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  1. Okay, guess I have to load one at a time. Sorry for my ineptitude in messing with the digital media. 6 more pics to follow. Thanks.
  2. Okay, here goes. Hope these pics will help. If not, I can try again. Couldn't find any reference to which ones the crossovers are, however. STill, just knowing y'all are out there to help is immensely less scary. Thanks - hope this works. Laura
  3. Hi, all. This is my first post. I have a vintage quad system where I use La Scala's for the front and Heresy's for the rear. They are all from 1980 and I am the third owner. When I bought them about 3 or 4 years ago, the second owner told me they had the AL-K crossovers (la scalas). When I just reread the original ebay posting, it says "using AL-K" materials or components or whatnot. So I don't know what that means exactly. Anyway, long story short, the listening experiences of late have not been great. Finally I compared listening on my far cheaper little system in the living room (Sansui SP-15 speakers - 4 - from a garage sale) to the big la scala room and found the la scalas unbearably bright. I then hauled in the sansuis to run with the heresy's to confirm it was the la scalas. It is - they are just sounding so thin and bright (while the heresy's still sound wonderful). I just don't know how this all creeped up on me, but my albums (played through a rega p25 tt) and other sources sound awful - even SACD's. I run everything through a fully restored Sansui 9001 receiver (for quad) from the 70s. When I listen to SACDs and whatnot, I run things through my Yamaha rxv2600 receiver. Please help advise as to how I should go from here. I live in Columbia, South Carolina and have no knowledge of what to look for on the crossovers and such, but I'm not scared to try to fix something if it is fairly simple. What in the world could be the problem and where do I go from here? And what mental disorder do I have that allowed this problem to seemingly creep up when it should have been a simple works or doesn't scenario? In looking back, I think I've just not done that much listening in the past couple of months and when I did, I didn't listen long (probably due to easy fatiguing I didn't use to have while listening to the la scalas). Anyway, I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks in advance. Laura (chapin99)
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