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  1. I really appreciate the info guys. I think I'm going to pick some RF-7's up that already have the mod. Since I won't get a chance to actually hear them, I'm just trying to get an idea of what I might expect to hear. I know this is next to impossible, but I figured I could at least learn something if I start asking questions.
  2. This post may not start out too technical, but if numbers start getting thrown around I just wanted to make sure the thread was in the right place. As a speaker gets older does it become less sensitive? Also, specifically, do the Dean G crossover mods to RF-7's change the sensitivity? If so, to what? I have yet to see a post from someone who didn't prefer the mod on these particular speakers and everyone seems to point out that it make the high end more tame or less bright. So I'm just wondering if the cross over mod had some impact on the sensitivity. thanks
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