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  1. big spender remember you can't take it with you.... wish my pockets were as deep as yours..
  2. she broke up the Beatles !
  3. @thebes favorite artist
  4. dirtmudd

    What I Got Today!

    did not get a thing not even a pair of klipschorns
  5. https://giphy.com/gifs/lil-wayne-make-it-rain-7RDFd7vrISPu0/fullscreen
  6. after I get some korns I will set these On fire... wait I have to cheap the kg1's... And throw some Genesis albums in for @oldtimer
  7. I don't want clones.... these are real but not factory mahogany And don't want them either
  8. when it looks like this let me know !
  9. where I'm i going to put them...?
  10. no I don't have one... but you might that's your problem.. But looking for khorns !
  11. I need khorns got khorns ?
  12. any khorns out there
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