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    City: Rotel RA-1070 Int Amp, Rotel RCD-1072 CDP, Sony ES 500 Tuner. Dual CS-5000 TT, Nakamichi Dragon Tape Deck, Tascam CC-222 CD Burner, Klipsch Forte etc...

    Country: Rotel RA-12 Int Amp, Rotel-1072 CDP, Rotel RCD-1055 Multi Changer, Oppo 103 Blu-Ray, Rotel RSS-900 Speaker Switchbox, Klipsch Chorus II's, KG 1.5's, AW-525's.

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  1. As to albums to take with you, a couple of Gong records, Flying Teapot & Planet Gong would be essential. Songs like Mr. Spaceman by The Byrds, Hell I'd Go by Dan Hicks, Spaceball Riccochet by T. Rex, Victory In Space by The Good Rats & '56 Buick Roadmaster From Space by Arlen Roth would keep you company.
  2. Welcome aboard, I run Rotel amps with 2 of my rigs, Forte I & Chorus II, and am happy with the synergy between these companies. Rotel and B&W fall under the same corporate umbrella and that is why you see them paired together. There are plenty of high quality amps in your price range, see what you can audition. Personally I have had success pairing my various Klipsch speakers with Rotel, McIntosh & Sony ES amps. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. I am an old busboy, so cleaning up doesn't bother me too much but yes, you are right, it is nice to have everything taken away from the table. tomorrow night my wife and I will grill up some pork chops, saute some broccoli in garlic and oil, and have a salad. Throw in a $12-15 dollar bottle of wine and we can have a really nice meal for less than $25 for the two of us. Restuarants in the city have taken to pricing wine 2 1/2 to 3 times retail. Having to pay $75 for a $25 bottle makes little sense to me. Tough to go to a decent place and get out of there for less than $150 these days. Forget "Nice" places, entrees start at $48 and move up from there. We are getting priced out of Manhattan.
  4. I am with those who cook for themselves rather than bringing in or going out for dinner. Don't get me wrong my wife and I take advantage of the great dining scene in Manhattan, although mostly for state occasions, birthdays and anniversary. Going out has gotten prohibitively expensive. At our house we have a chest freezer in the basement which we keep well stocked. Meat and fish get wrapped in Saran Wrap, put in foil and then into a Ziploc bag, which is labeled and dated. I keep an inventory sheet of everything and try to use whatever is oldest first. It appeals to my German-Virgo nature. Yeah, my old man ws a child of the depression and it bugs me to no end to waste food.
  5. Now I know why I never felt the need to purchase a sub-woofer.
  6. 2 recent sightings of Klipsch speakers. First at work, in the building cafeteria some big honking Klipsch outdoor speakers hanging from the sidewalls. Much larger than my AW-525, perhaps KHO-7? Secondly at my great nephew's baptism, an A/V setup with RP-280(?) floorstanders. Couldn't get a look at the center channel or surrounds. Good to see Klipsch products outside my place.
  7. All three Weller's have disappeared as folks think they are buying Poor Man's Van Winkle. For Wheat Bourbon which I prefer, I have been buying Larceny, not in the same class as the Wellers but good bang for the buck.
  8. Good luck, it has all but disappeared here in NYC. I put a little dash of water into it when I drink it neat, helps open it up.
  9. Speaking of cheese...they also have Monty Python which is reason enough to invade, although not as much fun since Graham Chapman is dead and Terry Jones is suffering from dementia.
  10. RT FAN

    Star Trek fans ...

    Heroes and Icons or H&I channel is great when the boob tube is dead. Starting at 8pm and running straight through until midnight all Star Trek. Less commercials than other channels, which is a nice touch. Too bad I am falling asleep halfway through DS9, that alarm in the am is rather rude.
  11. With his Nehru jacket.
  12. I had a splash of Four Roses Single Barrel on Saturday night as the temperatures have started dipping into the 50s at night. Four Roses makes consistently excellent whiskey across their product lines from the cheapest the Yellow Label bottle, which may be one of the great bargains in bourbon, around $20, to their high end bottlings.
  13. Thanks for posting those photos JimJimbo, really enjoy them.
  14. RT FAN


    That thing is a beast! I have 2 Rotel Integrated amps and 3 of their CDPs and think they punch way above their weight class, which in the case of your amp looks to be quite substantial. GLWTS.
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