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    Main System: Klipschorns (Trachorns, JBL 2404H Tweeters, ALK Universals, Cast Frame Woofs), Mcintosh 7150 Amplifier, Parasound P7 preamp, OPPO 105 Disc Spinner (Also used For Music Server DAC) Mac Mini Music server Running Roon Software, VPI Scout Turntabe (SDS Speed Control, 300RPM Motor Upgrade, Dynavector 10x5),
    Home Theater Stuff Associated With Main System: Lascala Center(Fastrac Wood Midhorn AA Crossover with updated caps driven by Parasound Amplifier. KPT-12VB Side Surrounds Driven by QSC RMX2450 Amplifier. KPT 1201 Rear Surrounds Driven By QSC RMX2450 Amplifier. 2 Danley Sound Labs DTS10 Subwoofers Driven By QSC RMX5050 Amplifier. Mitsubishi 1080p Projector shining on 135" Wide Scope Screen.

    Bar/Game Room System: Klipsch Forte 2s(ALK Crossovers) Driven by Rotel RB991 Amplifier. JBL B460Clone Subwoofer Driven By Carver TFM45 Amplifier With JBL Bx63a Electonic Crossover. System Is Run From Main System Preamp.

    Garage System: 1974 Cornwalls Driven By QSC RMX1450 Amplifier run From Main System Preamp.

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