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  1. It was an amazing display of talent this weekend at Pebble Beach. It just goes to show that the USGA can set up a course to be tough and fair without butchering it like they did the last two times the Open was held at Shinnecock. With no wind to help defend Pebble, the pros shot the lights out. It looked more like a PGA championship, double digits under par, than a U.S. Open with penal rough, slick as glass greens and par as the winning score. We shall see what Winged Foot brings us next year, more like -2 or-3 under par as the winning score I would venture. Congratulations to Gary Woodland, his improved putting was what got his hands on the trophy. A great defense by Brooks Koepka.
  2. Beautiful pair there JimJimbo, they are pretty close to mint given their age. I am more than a little surprised that no one has snagged at least one pair of these classic speakers. GLWTS.
  3. Whatever it is, I am pretty sure I can't afford it.
  4. Might be a good miss if they are not from the factory. The "Rat Fur" overcoat is not doing them any favors either.
  5. As the saying goes, cheap stocks are cheap for a reason.
  6. You don't have to buy new stuff because the old stuff you have owned for so long has come back into style. This actually happened to me when the firm was having a party at an outdoor bar and one of the kids here said look at Mr. Schaffer with the hip new sunglasses, I then told him they were older then he was. Tortoise shell Ray Bans, I guess they never really go out of style.
  7. When you realize that the advice of "Never pass up a bathroom when you are over 50" is actually your new mantra.
  8. One of my favorite performers, I had seen Dr. John around 10 times. Loved all the styles in which he dabbled, jazz, funk, rock R&B, it mattered not to Mac, he loved and played it all. Just a happy coincidence I made a track list early last week and the opening track I used was Fire Of Love by Dr. John. A track I wasn't familiar with but happy to have found in my collection. Thanks for all the great musical memories Dr. John.
  9. Here are 10 great female singers, IMHO, worth checking out. 1.) Sandy Denny 2.) Irma Thomas 3.) Linda Thompson 4.) Ella Fitzgerald 5.) Alison Krauss 6.) Dinah Washington 7.) Angela Strehli 8.)Mahalia Jackson 9.) Eva Cassidy 10.) Karrin Allyson. There are plenty of other great women singers worth exploring in many various genres.
  10. RT FAN

    Niki Lauda RIP

    I don't follow racing but was aware of Niki Lauder. My wife and I enjoyed the movie as well. RIP.
  11. Ah yes, Jerry Clower. The author of Marcel's Talking Chainsaw. Heard it back in the early 70's when my aunt & uncle moved to Jackson MS. Good stuff.
  12. So there is this despondant jazz bass player. Despite all of his talents he just can't make a living in the music industry, so he decides to kill himself. He goes to the top of a tall building and holding his bass, jumps off. It just so happens at that exact moment, a truck filled with old matresses is driving by and the bassist lands on them and survives the fall. The police help him down from the truck and say: "You must be the luckiest bass player in the world!" "No" our bassist says, "The luckiest bass player in the world is Adam Clayton." Ba dum dum.....psst.
  13. Yesterday on Mother's day it rained for 14 or more hours straight. I do not think we got above 50 yesterday. Looks like a pretty wet week ahead. The pros at the PGA at the Bethpage Black course have a long wet slog ahead of them, 7500 yards with no roll, have fun guys.
  14. Crap! I can only see a handful of the pictures here. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing with you ugly mugs.
  15. You may want to contact Parts Express, (or another dealer),it looks like the inside diameter of a 12 inch grill cover is 11 inches. It looks like you have to buy the Mounting Kit seperate as well. A wise investment to protect the speakers. Good luck, otherwise bubble wrap the crap out of them!
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