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  1. Just purchased the Quintet III speaker and SUB-10 combo. Having a BIG problem with the satellite speakers....I have them all wall mounted and none of them stay in position without falling face down. I have tried tightening the 3 allen screws in the back with no luck. Nowhere in the instructions does it tell you how to tighten them down if you wall mount them. I understand they are more of a bookshelf speaker, but can also be mounted. One of the tech reps from Klipsch recommended to score the ball with sandpaper, or wrap the ball in a rubber sock for friction??? I should not have to go through this hassle to install a speaker on the wall. I am at my wits end with the issue, and with Super Bowl Sunday coming, I just may have to return them and go with another brand! Any help and suggestions would be great!!!!
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