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  1. Thanks for ALL answers. I don't speak english very well (excuse me). And in topics there are to long and technical setences for (Sorry i'm French... but i can help you on wines !)

    So i prefer short but specific questions. For the moment i'm on ''macro view''.

    New little question : it is absoluttly necessary to put 50$ for a 2.2µF cap or 10-20$ is a good choice ( i've see 2$ dollars caps but i don't think quality is good!). It's don't want to be a markeeting victim of plates gold caps... the true is in the sound, ONLY sound.

  2. Hi all,

    I've buying a pair of belle in France. I've got old crossovers (AB type of 1982). I don't want to change speakers for the moment.

    And i've got noobs questions! Somebody can help me ?

    here's the questions :

    Q1 - For the peaple who have Belle's, Do they have upgrading there crossover ?

    Q2 - What about type A in Belle's

    Q3 - What about type AA in Belle's

    Q4 - What about type AB-2 in Belle's

    Q6 - What about type ALK DIY universal crossover in Belle's

    Q7 - What about type ALK handmade crossover

    Q8 - What about type Bob handmade crossover AB-2

    It's a lot and probably just the begining, sorry...and thanks

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