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Sealing and Strengthening edges and seams


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heres what was supposed to be pictured 

this shows the reconstruction and sealing of seams and corners to be able to get that beautiful uniform look and shine on all corner seams and edges. this process is time consuming and has a high price but its the only way I know to get the results needed to be able to to end up with a top notch Piano Black Lacquer finish. grinding awy the edges witha peanut grinder about 1/2 inch straight in so the seam is revealed allows the glue to get deep into the seam and it will soak into the wood another 1/8 inch as well making it a part of the wood it will not chip, or peal off the wood without taking 1/8 inch of wood along with it! it will resist cracks or any changes in the surface even when struck with a sharp heay object such as another speaker falling directly onto that edge with its edge. I had this happen to me and found that the outer surface of the paint had chipped very slightly but since I was in the process of polishing I went ahead and sanded it down and built up paint in that area agin and polished it smooth. It sounds easy but still took 4 hours or more to fix a tiny spot. Its better than reconstructing an entire edge and filling a seam which would probably end up in stripping 2 sides to get it done properly. maybe 2 days work minimum if all goes well.




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this is how the edges corners and seams will look if you fill the ground away areas properly. notice how much higher its been built up over the surface? thats so when its ground back down theres a completely filled non-porous edge left thats level with the sides and will not show any of the glue edges where it stops and the paint starts will be seamless and look like 1 molded piece of black glass once painted and polished.

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