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  1. Pfohl's beach house sylvan beach ny
  2. getting Gia set up with her little system.. Next thing to order.. after her Amish bedroom set comes In . 2-3 weeks from now.. Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Analog Preamplifier Item # PRPRBS2AN
  3. i think @Full Range... would reply.. Yours and will gladly take them of your hands.... Just ship your vinyl collection ... To Australia
  4. is that the hana cart.. And what do you think about ?
  5. one of my favorites and most played
  6. look mommy there's a
  7. I would say send a quarter stick to Clear it out.. But I think that's the problem.. To many quarter sticks.. You should try a m-80 or 2...
  8. here comes the flood version on this album is what PG.. plays live.. and its excellent ! I remember the first time .. that I've listened to this album . a year after its release.. I was blown away by the opening track exposure.. I'm still to this day also...! most excellent newwave, postpunk, pop album ever !
  9. his wedding night was the samething
  10. road to red Free Larks Mask with Purchase of a T-Shirt Move over Taco Tuesdays! We are extending our free mask offer through this Friday, July 3rd. Each t-shirt purchased witl automatically come with a free Larks mask. You do not need to do anything other than order a shirt. One mask per shirt purchased will automatically be included with your order. Enjoy the tacos, and the music, The Schizoid Shop Team
  11. Dirty doctor and naughty nurses.. Let her know the average
  12. Now where upon forth of covid July ... And covid fireworks...
  13. Its like the definition of relative humidity...
  14. https://www.climate.gov/maps-data/data-snapshots/data-source-30-yr-averages-month-mean-temp
  15. It's called schizophrenia
  16. http://www.drowninginbrown.com/dib_sp.htm Hi-fi is its own beautiful thing and for me the more simple it is the better. Mono, that's right, MONO. Ya heard me, Monophonic For years people listened to it and loved it. But some hustlers told us stereo was better while they were selling us two of everything. Well, it's not. Trust me. It might be more but it's not better.
  17. so there's no problem with mono..
  18. Regardless of all claims ... this by far is the best penetrating lubrication
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