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  1. Or to rephrase- is there any big deal about them being out of phase, or should I just leave the one speaker polarity switched?
  2. AHHHHHHH!!! (that was excitement) Out of phase. That worked! Now does this mean I have a problem, or am I ok leaving them as is? Wow Thanks In awe Reverently, Josh
  3. So it seems no matter where I place these things here's what happens as I walk in front of them, ok- I'm about 10 feet out going from left to right. Far left by the wall there's lots of base filling the corner and the rest sounds pretty great too, dead in front of the left one, same thing, in the center I can hear both speakers mingle happily- highs and mids sound great... BUT the bass disappears, I can still feel base like pressure on my ears, but the sound kinda goes away, then as I near the right speaker everything sounds just like the other side. I've tried moving them closer to the wall, further from the wall, toed in toed out, but no matter what, the bass along the outside walls and out into the room along that line is vastly more audible, and no matter what I have that weird dead bass area in the middle. Then my question is, what am I doing wrong, and how can I stop doing the wrong thing that makes me do things wrong... or something like that. Waiting like a cat who hears a can opener- Josh
  4. Actually, well, I did just what the post above yours suggested, just ran sound through the HF to see what it sounded like and how much sound was comming out of there. Which was not a lot, but there was a little somethin' somethin' from the high end pouring out and it sounded fine. My main concern was just making sure I didn't damage it doing this, and I didn't think they sounded blown, I was more just curious what one would sound like if it was blown. As always, we (the royal we) bow to the knowledge of the forum. May the light that shines on you both not be the light of an oncoming train. The Josh
  5. hmmm.... I'm really not sure what to put here. The title kinda said it all. I'm not familiar with blown tweeters, I've heard a woofer raspberry away like a 1 year old fascinated by a lawn mower, but tweeters... how would I know? Do they make no sound at all or is there something in particular I would hear- and lastly- is there a way to test to find out for sure? Mucus Garcias Josh
  6. HAHA- I hope Dean reads this. Also- THANK YOU ALL! That was exactly what I was looking for and even better you improved my over all knowledge in the process. I'll eat dinner tonight in your honor... I'd give it up as an offering to the forum.... but I'm sooooo hungry right now, and ever since I caught my dad eating Santa's cookies, cookies I made, FOR Santa!, I've tried to find other ways to appease deities, even web based ones, like remembering to turn off unlit gas burners, and not reformatting my computer no matter how much it deserves that mess. It's all, "please let me live" and I've written on it in white out "Tabula Rasa" just to remind it who's in charge around here. But as a compromise, you are all welcome to come over for dinner. We're having Chery Almond Tofu Salad with Pita's... it's true... this is how one eats when one's wife is a chef... not rubbing it in mind you...You guys rock! Josh
  7. How much sound is supposed to actually come out of the horns? I was playing some Chopin and you can hear them up close, but they are very quiet and nearly all the sound is comming from the main speakers. I have DeanG crossovers in there, and they sound good. I suppose I'm just wondering, is this normal? Do the tweeters just fill in some noise and a bit of light highs for the main speakers, or is something wrong? Thanks for your help oh guru's of sound! Josh
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