l=img.3...95465.100170..100634...0.0..0.79.732.14......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i24.qSBklMFt-cc#imgrc=SJZYYgR_gTmUsM:
  5. Sounds like a great decision Malcolm. I am running original1987 Forte with the Crites upgrades in my apartment and am very happy with them. When you get yours, post some pictures, we here on the forum love pictures.
  6. RT FAN

    12 step audio program

    Get thee behind me Satan!
  7. Malcolm, try to find a shop to audition some Klipsch Heritage speakers to see if the horn loaded sound agrees with you. I think the nearest authorized dealer is in Jersey. Two things to remember, McIntosh & Klipsch are a natural pairing and when it comes to Klipsch speakers, go big or go home. A notion most members here would agree with.
  8. Welcome to the Klipsch forum. I have had Klipsch speakers in various apartments in Manhattan for years, with no complaints form my neighbors. One thing to remember is that Klipsch are incredibly efficient and as such, given your room, the vast majority of your listening will be done under 1/2 a watt. I have had Chorus II, Cornwall II & Forte in apartments and have been happy with all of them, although they were overkill.
  9. RT FAN

    CL: Klipsch Chorus 1 - $675 (PARRISH) FL

    You have to admit those are in excellent shape, a good deal for someone.
  10. I have been strictly solid state all along. As I get older I am looking to simplify my systems, not make them more compicated. I will strip them down to Integrated amps, CDP's and speakers. I do not see tube rolling in my future. If anything it will be farewell to tape decks, EQ's, Tuners, and Turntables. The "KISS" theory, keep it simple, stupid.
  11. RT FAN

    Quotable Quote

    "Never miss a good chance to shut up." Will Rogers.
  12. RT FAN

    In memory of Boxx

    I always thought he was "The Most Interesting Man On The Forum."
  13. RT FAN

    Quotable Quote

    "Why would I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" Oscar Madison.
  14. RT FAN

    Mint Musical Fidelity M2si Integrated!-SOLD!

    I am sure someone will be along shortly to help with posting your pictures for you, that won't be me as I am fairly inept with computers. Pictures will surely help your sale as will an asking price. GLWTS.
  15. RT FAN

    12 step audio program

    2018 was a big step for me, I actually SOLD some equipment, a Yamaha CR-820 receiver and a pair of Klipsch WB-14 speakers. I had always loved that Yamaha CR series, thinking it was among the best looking of the monster receiver era. The WB-14 were just real sharp bookshelf speakers that over delivered, (as usual with Klipsch.) Well 2 months later I haven't bought anything else and I am fine parting with the gear..... Really, I am OK with it..............