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    City: Rotel RA-1070 Int Amp, Rotel RCD-1072 CDP, Sony ES 500 Tuner. Dual CS-5000 TT, Nakamichi Dragon Tape Deck, Tascam CC-222 CD Burner, Klipsch Cornwall II's, etc...

    Country: SAE A501 Amp, Rotel RA-12 Int Amp used as my Pre-Amp,Rotel-1072 CDP, Rotel RCD-1055 Multi Changer, Sony PS3 Blu-Ray, Rotel RSS-900 Speaker Switchbox, Klipsch Chorus II's, KG 1.5's, KSB 1.1's, AW-525's.

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  1. RT FAN

    EPI 202s FREE!

    While this thread is typically veering towards the unseemly, it would be worth grabbing these just to meet Tarheel. I have two pair of EPI's and always thought they had a nice sound to them. GLW your non-sale.
  2. RT FAN

    Favorite Christmas Tune

    Louis Armstrong: "Cool Yule" Classic Satchmo.
  3. RT FAN

    Klipschorn Bottoms in NY.

    More than a few folks here on the Klipsch forum are members over on AK as well. Yes, you need to be a Subscriber to AK to access their Bartertown pages. Supercool is the man who posted them for sale there first. I told him that I had posted the link here and he has subsequently joined us here on the Klipsch site.
  4. RT FAN

    Audiophiles Anonymous

    A sound philosophy, perhaps one day your kids will appreciate the equipment you hand down to them. The receiver I sold was a Yamaha CR-820, a good looking classic receiver, just criminally underused. It happened to be the exact one my buddy's father had when he was growing up. It was in great shape & I spent some time cleaning her up so looked real good for when his father swung by. I was told the old man was spinning some vinyl in his son's apartment. I was glad I could do my part. As an added bonus, the sale yielded the exact amount of money I give to the doormen at my apartment building for Christmas tips. Easy come, easy go.
  5. RT FAN

    Audiophiles Anonymous

    Harleywood, As long as you are buying your audio equipment out of current income you are ok. My motto is always pay for your sins in CASH. There is no cure for Upgradeitis, you can only treat the symptoms. It sounds like you have made some good moves in improving your system. Take your time and enjoy what you have. Once in a while prune your holdings and make momma happy. I recently sold a receiver and a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers to a buddy of mine and I was quite surprised that it was relatively painless to part company.
  6. RT FAN

    Klipschorn Bottoms in NY.

    I saw these posted over on Audiokarma in the Bartertown section. Klipschorn bottoms located in NY. Other parts available. No affiliation http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/custom-klipschorn-bottoms-empty-150-w-wo-ev-15-wk-350-speakers-only.847718/#post-12196033
  7. RT FAN

    Help with Integrated Amp under $1,000

    I own the previous model to the Rotel A12, the Rotel RA-12.I have zero complaints about it and think it offers a great deal for the buck. A built in excellent quality DAC, plus multiple input options, RCA, Optical, Coaxial, a phono stage and a USB input on the front for hooking up your Ipad or phone. Plus you can bridge it to a power amp if you feel the need for more power. (Which I have done and now dispensed with). Look at the used market for either and you can probably save yourself enough money to buy a Rotel power amp as well. Something to consider. I own multiple Rotel amps and 3 of their CDPs and think they offer excellent quality for money spent. Certainley worth looking into, good luck with whatever you buy.
  8. RT FAN

    No Whining Wine

    AP Vin makes some fine vino, I have been on his mailing list since he started a few years back. Another guy who dropped his day job and took the plunge. His wines have garnered some good scores over the years.
  9. RT FAN

    No Whining Wine

    I am in agreement with you Jim regarding Pinot Noir, such an incredibly wide variety of styles within one particular grape. Some I would describe as feminine, soft and delicate, that I associate with Oregon Pinot and producers such as Adelsheim & Shea Vinyards. Then there are the bigger Central California styles, much fruitier and higher alcohol content. A lot of plonk is produced in the name of Pinot, but there are a few gems on occasion. One year a while back McManus, a Cali value producer, was rumored ot have bought the entire production of a high end Pinot Noir producer who deemed the end result not worthy of the winery name and declined to release. it. A great buy for QPR seekers like me as A usual $40-$50 bottle, even if it was not up to snuff, was being sold for $8.99, needless to say when the word got out it was snapped up by the vino geeks. I was able to snag some before it was wiped off the shelf. French Burgundy is WAY out of my price point, and one could devote the rest of their life to studying the production out of that vaunted region.
  10. RT FAN


    I would imagine these will be standard issues on cars in the near future. For me I was lucky in that several people who were crossing with the light were nice enough to stick around and talk to the police for me. The funny part was when the accident started I was in one police precinct and when I came to rest I was in another. The first cops who arrived didn't want to do the paper work, "Hey your in the 103rd precinct now."
  11. RT FAN

    Audiophiles Anonymous

    I have a Pioneer SX-750, with a Sony CDP and a pair of Klipsch KSB 1.1 speakers in my laundry room. There, I feel better after confessing. Nice shop set up Pat!
  12. RT FAN

    No Whining Wine

    That's what you get for living in a prarie, JimJimbo.
  13. RT FAN


    I NEVER drive without my seatbelt on, it is ingrained to say the least. I was in a hit and run accident where a jerk jumped my green light. I went from 40mph to zero in about 10 feet. I hit him so hard I broke my seat belt, even with it on I had back surgery. Without it I would have been spitting teeth and who knows what else. the annoying part was I veered left to get as much of my car between me and him and slammed him right between his doors, he was able to limp away leaving me for dead. His car looked like a dolphin slowly crawling down the block. Some consolation with the fact that a man walking down the block came up to me and said one of the kids got out of the car and was bleeding like a stuck pig. I showed the cops the blood trail leading into the house but they said they could not prove he was in the car and that the car was called in as stolen by now. Sorry for the rant, condolonces on the loss of your friend. Wear you seatbelts.
  14. RT FAN

    No Whining Wine

    I have been a big consumer of Spanish wine over the last 20 years. I find that they consistently overdeliver for their price point and represent real value for monies spent. I am lucky that here in NYC the wine store I use is the largest seller of Spanish wine in the nation. If they say buy it, I wave it in. here are a couple of recent purchases that have outstanding QPR. (Quality Price Ratio.) https://www.pjwine.com/34393/niel-santofimia-garnacha-blend-almansa-2014-750ml/ https://www.pjwine.com/36560/filon-real-garnacha-2013-90pts-vinous-750ml/ https://www.pjwine.com/26162/bodegas-ateca-garnacha-de-fuego-old-vines-calatayud-2014-90pts-vinous-750ml/ https://www.pjwine.com/33177/filon-garnacha-2014-750ml/ The wife and I are on our 3rd case of the Niel, just a killer value. The Filon Garnacha may be the best under $10 bottle I have had in recent memory. Good luck in finding them in your neck of the woods.
  15. RT FAN

    What's on your Black Friday list for 2018?

    Does the old comforter come with the obligatory black light so folks can play guess the stain like they do on CSI?